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Default Metabolic Research Center: Weight Loss Specialists

Has any ever lost weight with assistance from this company? If so, how is the program? Cost? Thanks in advance!
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Im curious about this too, there is one down the street from me. I just am cheap and like to save money and do it on my own.
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I'd like to know the cost also. Went to a trade show last weekend and they've been bugging me to come and talk to them. I'm so gullible I don't want to go until I sort of know what its about and all they will say is come on in and talk to us. Sure wish someone would fill me in on the details. Their ads sound really convincing.
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I stopped by my local facility a while back to see what they were all about. The price to be a member was not that much, but they don't make the bulk of their money that way. They get your money by making you buy their food products and supplements.
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changed diets

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We HAVE had one thread on this "Metabolic Research Center" (what a fraudulent name - they AREN'T doing 'research' - they're just another front for pushing overpriced, overhyped supplements and other products, from what I can tell) in the recent past:

Metabolic Research Centers???

I did some research on them at the time - please check my posts in the thread linked above.

Personally, I think they're just one of those "diet centers" whose real goal is to get as much of your money as possible...
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Mrs Jim you are right

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Angry Let me tell you a little something about MRC

I was really excited when I started. All the consultants knew my name, and I liked that all of them had lost their weight from this diet. I've been on a lot of diets but this one seemed to be 'THE ONE'. I'm a college student so I was worried about what would happen when i started school again. They promised me that there was a 'long-distance' program where one of them would call me 2 times a week to check on me and to see if I needed to order anything. First of all, this diet is expensive. If you're just trying to lose 10-15 pounds it is definitely NOT worth the money. It was $300 starting price for 17 weeks. then you have to buy protein drinks which are $11 for a box of 7 and you are required to drink 3-5 a day depending on your weight. You also have to buy a BUNCH of expensive pills that you 'need' to get max results. Most of the pills you have to take two 3-4 times a day. A bottle of 60 is ranges from $20-$80 if you get the diet kind. the rest are vitamins that 'speed' up your metabolism. Sticking to the diet was really hard, but I did it perfectly for 3 months. But after losing 8 pounds in 3 weeks, i plateaued. Everytime i would go in (you have to go twice a week) they had an excuse ready. sometimes it was what time did you eat this meal or are you sure you measured your servings right or did you drink all of the protein shake? finally they tried to tell me that an apple (which was on the diet) was throwing off my metabolism and that I should be eating raspberries....grr but i still stuck with it. Even when i got back to school (which is four hours away) I stuck with it for another 2 months that is without ANY phone calls. Nov 7th rolls around, which is the day my expensive 17 week program ended and the day i was sposed to have officially lost 30 pounds, not only have i gained the 8lbs back but ive gained another 10...I havent heard from them in 3 months. I'm about to go home for Christmas, and you can be sure that I will be visiting MRC to 'thank' them for their wonderful absence of support.
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I did the MRC diet about 10 years ago. I lost 32 pounds. I kept it off for 8 months.

The minute I reintroduced starchy carbs into my diet (potatoes, bread, etc.) I started gaining the weight back.

It was semi-expensive, and the diet was basically the South Beach diet with the added expense of their supplements & protein drinks.

Yes it worked. But like ANY DIET, you have to commit to it for a lifetime, and sorry folks, but I love bread. I have since learned that a diet - any diet - should be tailor made to YOUR specifications. If you LOVE chocolate, trying to give it up completely probably won't work for you. If you LOVE pasta & bread, etc. then doing Atkins or South Beach diet is probably the worst diet in the world for you.

We're all different - we have different needs & wants, and we like or dislike different things. Find a way to incorporate the foods you love into a diet that works for you, and suddenly dieting isn't such a bad thing after all!
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Default We shall see...

I just joined MRC. I'm in the military and I need something that will work quickly. My boss did it and lost 30 pounds in 45 days. I know it's just like the South Beach Diet but I joined mainly because of the structured support. I am not planning to buy all of their products so in my mind I'm mainly paying for the office visits and diet structure. We'll see what happens.
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I joined MRC in March 2006 and the plan worked exactly like they said it would. It has been great for me. I am able to eat out with friends and family just like before. I lost all the weight I had originally set out to lose in the time they said I would. Now I am just trying to make it through the holidays without gaining and so far I have been able to do that. After New Years I am going to lose the rest of what "I" now feel like I want to lose. I started at 203lbs in a size 18 and I am now at 154 in a size 10 and am at a healthy BMI for the first time in more than 10 years. The hardest part about this plan for me was eating ALL of the food at each meal. It was a lot of food for me. But as long as I stay on the plan I feel GREAT, but when I eat what I want I feel it. My body feels like crap.
As for the supplements the only thing they made me buy was the drinks and I was only required to have them 2/3 times a day until I started maintenance. Now I don't take them at all. All I take now is a daily vitamin and flax seed oil capsules. And they let me buy my vitamins and stuff anywhere I want. They did not make me buy there's if I could find it elsewhere cheaper as long as it was the same mg and such. So you get out of it exactly what you put into it.
Currently, I am much happier and wouldn't trade what MRC gave me for anything in the world. And I would recommend them in a heart beat. In fact, I am still trying to get my dad to go but like so many others he is tight with money. Good luck!!!
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I wanted to try this diet . My Doctor offers it. But the thing is they charge 200$ for the first visit. Then it is like 140$ for every visit after. It total over 400 $ a month and I cannot afford it. I want to know what Vitamins and stuff do they require for you to take??? I wanted to research it too see if it was realy worth it.
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For over $400. per month you could probably get a great Certified Personal Trainer 2X a week and nutritional advice (along with what supplements to take) from a reputable Gym.

I would find that a lot more motivating than a Diet Center.
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I have been a member of MRC since September 2006. I have lost 69.5 pounds as of this morning and I wouldn't trade what they have given me for the world. Nothing has ever worked for me before and they have taught me how to eat so that I won't gain the weight back. I still have a long way to go, but I'm almost half way there. There is another thread on this board where members are praising MRC:
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This is my day 4 and it's working You DO NOT have to buy their supplements...just the protein drinks. I only have 2 a day so not too expensive. I don't even have cravings anymore!! I eat bread/fruit/vegetables/protein UHHH sounds like a normal diet to me!!
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