Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Default binge eating cycle ruining my life

I just don't know where to begin. I've kept this with myself for so long since I would be shamed for having no "self control" or being lazy or making excuses for myself but it's more than that. I just can't keep this with myself anymore since its getting worst and catching up to me. I don't even have the guts to speak this with the counsellor so I'm sharing here since this is a weight loss forum. I feel ashamed of this. At first, I would restrict myself for few days on low carb diet than I would end up binging in the weekend on not so healthy stuff. Now I could barely restrict myself and just binge every alternate day especially on chocolates. I'm not sure if I would classify this as an "addiction" but i feel addicted to sugary stuff like chocolates. I would usually get this "high" from eating chocolates. I just can't stop binging, it won't even be classified as a binge anymore since its become even more frequent and intense. I just feel embarrassed of it. The more I compensate for it the next day by eating less, the worse the binge gets. It's a vicious cycle, at the same time it's affecting my self esteem and I'm insecure or sensitive about my weight, at the same time I keep doing this ****. I mostly rely on food for comfort now, the more I get depressed about my weight gain the more I go to food. I every time I binge eat I would cancel out on plans the next day or even miss some classes since I'm not feeling well physically and mentally. This ensures that I'm not living my life to the fullest. I'm feeling so alone and lost right now since I slept the whole day, missed all of my classes due to my prior binge last night. I stopped checking my weight since I've been too scared too for the past few days. I'm scared now that I'm going to be back to how I was before weight loss journey in no time. This destroyed my self confidence and self esteem completely, I feel completely worthless and unattractive now. I wouldn't want to talk to anyone or deal with the world after binge eating. I'm just writing here so maybe the comments here would finally give me a reality check. I feel completely hopeless about weight loss at this point. Even if I do eat well for one day, I know I'm going to binge few days later, so I lost beliefs in my ability to restrict food.
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Dear Friend: I know only too well what binge eating does to your psyche and self esteem. First, I want to confirm with you that it is an addiction, no ifs, ands, or buts. Once you recognize it as such, youíll be better able to address it. Addiction of any sort requires our denial .. in order to thrive. So step out into the sunlight and see it for what it is.

Second, no shame sister. Do you know how many people struggle with addiction and denial in our life? Prolly 100% of people around you are addicted to different things, including addiction to material things to feed their delusions about themselves to feel secure. Thatís all addiction is .. a striving to feel secure. You said it in your post ... eat to comfort. So donít feel ashamed. Welcome to the human race and the human condition. Youíre in good company. Weíre all just doing our best. And feel proud you are now reaching out. Youíre Ďwokeí as they like to say in todayís jargon. Thank you for your post b/c just last night my addiction to food reared itís ugly head on the way home from the office after a particularly hard day. I wanted to binge. I wanted sugar coarsing thru my veins. I didnít do it and this morning I feel free, not imprisoned. Your post reminds me of the cycle of that insanity. Over eating leads to isolating, and interferes with life. Addiction keeps us in a prison.

Third, my dear friend, the good news is there is a way out of this prison. Can I suggest you start by doing two things? Join a 12 step group for Overeaters Anonymous and read a few books about healthy eating. The group is a way for you to continue staying woke, learning there are others just like you and getting support. Maybe you can even find a healthy mentor in the group. Reading a couple books helps you to start formalizing an eating plan tailored just to YOU. Iím not going to sell you on my eating plan or any plan. You have to educate yourself - itís all on the internet and at the library. Then you will pick what fits into your lifestyle and your personal tastes.

While youíre doing the above 2 things, you might also start keeping a journal about your emotions. Over eating or any addiction is a way to slam down and ignore our emotions. My emotion last night was full on anger for how dysfunctional my workplace is and how much workload I carry b/c of others laziness. But I donít want to turn to addiction to cope. A journal might be a starting tool for you to cope with emotion, with the real need for comfort. You need to be validated, as we all do. Validate yourself by starting this journey of loving yourself. I know you can do it. xoxo
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Excellent post Follena!

Zara, I hope you find support and comfort here.
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It is possible to stop binging and reset your set point. I've mentioned him a few times, but ObesetoBeast has a great video about this on YouTube.

Also consider speaking to your doctor, counselor, or pastor if that's possible.
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I feel you. I have the same problem. The truth is that I have made my bing eating disorder by being on a diet most of my life. So I have decided to STOP the insanity. I got my RMR tested and I am now eating bout 250 calories under that - forever! I am trying to lose weight by doing more exercise and keeping my calories high but 200 under the RMR.

I have accepted that my body demands a certain amount of food. If I don't get it on day, my body will get it. So depriving myself is pointless.
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I had the same issue carolyn coker ross really helped me with my emotional eating
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Have you ever heard of the book Binge over Brain written by Karhtyn Hansen? Some people have been helped by reading it. .She has been through the food addiction cycle and writes how she gained control over it. This might be a safe place to start?? One little step at a time can make a big difference <3
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Having and keeping a flat firm tight tummy is very overrated
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I had the same issue. I started logging my dieting habits and worked with a personal coach using an app to help. In 30 days I was able to get over this habit.
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I started using a personal coach and logging my diet daily. It really helped me in losing weight and controlling my binge eating habits.
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