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Default R U Girls Serious?!!!!!!give Me A Break!

hi name is dianne, i'm 26 and have been 92lbs over weight for about 4 years of my life...thanks for falling in love with a wonderful man that makes me feel comfortable..."or at least that's what i say is the reason for the weight gain." i've tried many weight loss suggestions/pills blah blah blah over the years and none seemed to work b/c i did NOT really try to make them work or my heart felt like it was going to explode from all the energy crap in pills. until one day a ran into an old friend who has lost 50lbs in like 5 months or something crazy like that. he told me to check out metabolic research center and they could help my 92lb problem....GUESS WHAT 6-7 MONTHS LATER I'VE LOST MY WEIGHT AND I FEEL ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL!!!! well ladies it was not magic and i couldn't just pop a stupid pill to make my over weight butt off i had to work hard...just like everything else in this world that's worth having.

it really burns me to read some of the below messages talking about how the program does not work...LOL LOL LOL ha i say! you have to be kidding me?! this program was absolutely wonderful! take the pills and drinks...but that' s what suppresses your appetite and keeps your body healthy...duh!! vitamins with compact ingredients cost a money....but when you're loosing your weight in half the time or sometimes 3 x faster then someone who is only uses diet (low food consumption) and exercise isn't it worth it!

i'm doing great...and may i say i have a friend on the same diet and she's not loosing like me and has less to loose then i originally did and guess's because she cheated here and there thinking what could a few extra calories hurt...oh just one shot of alcohol...yadee yadee yadee GIVE ME A BREAK PPL! YOU HAVE TO ACTUALLY STICK TO THE PROGRAM AND TAKE THE SUPPLEMENTS AND IT WILL DEFINITELY WORK...IT'S PROVEN SCIENCE!!!! JUST GET TIRED OF NOT CARING ABOUT YOUR CONSEQUENCES..LIVE FOR THE FUTURE NOT JUST THE PRESENT...AND PLEASE QUIT MAKING EXCUSES...! DO IT...FEEL BETTER...MAKE IT HAPPEN AND STOP WAITING FOR TOMORROW.

PS. the program with run you on the low end around $175 a month for the all day pills and drinks only. i highly recommend getting the mrc6 though if you'd like to increase fat loss especially in your legs and butt
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diane - Welcome to 3FC. There is a pretty active MRC group here on 3FC.

I think people have had success on the program but I've never heard of any proof to back up that someone using the program would lose 3 x faster than someone who diets and exercises. That would be a very hard statistic to prove. Also, I don't know if using their supplements is 'proven science' although it is proven that if you create a calorie deficit, you will lose weight.

I'm glad you like the program and that it works for you but honestly, supplements generally have little effect, if any, on weight loss. Structured programs on the other hand can often help those that need them.
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Hi, I'm new to this forum but I found it while I was trying to research MRC. I am 65 lbs overweight and my doctor recommended MRC. I visited them yesterday and it seemed like a good program. It seems from reading some of the posts that some people think that if you complain about the cost of MRC, you don't really want to change or aren't working the program correctly. I find that to be a little unfair. I would love to join MRC, but it is simply out of my budget. I was OK with the $398 that they charge to join, although there is no way I could have paid it all at once like they require, but I can't spend over $150 a month on flax oil and supplemental drinks, both of which are mandatory. It isn't that I don't want to lose weight, it's just that I don't have that kind of money to spend. I really hope that I can find something comparable that costs less but is equally as effective. This forum seems really informative and I am glad to have found it.
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it's always something
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We recently added a new MRC forum that might be of help. Go to
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3FC is free. I think I will stick to this message board!
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Red face

This is my second time on the MRC diet. The first time I lost 50 pounds in 3 months. I manged to keep my weight for about 3 years. However, my family literally fell apart at the same time and I turned to food after the shock of it. I started again right before Thanksgiving. They changed the program a little and added manditory classes for support and I was fine until I started the classes. It seemed like I am having a hard time controlling my cravings now. I was down 17 pounds, but I have put on 3 pounds. It is discouraging but I can't give up now, I have invested a lot of money. But I did find a website that offers the same protein drinks as thro the centers, so I purchase thro both. I stopped taking the pills cause of the money aspect of it. But I need the accountablity of the weigh ins twice a week. They have all been really helpful and they do try to keep me encouraged and motivated. I will let u know how I do when I weigh in again this week.
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I started MRC the end of February and had an initial weight loss of 6 lbs in the first week. But since then I have had a REALLY REALLY hard time sticking to my plan. I know the program would work if I could stay motivated. Any suggestions for staying motivated? I do very well during the day when I am working, but once I am home I have a hard time staying on...

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I will tell what I know about MRC:
My sister has a heart murmur and high blood pressure (runs in the family) and and other health issues, and her doctor sent her to MRC. She lost about 40 pounds and told our other sister and me about it.

We knew it was expensive, but whenever we went with her somewhere she had MRC food and ate only certain foods (healthy food!) and we were intrigued. After mother died, we all had some cash, so she made it a challenge for us all three to go. She said, Mother was never as heavy as we each are!" Too true.

So the more local sister and I went, and we were motivating each other for a few weeks, I lost 10 pounds right away, and the thought in the back of my mind was, "I can't afford to throw away this money!" My sister had problems with the hoodia and other supplements, and although she was losing, I knew she was cheating. She has never been able to stick to a diet. The other sister (sister1) was still losing, and had lost about 50 pounds at that point. Her best friend joined, a psychologist, and was extremely focussed. So they helped each other. All together I lost 24 pounds that spring.

The system is incredible, it is so balanced at making your metabolism burn fat, that if you follow it, you can't NOT lose! I found cheaper supplements online, but then we wanted to travel, and so I decided I could lose the other 15 pounds on my own. I kept the weight off by eating carefully (and NO sugar!) for 6 months. My sister1 is still on MRC. She complains that she can't lose any more, due to her cheating, but she looks good! Still has that 50 off! Her friend lost over 100 pounds and looks fabulous! Sister 2 gave up and bought three other diet books. She has a bad sweet tooth, and her SO eats all bad foods (an enabler) and is a cute skinny guy. Go figure.

So all in all, I think MRC is great! I am thinking about going back. I gained all of it back over the last 8 months, but that was bad eating habits, (again) and inability to exercise, and stress. I also liked Medifast. MRC isn't any more expensive than Medifast.
I think I need someone to monitor me (accountability?) but also, there is the aspartame issue.
I think there is aspartame in MRC shakes and I am also wondering about Medifast.
If they both have it, then what?
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Default Metobolic research - total scam!

Originally Posted by sjdphc View Post
Has any ever lost weight with assistance from this company? If so, how is the program? Cost? Thanks in advance!
OK, so like so many other programs, I did this one too. It's all about the supplements & pills. They don't call them pills because they are vitamin like. however, they can give you intestinal issues, seriously, I had a total accident in my sleep, it was awful! They were suppose to be appitite control & fat burning. I kept telling them I was having problems, then that happend I was done. Their whole deal is a kind of lost cost program but they get their money for the sale of the pills & supplements. Most of the counselors know very little about nutrition. It's funny the girl I liked visiting with came from working in a tanning salon & had never truly been overwight herself. She told me they told her to come up with a believable story & the pictures she showed were when she was pregnant. We became friends so that's how I know this. I also know they sold phentermin out of the manager's trunk of their car, the real stuff, or so they said. All I'm saying, most programs work if you're determined, but this one is just SHADY!!! STAY AWAY!!!!!!!!!
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has anyone else ever been there?
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Medifast is very similar. Truly the best program out there is one that focuses on helping you change your thinking. Pretty much all work while you do it, then you stop, you go back to the old behavior & guess what....what's that ol' saying..."if you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always gotten". I'm not a fan of MCR, I think they prey on our desire & truly careless about us keeping it off. But if we kept it off we wouldn't come back & spend more $. I have kept my weight off for three years now & it isn't becuase of MCR, it's because I started really looking, you got to know the calories, look at it like $ how much will that cost me & is it really worth it. Write it dowm, we never want to but that'sa how you track what you eat & learn at the same time.
Good luck to you feel free to email me anytime!
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I'm with you all the way! I am not a fan of MCR, my center was awful & I was not impressed, I've kept my weight off for three years now! Not because they helped, I did the a combination of my own stuff, mainly totaly changed my thinking! I lost 37 pounds!
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Default Metabolic Research

I've done this diet. It works but it is very expensive!!! I paid over $500.00 for mine! I had about 80 pounds to lose! Plus, you have to buy protein drinks from them too! Well, you don't have to, but, they suggest it!
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Originally Posted by sjdphc View Post
Has any ever lost weight with assistance from this company? If so, how is the program? Cost? Thanks in advance!
I just started it so I will let you know. They have a pre-conditioning phase before you start their actual program, I was on it for 4 days and lost 2.5 lbs. My goal is to lose 8 lbs total but I will keep going depending on how I feel and look.

The cost for the plan was $298 including a non refundable fee of $59. I joined with a friend so we got a 10% discount bringing out total to $268. What they get you on is all the supplements, metabolizers, fat burners, skin tighteners, etc. We ended up spending $400 a piece and then when you start the Meta Slim menu you have to add the protien drinks and the fiber, etc. We spent another $135 between us for that. The more you buy the cheaper they are.

The protein supplements are $12 a box with 7 in each box but if you buy 5 boxes it goes down to $10 and 10 boxes $9. There are all different flavors, some clear drinks, some creamy drinks, some hot, most cold and they have pudding and jello too. All the same price.

It's a very strict menu and you cannot stray from it at all. I'll let you know how it goes, the first menu is for days 1-4 the next one is for days 5-10. Hope this helps
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i lost 83 lbs. on this diet in 8 months i even worked at the center but my manager was a lunatic so i quit recently but its a good program the intial startup cost is depending on how much you want to lose, 17 weeks 51 lbs $298 24 weeks 72 lbs $398 you just have to incur the cost of your protein drinks throughout the program 35 drinks for $100 will last you about 2-3 weeks depending on how you stretch them out, better than eating out all the time
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