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Hi, my name is Heidi. I try to walk everyday because I love it so much. Lately I have been using 2 lbs. weights, going up and over a freeway overpass near where I live. It's convenient, cheap, and gets my heart pumping. It's all I have time to do (and afford right now) but I keep hearing of changing routines to keep weightloss going. Is what I'm doing enough? I walk 10 min. there from my house, up and over the overpass 3 times on each side (40 min) and 10 min. back. I love pumping the weights as I go and start breathing pretty heavily. I'd like to keep it up if it will help me to lose the last 20 or so pounds. Should I eventually go to 3 lbs. weights?

I'm also on a 1200-1500 calorie diet and weigh 150 llbs. My goal is to be 135.

Any advice will be greatly appreciated.

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Heidi - the answer to your question is - YES! ANY exercise is better than nothing. In fact, walking is a terrific exercise - so long as you keep up your intensity.

From "Make the Connection" by Bob Greene:

"Walking is my top choice for most of you who want to lose weight. It is highly aerobic; you don't have to learn a new skill; you don't need any expensive equipment; and you can perform it just about anywhere. It's one of the only highly aerobic exercises that you can perform each day of the week without great risk of overuse injuries...A recent client of mine weighed 211 pounds when she started this program. There was no question in my mind that the best exercise for her was walking...just by walking, she has already dropped more than 50 pounds. She has another 10 to go to reach her goal. And, for her, walking works just fine."

I really recommend picking this book up and giving it a look! If you're walking, I would also recommend a pedometer. They don't cost a lot and can help you keep track of your mileage. I always recommend a heart rate monitor to track your intensity as well. I started using one in August of 2000 and really wonder why it took me so long to get one -- rather than looking at the calorie counter (which is usually wrong anyway) on the machine I'm using, I just keep track of my heart rate level - trying to keep it at 75%-85% at the top of my zone. Some HRMs cost a lot but you should be able to find a basic model for under $50. Try or just do a search on ebay!

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yes, any exercise is better than nothing, and the distance cardio that you are doing burns fat (any continual cardio over 20 minutes will). variety helps aviod boredom and your body becomes accustom to the exercise you do so the same exercise doesn't work as well, but as long as you're heart is pumping and it feels good, i'd say stick with it!
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breathing, I just read Making the Connection by Oprah and Bob Green and he talks a lot about walking how fast and how long to make it work for you. I really think you would like to read it. I checked my out at the library. After reading that I realized some of the things that I was doing wrong.
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