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Exclamation Ever worked out so hard you cried?

Oh man, I will feel really lame if this is not a shared experience! I haven't worked out in a long time. TOO LONG apparently. Well, I purchased Jillian Michaels 30 day shred dvd. I actually did the turbo jam 20 minute workout 2 days ago, and barely made it through, but TJ used to kick my butt so I thought it wasn't too much of a tell tale sign of my pansiness.

Well, I did the level one of Jillian's shred tonight and, after passing out on my couch for 3-4 30 second segments during the 20 minute work out I made it through the 20 minute workout. AHHH!!! I was emotional, I was weepy, I was in tears. What is strange is that this has happened to me once before, the first time I finished the Turbo Jam 45 minute cardio party. Same thing, weepy, emotional. The best way I can describe it is to call it being OVERWHELMED.

Someone, please tell me this has happened to you. Please, tell me I am not alone in this. I need to hear it, otherwise, I will feel like a freak... and we all know that's not upbuilding. Blerg.
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It happens from time to time. HUGS!
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I actually get semi-teary when I'm on the treadmill sometimes.

It feels so amazing, but it's a lot of work... so it was overwhelming, but for me it was in a good way.

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Yes! Me too to the treadmill. when I get an amazing song on the treadmill and I'm sprinting so fast I just....cry.

It's just your body releasing stuff...it's okay!


PS. I did the 30-day shred on Saturday and couldn't stop shaking for hours!
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Oh boy - I am thinking about buying the 30 day shred dvd, and it looks like I will be in for a LOT more than I think! 20 minutes sounds like such a short time...

I'm sure those will be famous last words and I will probably melt into the floor halfway through! If I only get weepy, I'll consider it a success! Hopefully I won't barf!

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no but i've passed out. collapsed on the floor of the gym after a really hard session. burned all my carb reserves felt light headed anf fell like a giant oak.

i've seen people crying after a beasting session at the rugby club usually when vomiting from sprints
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I don't cry but I'm one to yell out & growl (can't think of a better word for the noise that comes out of my mouth lmao!) when I hit a tough spot....it's like the extra push I need to finish
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I cry all the time, but not exercising. When I do, though, it's cathartic. My body, my brain, whatever, just needs to... so it's no biggie. I yell when I work out, too, RomanceDiva. It's the same really, just pent up frustrations and other feelings getting out. But it doesn't bother me, whatever you have to do to get the workout done and all your feelings out.

It's hard starting to exercise again. I just did two weeks ago and I pause the workouts every few minutes to catch my breath. The important thing is to stick with it, move forward and keep getting better.
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Smile Mine may be cathartic too...

I can't say what "usually" happens, because it has only happened twice. But I will say that both times I really (unbelievably) wanted to quit but I didn't let myself and I was so overwhelmed that I actually made it to the cool down.

I was talking to my husband last night who has seen me try and quit my weightloss efforts about a hundred times in our six years of marriage. I said "How in the WORLD am I supposed to do this again tomorrow?!?! Can't I just do a cardio workout tomorrow!!?" It also didn't help that he came in when I was about to pass out and started making fun of the music with his stupid dance that he does. I wanted to kill him... NO, I wanted to make HIM do it!

BUT, he said if I wanted it bad enough I would make the right choice and just keep doing it. Power through the soreness. I also wanted to say that while I am not doing a formal diet, I am making better choices. Haven't gotten fast food in four days (I usually go atleast once if not TWICE daily, no wonder I'm such a lard!), haven't had soda in four days. I have been having oatmeal or wholegrain cereal in the morning and a whole wheat turkey sandwich for lunch. I am thinking, since I get off work at 6pm that I will forgo dinner and have a fiber/protein bar instead. Don't want to be eating a full meal so late. I go to bed at around 9:30 to 10 pm.

It's not perfect, but it is better than it was and I will fine tune my diet over the next few months as I really start to get into my groove with the working out. I don't want to overload myself by insisting on perfect diet and perfect exercise all at the same time just starting out. I will burn myself out and quit in a week or two. I am also enlisting a few of my friends to try it with me! This time I will not make the mistake of doing it alone, I will have buddy support! I'm psyched!

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Yes it's all about baby steps! You'll make the changes as you go that are right for you when the time is right! I have to say great job for powering through and making it to the end of 30DS. That is an absolutely killer DVD and Jillian herself wanted to die as she was filming it so don't feel bad. I've heard her talk about it on her radio show and she said how she was surprised she made it through haha.

As for crying I've only ever actually cried from exercise maybe once or twice and one time was actually from the stretching portion at gymnastics when we were doing splits and we had to hold each split for 1 min straight and everytime someone came down we had to start over. Well I ended up sitting in my middle split for over 10 mins and by that point I started crying because I thought my legs were about to pop outta my hip joint. I think the other time was doing one of Jillian's other videos. It's been a while since I've cried but more recently I grunt and scream and come close to puking I push so hard.
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I too cry at times when I am on a cardio machine. It is because I am proud of myself for doing what I need to do to reach my goal and I can imagine my new, healthy body and it's just down right exciting. Glad I'm not the only one.
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I remember once being in a BodyPUMP class - and I was on the brink of tears. I'd chosen a weight waaaaaaaay too heavy for 7 million shoulder press reps!
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Someone once said on here - it was their exercise mantra - "you can complain, you can scream, you can cry, you can puke - but you CANNOT give up" and I've made that my exercise mantra ever since.

Occasionally on the cross trainer I've felt like this - just overwhelmed and exhausted and kind of frightened too.

But I went on a really tough hillwalk yesterday - it was just 45 degree uphill on bad track in the wind and rain and I burst into tears, but for a different reason. I knew that if I kept going I'd get to the other end of the hill, which was near where I live, but if I gave up I'd have to walk all the way back down and then round the hill back to where I live. So it was a sense of losing either way, as well as exhaustion and cold face!

But I kept going, and I'm glad I did. I was so pleased when I got to the top!
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A wise trainer once told me "You haven't really been a personal trainer until you'e been sworn at, puked on, spat on and had a client fart during a session"
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yoga makes me cry (touches tucked away emotions)
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