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Default fat absorb?

hi all!

I was wondering if anyone has tried this Fat Absorb that is advertised all over this site? I have a seen a bunch of advertisements for it lately but no info. Just curious!

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it's always something
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Please ignore the ad. The ads are coming through the network unfiltered at the moment and I can't control them. We don't recommend that product, it's useless.

I'm sorry
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Definitely agree with Suzanne, over the loooong years I've tried to lose weight I think I have used all kind of integrator, pill, cream, capsule, patch, tool I could find on the market.
Honestly after all, integrators don't work for making you lose weight. The diuretics can make you loose water, need to loose fat. And as I've seen there's no integrator that works for that, nothing absorbs fat better than diet and exercize. It's a committment but it works.
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