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oh geez... i HATE going to the doctor's office. i go to a medical group, and there's one doctor in particular that i REFUSE to see... no matter what i'm there for, he lectures me about my weight. the problem is, i've ASKED him for help and advice, and he just tells me that i need to cut back on the junk food.

yeah, thanks.
as if i didn't know THAT one already. *rme*
and if he'd bothered to ask, he'd know that my food choices are actually relatively healthy, but whatever...

i did find a doctor in the group who has been working with me, and even referred me to a nutritionist (which helped a GREAT deal!) because i told her that i was basically clueless on meal planning, and portion sizes, and so on. and she's helped me get into physical therapy when exercising didn't agree with my knees and back... so now i think i'm on the right track.

still hate that weigh-in, though.
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I hate having to go to the doctor. They always have to weigh you. It's BS.

I went one time, and I had just been to the doc mere days before, and when I went to this other one (can't remember who or what it was for), I said, "Look, I JUST got weighed the other day, why do I have to get weighed again?" The nurse was a beeyotch and made me weigh anyway.

Too much anxiety with weighing at the doc's office.
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Originally Posted by fiddler View Post
When they tell me to get on the scale I just say (in an authoritative voice), "I'll be skipping the weigh-in today." Their mouth drops open for a second and then they just go on with the exam.
I guess I've finally got them trained. I went to the doctor a couple of days ago, and before I even opened my mouth the nurse said, "We're skipping the weigh-in, right?"

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*sigh* I hate going to the doctor....

I also hate being weighed at the doctors office.... especially now that I am trying to find a doctor, I have had to be weighed at every doctor I try, before I do anything else.

I moved about a year ago to a new province and away from a great doctor, and have not found a good doctor yet. The only reason I go to a doctor is for birth control pills, and I have had bad doctor after bad doctor after bad doctor, including one who was fat himself who lectured me about "laying off the junk food" and getting some exercise, one who refused to be my doctor unless I did bloodwork and a complete physical (sorry, not wasting my money, I just had one a year ago by a good doctor that I trust, and I know I am not due for another one, at my age I don't need one every year), and one who held me hostage with my birth control by only giving me 2 months at a time.

why is it so hard to find a good doctor? And why is weight always at the top of so many doctors' minds?
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