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i was going to try it but didnt hear anything good. i got the jillian michaels whey protein drink and i was sick of it by the third day i went back to jus water n salad
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i used the slimfast diet and to track everything for about 3 months, after which i combined the shakes and snack bars into my own diet. it worked really well for me because i was student teaching and taking classes full time so i had NO time for real food.

i also find they're good when i get stuck on a plateau i'll go back to them. they can be a bit expensive. when you decide to go off them, you have to keep consuming about the same calories or you'll gain it all back (basically it's just a low calorie diet).
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i did it once, was very strict...had a milk chocolate shake and fruit for breakfast, same for lunch, salad for dinner, and lots of cardio and lost about 10 lbs in a month....however i got very sick of it..i used to have to add tons of ice to it and drink it with a spoon to make it last longer.. it's kind of chalky tasting...and has a lot of sugar...and i even got the one that had less sugar than the original..but yeay it does work if you do it
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I have a case of the cans in my pantry. My husband or I will use them once in a while for a breakfast or lunch replacement, with some fruit or veg. I've never used them per the plan, though, but I can definitely see how it can help with portion control, or with someone who tends to eat only 2 real meals a day.
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I remeber my mom taking it and it didn't agree with her stomach.
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I kind of like slim-fast- as long as it's very cold and for some reason, it tastes better through a straw. I never really could stay on the slim-fast 'diet' though, because I can always think of more filling ways to spend 200 calories. It is a good tool, though, I think. And they are awfully convenient.
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I always have the powder mix in my pantry. Throw in some frozen vanilla yogurt or fresh fruit and it can be a nice snack. I tried a long time ago to use it as they intended but I really didn't like drinking my meal. :-)

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I am going to be moving, soon and don't want a lot of fresh food in the refrigerator. I bought a few six packs of Slimfast to use when I run out of milk. I also have some frozen vegies in my freezer to use up. These will be my mainstays for a few days until I get moved and can get to the grocery store.
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I use the power and add it to my smoothies in the morning sometime ... usually I make a smoothie with a banana, some skim milk, and a tablespoon of peanut butter. Adding a bit of the chocolate royale powder (not the whole scoop, maybe half of one) give my smoothie a delicious chocolate-peanut butter -banana taste and adds a bit more protein to keep me full. I drink one before I work out in the morning, or if I am working out at night I'll drink it on the bus into work in the morning. Cheap, tasty, convenient!
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I'm on WW and eat a lot of the Slimfast snacks and meal bars. They keep me full.

I've tried the SF diet I don't even know how many times. Within about 2 days I was sick of it. I wanted food that wasn't cold..and food that was well..FOOD. I wanted at least a hot breakfast.

I still have at least 1 shake every day or so. As long as I'm not constantly drinking them, I can stand them.
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I usually do this for one week every so often then go back to calorie counting, it gets a good 4-6 lb off in a week but in the long run I find it boring. However I do have a shake for breakfast if I don't have time.
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