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Talking Jan 11th-12th-weekend chat

Hi everyone!

Well I am done my nights and finally feeling rested. My house went to pot and I ate all the wrong things...anyhow back on track today...for now!

DH took dd11 to basketball this a.m and I got up and did a bit of a having my coffee with dd4 cuddled on my lap.

Hope lots check in!

Missed you all!

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Hello Liz and all to come.

Liz hurry up and get your house clean so you can come help me find mine.

I've been lazy this morning. Haven't even taken my meds. I keep thinking if I stare at them long enough they will go away.

I feel better today. I plan to eat soft foods today and work my way back up to the hard stuff. I asked doc yesterday if a virus was going around. Seems there is and it's what I've had. She says it lasts from 2 to 10 days. I hope mine has run it's course.

I need to catch up on reading posts so guess I will go do that.

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Hello Liz ,Sweet & anyone else!
I just went to chat at 10PM thinking there would be several but it is vacant.I will check in a little later.

Busy day.............meeting at church.then to the hospital to see about a friend who is seriously ill...not too sure if she will make it.
She is only 52 but has had many health problems.Her entire family is there and they were letting us in Intensive Care as often as we wanted to be.

My daughter and new son in law game for chili and to watch the basketball game...........good thing I ate lots of veggies for lunch cause I sure ate too much at supper! Why do we do that and MOAN afterwards? I did eat some sugar free jello for dessert though!

Hope everyone has an enjoyable week-end or at least restful week-end!

Stardust sounds like such a sweet heart.I like her already!

Take Care!
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Just wanted to say hi to everyone!! Couldn't sleep so I came here!!

Hope your weekend is going well...It is freezing here(17 degrees) and we are buried in snow and just my luck, I threw my back out this week trying to move some of it. Husband is in Vegas (business) and I am am now realizing how much I miss my grown boys!!!! Didn't have to touch a shovel when I had them around...

Hubby got stuck in Vegas for a couple extra days, won't be home until Monday...his boss (poor thing) ended up having a stroke while out there (same age as my husband, ) so my husband did the nice thing and stayed with him until his wife flew in, which will be Sunday afternoon. Talk about STRESS!!!!

Liz...don't feel bad, I too have messed up today...seems like I get through one day with no problem and mess up two. Darn holidays!!!! Gets me everytime!!! Can't seem to get motivated! Of course it didn't help being alone most of the week and nursing my back...feeling sorry for myself

Sweet hope you are feeling better!!!

Hi Cin...hope to catch you in chat one of these nights...been a long time.

Happy Sunday to everyone else....catch you all later!!

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Good afternoon to everyone,

Liz.....I know how you feel...about eating all the wrong things...I am having a hard time getting back on track...counting points.

Meg.....Hope your back gets better soon. All of you back east have way more snow than we do in the west. Last night we had 3 inches of snow. Right now it is -7C or's still cold out.

I had a really bad day yesterday.....was really down & sad all day....stayed in my bathrobe until 6 P.M....when my DH called me to the kitchen....he had made I am thinking...I can't come to the kitchen at that hour of the day in my I put some clothes on.

Was still feeling kind of down in the evening....went down the basement in the evening about the last few weeks the dog....Charlie....he is a 42 pond Border Collie....he started to come on our old love seat with me. He came on this old couch that I was lying down on & cuddled up next to me....put his head on my legs....then cuddled up behind my legs...he stayed there for quite a while....I started to feel better.

This morning I was in the shower....which is really good for far as being in the shower so early...I went in the shower as soon as I got up....a lot of days...if I am not going anywhere...I will be in my bathrobe until Noon or 1 or 2 or 3 P.M.

DH asked if I wanted to go to coffee after I got out of the we went to McDonald's. Then we went to to see our DS & his GF. I feel a lot better today.

I need to go have some lunch's getting late.

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