Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Default Monday 1/31

Morning Ladies BRB to Post
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I haven't had my coffee yet but I'm pondering it lol
Right now I'm waiting for 9 am to roll around to call the Meadowlands Box office I'm getting Accessible tickets (wheelchair friendly) to U2!! It's our V-day present to eachother and something good to look fwd too. Food wise this weekend stunk badly i never ate normal food and if i did it was hours till i ate again. Mom's closing is on Wednesday so we have to get EVERYTHING out of the house Saturday my food consisted of Munchkins and coffee all day
I had the shakes from it then had a grease fest for dinner yesterday we had a good breakfast and a small lunch and chinese for dinner b/c we were still pooped from moving furniture all day.
I could never be a drug addict. . .you know the kids medicine triaminic? I had dh get some when he did a superquick store run for me last night Now i took the dose you take from age 6- under 12 2 tsp i was totally knocked out couldnt feel my nose lips or tongue all i could think of was what if i took grown up meds lol I'd be passed out drooling on the floor.
My neck/shoulder pain is a little better today but no workout for me till I'm 100% it was goign on all last week while I wasn't posting
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good morning gang!

It is raining and dark and cold again today! but I'm trying to stay perky in spite of it. It's suppose to rain most of the week, so I'm hoping the weatherman is wrong.

It's really hard to make myself get up early to exercise when the weather is like this. I just want to hybernate like a big ole bear.

Don't know if I'll get to exercise during lunch or not - will see how it goes.

whats everybody up to today?

gotta get to work!

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Morning Ladies,
I just fixed me a cup of coffee. It's good!!
Yesterday started out horrible!! But by noon it turned out ok. Thank God! And
by nighttime, it was fine.
I work today, then off tomorrow. Yeah!
My eyes itch. Don't know what is wrong. Not sure if it's just my allergies so bad, or if it's my cat. She stays in the house. Might be the pet dander. But I have got to do something.
I got to visit with one of my younger brothers yesterday around noon. On my break. He bought me a chilli dog and a diet coke. That was nice of him. I hadn't seen him in weeks..
I talked to my older sister the other night. That was nice too. We were both lonesome.
Without a mom and dad living, we are all we 4 kids/adults have left.
Got to go get ready for work.
You all have a blessed day. Hugs, Lanee...
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Default Happy Monday Everyone!

Good Morning Ladies,
I have missed you all terribly! I think it has been 2 weeks since I posted.

I am dashing off to work.Have 3 WWer mtgs today and a cousin coming to town to stay overnight 2 nights while here on business.I am excited and looking forward to our brief visit!

Anything new and exciting I missed while gone? I tried to post in Texas but it wouldnt let me! Update me please if anything "life-changing" thing happened while I was away.I do NOT want to be "out of the loop"!

BBL (hopefully)
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Hi Ladies,

Welcome back Cin

Cathy, I'm just like you, with the weather cold and/or rainy, I don't wanna do anything that calls for energy. Hang in there.

Kierie, U2 Tickets sound wonderful. Enjoy the show. Glad your feeling better

Lanee feel better w/the alergies. For some reason our alergies here in NJ are all flaring up. Everyone is either sniffing or sneezing. Glad you enjoyed your brothers company

Nothing much is new here, SOSDD. Its Moanday lol
DD and I decided her room needs to be de-babytized lol. She has raggedy ann now and wants to change it to Cinderella.... so I went on EBay and got some curtains and a bed throw, and went to another site for posters. Sigh~ no more baby stuff lol.

The arthritis in my knees are really hurting this year. I have no doubt its the weather but more so, its my weight. I am going to go to my doctor to talk about how she can help me (with the weight part).

WHats shakin w/you all ?
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ok I went and walked 2 miles on the gym track during lunch. now I feel like a big ole bear that walked 2 miles
Jan Miles = 36

KO - hope the triaminic has worn off by now. I'll also pretty sensitive to meds, but nothing like that - wow! be careful!

Lanee - hope work goes well tomorrow! won't ya be glad to have a day off tomorrow - well at least a day off from your payng job anyway.

Cin - it is so good to have ya back! we missed ya!!!!!! I don't recall anything earth shattering or life changing happening around here. just a bunch of busy gals! imagine you have a lot of meetings tomorrow too huh? have fun with your cousin!

Leenie - wow! so good to see a post from ya! are you home today? when ya going to the doc?

where's the rest of our gang?

later gaters
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Default Hello Ladies

I have pretty much been lounging because I did most of my cleaning this weekend.I weighed myself this morning and I was down another pound.Thats 12 pounds I have lost this month.YAY ME!!!So now I have to lower my point count.I am also going to try and not use my flexpoints again this week.
WB CIN!!! WTG CATHY for those January miles!! U2 concert Tickets KO;have lots of fun!!Lanee its always to have comfort from family!!

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Hi everyone

How is is beautiful here today

no big news.........I'll be in touch


I don't have the physical or emotional energy to get into life at the moment.....hang in there everyone!
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Afternoon Everyone…

KO – U2!!! OOOH I wanna go!! LOL @ the passed out and drooling on the floor. I could only imagine when would have happened had you taken the adult dosage. That’s kinda scary tho… I’ve never taken Triaminic… Dayquil and Nyquil are my drug of choice hehehe along with Excedrin Migraine. I’ll have to keep my eye out for Triaminic in case James decides to buy it. I’ll make sure to tell him about the dosage and maybe he can get something else or try the lower dosage first! Hope you are feeling better soon!

Cathy – those miles keep racking up!! Way to go! I’m gonna try to keep track of the miles I do for February. maybe you and I can race to the finish line Just don’t leave me in the dust… it’s hard on my lungs hehehehe! *high-5*

Leenie – I can relate somewhat to your knee pains. Ever since I started bowling, my left hip gets out of wack. I have been taking flex-a-min. Suppose to soothe achy joints. Has Glucosamine, Chondroitin, and MSM (whatever that is) seems to be doing well for me. I know for sure that it’s my weight… must get it off!

I sorta had a off night last night. I’m studying for an exam that I have on Tuesday… it’s really stressful… I usually don’t get like this, but this instructor is like REALLY out there. Some of his questions just go between my knees, makes a u-turn and then goes over my head. WHEW! It’s only a drama class, but I feel like I’m in advanced Philosophy. So I did a no-no last night… I dipped into a bag of Doritos. I am talking majorly dipped into… I weighed in this morning for my 2x2 challenge that I have with the 300+ group… I mentioned before that I lost 5lbs, but I think between Doritos, Claim Jumpers and Soup Plantation, I may have gained 2lbs back. Essh.. I still got my 2lbs in plus an extra for a total of 3lbs, but I really offset myself by my detour this past 2 days. But I’m okie with it… I’m not happy, but I’m okie, because I know I did it once… I can do it again.

: Positive Thoughts Everyone!

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