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Smile My Aching Feet!

DEAR 30and300, and all other contributors! OMG can I relate, I'm currently home with a broken sesamoid bone (ball of toe-bottom of foot) 9 weeks now and am going NUTS! My hips hurt, my thighs ache, I'm hungry all the time and I NEED A MASSAGE! Went into NYC yesterday to a specialist, he's said 9 weeks isn't a LONG TIME. Small bones take longer. I googled the DR and most patients said he 'pushes' orthotics. I agree with you all, BUT I'M GONNA TRY AND MAKE MY OWN. So far I've purchased a soft boot ($30), a night splint for plantar fasciitis ($125) (which I found afterwards on line for $45-too late). NYC Doc gave me an Equalizer LowTop Airwalker, looks like a space shoe, have no idea what he charged (thank God I have) Insurance, now he wants to check if Ins. will pay for a Bone Stimulator!!!!! Airwalker allows me to walk normally instead of (excuse the expression) gimping around on my heel, and no pain, boot weighs a ton. Any hints, tips or suggestions are appreciated. Next I'm trying acupuncture. From what I've read some of you have suffered foot ailments FOR YEARS. I'm anxious to get back to my 'old self'......HELP.... thanks, Doodles
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Taping my arch is the only surefire way for me to keep the pain away.
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I haven't gone the orthotics route yet, but I got fitted at at a good shoe store for Saucony shoes with "Arch-lock" (their recommendation). It helps a lot. Find a good local shoe store where they have trained people to fit you (the one I go to here has a discount centre of last years' models, too.) Just remember to replace shoes when they wear out (much sooner than you think)!

Wear good shoes indoors too. Linoleum, and especially hardwood and concrete without shoes is pretty much a guarantee to inflame my foot. I wear my last pair of Sauconys or my authentic Birkenstocks.

The other thing I do if I'm going to be doing a lot of dancing (or if the pain happens to flare up badly on a regular day) is tape up the bottom of my foot with athletic tape. One line from ball near big toe to back. Another lengthwise one kind of criss-crossing it. A couple more shorter ones, criss-crossing as well. Don't keep your foot taped for more than 2-3 days or you will find the foot gets weaker and the problem gets worse. Only good for protection or allowing it to heal.

To reduce inflammation, your best bets are 2 extra strength ibuprofin for a few days. Again, don't do for more than a few days - ibuprofin over an extended period is harmful to your body.

Med-free inflammation treatment? Ice. Works every time. Use an ice pack wrapped with a facecloth and keep your foot on that (3x a day for 30 min or so). If you're feeling ballsy, get a smallish container that your heel can fit into, and fill with ice water.
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Wow so I'm not alone. I have PF and PTT which is posterior tibila tendon. That's where the inside part of my ankle sort of collapses and turns in.

I can remember when it happened. It was in 2006 I think and my feet still hurt. I've been to about 6 doctors and have had every device for my feet there is. The last thing I had made was a custom brace for my left foot. It's horrible and I haven't worn it yet. I had to buy shoes an extra size bigger and I already have huge feet. I have custom made orthotics but they hurt my feet. That's what so interesting about the orthotics is most people it helps their feet but they hurt my feet after about 2 hours.

The other problem is I work part time and I'm on my feet the whole time. I have a Dr note so I can wear sneakers but at about the 2 hour mark my feet start to hurt. The best thing that I wear on my feet is Timberland boots and I wear them with my dress clothes. They look horrible and I'm embarrassed but my feet feel great in them.

I also have arthritis in both knees so by the time I get off work I can barley walk to the car. I was able to get a handicap parking permit from my knee doctor. My kids say oh you're not handicapped but they don't know the extreme pain I feel in my knees and feet.

Anyway about the exercise. I joined the Y in Sept and I do water aerobics 3x a week. I've lost a few pounds but that's my fault because I still eat a lot of junk. I use to walk around the track at the local high school but the last time I tried that a few months ago I could only do 3 laps.

I really like the pool but I'm also going to try and get to the fitness center part of it because I need to build up some strength. They have a circuit set up like curves that I've tried a couple of times. People always say oh you should do the elliptical because there is no pressure on the knees but I can't do it at all. I try it every time I go there.

Here is something else I've tried and you won't believe it. Zumba. They have classes at the Y and the place is always packed the insturctor is amazing. Now this is how I get thru it. I stand way in the back and I do what I can. It's so much fun and it really didn't hurt my feet.... it hurts my knees so I don't go that often. I also have Zumba for the Wii and that's just as good.

Speaking of Wii I started doing the Wii about 2 years and that was big fun. I was doing Wii fit plus and it has a lot of different games to play and it checks your weight etc. The problem is you do it with socks on, no shoes. After doing this for months and loving it I had to stop because my feet were hurting so bad I couldn't stand to keep stepping on it. I do it only occasionally now.

So now it's basically water aerobics. The deep end is good because your feet never touch the bottom of the pool. When I'm in the shallow end doing the aerobics I wear water shoes because I don't like my feet hitting the tile floor.

Any questions please feel free to private message me.
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