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Thumbs down

Originally Posted by Leenie
Noodles, oh my, have fun with the INLAWS send up a flare if you need help.

Thanks!! They are pretty good to me, NOW. But we have had our rounds!! They pulled some crap years ago and kidnapped my daughter and it took me a LONG time to forgive them for that and to trust them again. I still don't trust them 100%, but they are in the 90%tile now. Plus it helps when a person is truly sorry & they are and have apologized up and down for 5 years now. I think everyone deserves a second chance...but if they keep repeating the same hurtful things over and over and over...then I just have to cut the ties. They were headed that way!! I am glad things are alot better. Easier to live in peace and harmony than in stress/aggravation with toxic people and situations.

Leenie: I may be going to Brick, NJ. this summer! I'd love to meet ya! If you are close that is... LMK!

Hi rest of ya!

Back to cleaning. Found a dusty microwave.
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Oy vey! I'm tired! This afternoon a Pastor visited our church and school. He is the one that we sent a Call to. For those who aren't familiar with that term, a Call is when a church asks a Pastor to become theirs.

Pastor P. was very intelligent and friendly. R asked the congregation on Sunday to stop in today to say hello and they did. It was very pleasant and friendly. We had a nice meeting with him asking questions and being given a lot of input. He then visited the school and talked with the teachers and pupils. I wasn't there when he saw the gym or the church. He took pictures of the parsonage for his wife.

One thing I saw that really impressed me was that a church member invited him to supper. I don't like the man particularly, but I thought it was very nice of him to do that.

Now, I'll ask everyone to pray that he accepts the Calling, if it is God's will. Pastor P. was warned that there would be a lot of prayer being sent his way.
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Angry Good Evening Ladies

Hi Noodles and Sweet Pea-welcome back

Liz: I can't believe that they're calling you even on your day off! I hope you've enjoyed your day off

Lynnie: Please don't get discouraged-that 1/4 inch off your waist is a good start

April: I've heard about the link between high carbs and SAD. I'm glad you're feeling better on the Zone.

Tippy: I'll be praying for you and your church. It must be hard finding a new pastor. I hope this man works out for you

Kemp & Cathy: It looks like we're going to be floating away too Cathy, do you live in or near New Orleans? I don't think I'd be going in town til it's over.

CIN: I hope you can sell your condo soon. As for the "older woman", I'm a BIT over 40 (54 on "tax day"). I even qualify as a "senior" according to AARP

Leenie: How are you doing on Atkins?

I'll probably be in here tomorrow, but I may be missing for a little while. We may end up having our internet disconnected because of a late payment, but we'll be able to straighten it out by next week. Please keep me in your thoughts. I've been having a lot of pain from the neuropathy in my right leg. I wonder if it might be aggrevated by the damp weather? My meds help, but I've been kinda loopy since yesterday

I'll be up early tomorrow w/DH-hopefully I'll see you then
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I was 54 last Sept. so I got you beat gal!

LindaT my are alive!

I miss you girl!

Later taters :joker

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Noodles YEAH I'd love to meet you, I'm sure I can find my way to Brick. Hey bet Jiffypop would love to come too. LETS DO IT!! OY on the Inlaws, gee sorry to hear that but I'm glad your keeping your guard up, thats some serious do do.

Joanne, I'll be crossing my fingers for you, that sucks when they get your payment late. I hate paying bills and I'm always late (except credit cards, they ain't getting more money from me lol). HUGS!!!!

Tippy, good luck with the newbie pastor, I hope it works out for everyone.

LindaT BOO, I seeeeeeeeeeeeee you. Yah gonna come play with us or what?
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