Exercise! Love it or hate it, let's motivate each other to just DO IT!

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Default Prefer what time of day to exercise?

Do you have a time of day that you prefer to work out? Are you more motivated to stay on track diet wise if you work out in the morning? I've usually tried to exercise in the evening, a couple hours after dinner. However the evening is the time when i overeat, ALWAYS. And sometimes...well,usually...i don't even work out at all. I get motivated about doing it all day and by the time it is time to do it...i just don't want to anymore. I am hoping that after i wake up i can exercise then go and take a shower and start my day. I don't work so its not about fitting it into my schedule. My husband works, my 6 year old goes for a full day of school and its just me and my 2 year old. I just need to help myself. I feel so sad and down all the time because i really want to lose weight but i always sabatoge it. Any other hints or tips are welcome too! Thanks!
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I like to exercise early in the morning. Way to get the day started, and don't have to force myself to do it later.
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my daughter goes to playschool frm 9 - 12. so i drop her and stop my car only at the gym. tht way, i can get my workout over and done with. i know tht if i come home , even to pick up my water bottle, i will find numerous temptations...internet, chores or just putting my feet up, so i do not come home, come wht may.
i find it easier to exercise in the morning. tried doing evenings but cud not be as regular.
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I love working out in the morning, but I actually do most of my exercise in the afternoon/evening. I only workout in the mornings on the weekend.

I have to get up really early for work, so I'd much rather have my sleep! I get home early enough that there is time for exercise, so I will sometimes run or weight train in the afternoons. If there's a class at the gym, I'll go in the evening.

I LOVE the morning classes at my gym, so I go whenever I'm off from work.
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I tend to workout in the afternoon/evenings - straight after work before dinner.

This is the only reliable time for me to get exercise.

On weekends and days off I still end up working out in the late afternoon. I tend to go harder on weekends so after dinner I can put my feet up, relax (and ice!) in front of the telly.

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I'm definitely a morning exerciser. On some days, I get up as early as 4:45 to exercise (sometimes those aren't the days I have to go to work). I love the feeling it gives me----starts my day right. Also, I don't want to have to think about doing any sort of formal exercise the rest of the day. I've just got too much going on during the day; I don't have the time or inclination to exercise at any time other than the morning. But I'm a morning person: I usually get up between 5:30 - 6:00 a.m. anyway.
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When I first started out, I got up before work to walk on the treadmill. Since the gym I joined isn't open 24/7 and they don't open early enough for me to get in and workout and still have time to shower, I unfortunately have no choice but to go after work in the evenings. However, I have found it's a nice way to wind down from the day. I do have to go straight from work though (which is fine really) otherwise, I'm afraid I'd lose that motivation.
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I exercise in the evenings because I'm NOT a morning person, but the ideal time of day for me is between noon and 2PM. On the weekends, that's usually when I exercise and really enjoy it. Evenings are hard because I'm tired from work, but so far I have not been successful at motivating myself to get up earlier in the morning to do my exercises. I'd like to change that and be more of a morning person. It would be awesome if when I got off work I knew I'd already done my required exercise for the day and any add'l activity I do is just a bonus.
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I workout in the evenings, I'm not a morning person and I like to sleep in and do my school work in the mornings. I generally have either class or work from about 12 - 8pm so I go to the gym afterwards. I really like it because I'm normally stressed out from my day and it helps me wind down. Then I go home have a shower and a snack
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Morning. Which to everyone who knows me is hilarious, because I have never been a morning person. Left to my own devices, I can sleep the dang morning away... but a) there's this pesky work thing and b) it's the only way I've been able to stay consistent. I used to love going to the gym after work to 'work off the day,' but I've found that it's better to go to bed earlier, get up earlier, and have the evening to myself. And I feel much better during the day.

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Early morning or afternoon when the kids are at school. I've tried it in the evening and I'm just so tired by then as I'm naturally a morning person.
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When I'm going to the gym regularly, I tend to go at night, but I do much better when I go in the morning. When I plan to go at night, I tend to either not feel like going or I'll eat more during the day and say I'll just work out for longer, but it never happens that way.
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Evenings at 6:00pm after work on weekdays, and about 9:30am in the morning on weekends. I love it--great way to de-stress after a long day of work, and ALSO a great way to get myself geared up for getting things done around the apartment on the weekend.
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I prefer evening workouts without a doubt! When I was younger, I would head to the gym at 8pm and work out until closing time because that was the quietest time. I had the place to myself most nights.

Now that I have a family and we joined the Y, I tend to go directly after work because I can pick up DD and bring her with me to the Kid Zone, which she loooooves. "Mom! Can we PLEASE go to the gym tonight? Please?" She's my best workout buddy ever!
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I used to exercise in the evening but somehow I felt this wasn't effective.

Now I exercise strictly in the morning, it feels more effective and I get a perfect kick to start my day!
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