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Default Thursday August 5th Chat

Good Morning,

Sorry I'm late, very busy here.

I'll be back shortly.

How's everyone today ?
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Good Morning Gang!

I did 3 miles this morning.

Leenie - you sure are a busy little bee. tell them I said to "give you a break" hey? have you been on your treadmill lately? no pressure - was just wondering.

Liz - I seem to be fretting about every little thing - for no reason really. I kind of think my hormones are just all messed up. I've been off my birth control pills for 15 days and I'm just feeling "different". Didn't really think about that I'm probably perimenopausal. The doc had said I might have problems like that by getting off the pill - hot flashes, mood swings, fatigue, insomnia, anxiety, etc etc etc., but I thought "surely not, I am TOO YOUNG for all of that" but I'm gonna give it some time and see how I feel.

Did you sleep better on your new bed last night?

Faraway - I write down everything I put in my mouth and then I post it on the daily food log thread - it helps keep me honest. It's easy for me to think I have only eaten a few calories, but when I write it all down, I see that I eat more then I remember.

April - I hope you have a great trip! hugs!

SueMarie - glad everything is feeling better! I hope and pray your test goes well on Saturday!

Where's Tippy?

Cin - how are you feeling today after that walk in the heat?

ok, back to work. later gaters!

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Hey everyone

Going to be busy with the folk fest for the next four days or so.

Then I will be away for a if you don't see me much that is why.

I have lots to do today so I have to run.

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Cathy, good for you, another 3 miles to chalk up !! whoooohoooo (no, no tredmill, have no energy but to stay awake, this virus is wearing me thin (haa) no pun intended).

Liz have a wonderful vacation, enjoy !!!!
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hello... just checking in.. hope everyone is well...
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Oooo Silly Me!
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Afternoon Ladies!

Leenie - You got the bug too huh? I know what you mean by wearing you thin... I hope you feel better soon!

Liz - You havea good trip also!

Cathy - Thank you for the warm thoughts about the exam. I'm a bit nervous, but I just need to study a little more. I've decided that I'm going to take my time. I find that I am rushing through everything to make sure I have enough time to write my 2 essays... I noticed this with the practice tests... so I'm gonna take my time, read everything correctly, double check my math and if I don't have enough time for the writing, I'll write my best and if I don't pass that section, I'll take the writing over. Does that sound bad? I'm just trying to figure out some sort of "plan of action" hehehe...

I woke up with a headache, took some meds, so I'm gonna go lay down. I hope everyone is having a better day!

Take care...
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Hi Gals
I feel fine.............just not in the mood for chit chat today.Do you all ever get that way?

PS I have found it BEST not to chit chat when I feel like that too !
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Hellooo helloo, I always seem to leave this too late!
Suemarie I know everyone else probaly knows already but what exam are you taking? Good luck whatever it is.
My little baby boy is three tomorrow. He asked for CHOCOLATE and a bouncy castle. My word he is so my son...lucky for him he has the build of a racing snake (for the time being at least). So my house has chocolate a plenty but I have not eaten a bite. Just not in the mood today which is unheard of.
Feeling quite sad and reflective, possibly I'm missing the exercise (no gym yet this week...oh no).
Time for bed, I think. Oooh 'Gone with the Wind' on TCM...night night
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Liz HUGS !!! when are you leaving ??

Faraway, HB to your son !! My daughter will be 3 on Aug 22nd. She wants a turtle and fish... OY. Chocolate YUMMMM I'll be right over

Enjoy his day.

Cin, yeah I have those days.

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