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Lightbulb What workout videos actually work?

I have been on a diet for a week, now I need a workout program that's actually going to work and help burn some calories. But I am looking for something that is going to be fun, get my heart racing and make me really sweat. I was thinking about getting Turbo Fire... any advice or suggestions would be great.
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I swear by Billy blanks bootcamp doing taebo workouts ......or any of his range of DVDs.
Im currently going to the gym but when ive done them in past i seen results in the first week there FAB
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Exercise videos are really hard for me to recommend because I've bought ones that people love and I hated it (I didn't like taebo or turbo fire - lol!).
It seems that anything will work as long as you are consistent and stick with it.
Look at collagevideo.com or totalfitnessdvds.com for video clips.

Good luck
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If you have Comcast you can try tons of stuff on the ExerciseTV on demand menu. They don't always have full versions of everything, but if you find something you like it'd be worth it to inves the 14 bucks or whatever in the DVD.

With that said, I LOVE a good Jillian Michaels DVD. I've done all of hers and they are all awesome. Some of the DVDs come with multiple 30 minute workouts that are quick and effective. Heart pounding? Check. Sweaty mess? Check. Her newest, Ripped in 30, is awesome. There are 4, 30 minute workouts and you do a different one each week. She starts out by teaching the basics in Week 1 (it's still a killer workout) and it progresses from there. She gives enough modifications and challenges that it seems like it would really work for any fitness level. *End Jillian love-fest*
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Jillian's Banish Fat Boost Metabolism gives some serious calories! I love Jillian's stuff, Bob's stuff, Chalene Johnson, Shaun T, and Tony Horton's stuff.
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I love Tae Bo as well. I lose inches and tone my muscle using it.
My new favorite, Jillian Michaels 30 day Shred. I lost 5 inches on my waist so far (with a good diet of course), and I'm only on day 19. I also do the occasional kick boxing and biking, but the brunt of my work out goes to the SHRED!
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I am a workout DVD junkie I love Jillian's DVDs, especially the 30 Day Shred and No More Trouble Zones. I also like Turbo Jam and am thinking about checking out Turbo Fire soon. Bob's Biggest Loser Bootcamp DVD is great, too! You can check out exercisetv.tv and they have clips from some of the workout DVDs there as well.
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its been a while since I've done any exercise videos at home.. I try not to piss off my downstairs neighbors too much and I've gotten addicted to going to the gym but I think you can't beat the old firm workouts... not the new ones but the first ones they put out years ago. also, pretty much anything by cathe is good. I also hate jillian michaels workouts with a passion so take my advice with a grain of salt perhaps...
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I do JM's 30 day shred (level 2 or 3) followed immediately by JM Yoga Meltdown (either or both workouts). I like them together, creates more of a "full" workout. Cardio, strength training, stretching, weights, core, and SWEAT! I personally think you have to put in the time. A 20 min workout just won't cut it.

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I haven't tried Jillian's 30 day shred, but I have both Biggest Loser Cardio and Sculpting DVDs.
I alternate them everyday, and LOOOOVE IT!! They each have 3 levels, and a maintenance routine.
I recently went up to level 2 and it kicked my butt! But in all honesty I think I moved up too quick.

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They all work provided you do them. I notice people tend to go with levels beyond their actual level and then they get frustrated. So I suggest cruising the clips at www.collagevideo.com and paying attention to what they are rated -- beginner, intermediate, advanced, etc.

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I like 30 Day Shred as well. I'm on Day 23 and have seen amazing results; I also run, do martial arts and count calories. The toning in my upper body & core has been drastic! It has really helped my performance in my other exercises as well thanks to the core strengthening.

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i'd recommend JM's 30 day shred, The Biggest Loser Cardio Max, 10 min solution pilates for beginners. those tend to be pretty good, at least for myself.
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30 day shred - I like to pair level 1 and 2 together for a full workout - I've been seeing amazing results differentiating between Jillian's NMTZ and her BFBM as one is cardio focused and the other is toning focused and both are about 50 - 55 min w/ warm -up and cool down- I also think Jane Fonda's older videos can give anyone a run for their money - I used to get amazing results from her total body workouts and there is a new video out - it's not my favorite but it's a total calorie scorcher [NOT for beginners] - that one is called - Jeanette Jenkins Bikini Boot camp - it's ridic! Good luck!
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I would recommend Zumba on youtube. It's really nice if you want a less intense cardio session that still burns a decent amount of calories.
The best ones in my opinion are Refitrev, Vicious Vanilla Spice and ShaniMcGraham. Even Blogilates is good

I've done all of these and seen results and I really enjoy them so I never have to force myself to do them.
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