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Default What water rule do you follow?

I've always been a 1/2 your body weight water drinker, but once I got under 200 I started with the 100oz rule. Now that I'm down to 167 I'm wondering do I really need this much water? Could I get away with 64oz? I don't mind drinking it and I'm usually thirsty and it really really helps with the hunger and the weight loss, but I'm a little tired I needing to pee CONSTANTLY. So what works for you?
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Drink until your urine is less like apple juice and more like lemonade...pale yellow.

I follow that and it works pretty well. It also accounts for the fact that some days, I need more (say I've been working outside and sweating like mad) or less (I've been inside, eating a lot of water-rich foods, etc).
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Congratulations on your weight loss. You have done just great.

I personally follow the Richard Simmons exchange program and he advises 8 glasses of water per day. It has worked for me for over 10 years and I have lost 60 lbs. in the process.

I would suggest that you experiment a bit, see what your body wants in the way of water. Just be sure that you drink enough water to keep yourself hydrated;

Best of luck to you on your continuing weight-loss journey.
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I follow the drink-when-I'm-thirsty water rule. I also keep an eye on my pee color. Just for reference, I'm at 155 right now at 5'8.5" and I'm taking in anywhere from 120-probably 160 a day. Already today I'm at 100 and I'll be running tonight. I'm guessing it'll put me at about 160 or so for the day when all is said and done...

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I also follow the drink when I'm thirsty rule. When I'm good on my plan and eliminating the artificial sweeteners (soda, crystal light, diet drinks)- water, coffee and tea is all I'll drink. I sometimes reached a gallon a day or more on heavy workout days.
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No less than 64 oz. I started out with the half your body weight rule. I tend to drink 80 oz most days, but when I run 5k or workout 2.5 hours I drink 100 oz.
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I don't even measure, but my urine is fine so I don't worry about it. Remember, as well, that fruit and vegetables are mostly water (by volume), so if you are eating tons of broccoli or carrots or whatever, that is also a lot of water.
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I know just what you mean about being tired of the peeing, LOL. It's bad enough at home, but not only is it embarrassing at work, the soap we have there is really cheap and so harsh that my skin got all cracked and inflamed because I was washing my hands with it at least 3x an hour for 8 hours a day, five days a week. No more chugging water at work for me.
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I drink a gallon of water every day... most of the time more. I just keep a gallon jug of water in my fridge and drink the whole thing, and refill it at night. I don't drink anything other than water, unless some milk is in my day's plan or sometimes some decaff green tea.

I pee all the time and it's pretty much clear.
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Well, I have a bladder problem (medical issue), and I've been advised not to drink too much, because it will make it worse. I usually stick to 8 cups, plus whatever other fluids I drink (milk in cereal, coffee, soup, etc).
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I drink water whenever I'm thirsty. That's the only beverage I drink. I guess I must be weird, I hardly ever have to pee now. I peed more when I was drinking sodas and juices.
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I drink most of my water at work. At least 128-160 oz a day, I pretty much chug it. I pee a lot though. I have been drinking this much water for the past few years. I don't see the different in my skin or anything like people talk about it, but I know it's good for me. I drink a lot less water at home, but still try and drink lots. I drink less on the weekends then I do during the week and I find I miss all the water! I think my body has come to almost need that much water... if that makes sense.

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This is the biggest challenge for me! I try to force myself to drink more water but I seem to naturally not be a thirsty person. I almost never get in all of my daily water...
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None - I don't really like water and don't go out of my way to drink it. I have a glass with lunch and a glass with dinner. That's it. I do like tea (herbal and caffeinated) and have 3-4 cups a day.
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i only drink water, & i try to drink it whenever i can. i get at least 64 ounces - sometimes more.
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