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Default weight-unrelated depression

i can't really get into detail for privacy reason, but among all the things that are wrong with my life, i can't find a job. i've done some volunteer work, but i never held an actual job and i have zero experience in the field that i really want. (i just got my bachelor's, finally.) i've considered volunteering at a local company, but i'm terrified of "big" companies where everything seems so professional and business-like. also, i have poor communication skills and i doubt i could talk them into accepting me as a volunteer.

any words of encouragement (or advice) would be appreciated. thanks.

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hiya honey, its hard to get a job anywhere at the moment the ressession has been awful.
Volunteering is a good idea I take on people from the job center for a few weeks each summer to give them a taste of what we do. Have you looked into government programme's, I'm in the UK so it maybe different where you are.
Big compaines are nothing to be scared about, they are just humans that work there and once you get in and start meeting the people you will find they are just like yourself.
Start by sending them a letter introducing yourself and outline that you are willing to work for free for a couple of weeks or months, I bet you wont have to talk them into anything they will jump at the chance for free labor
Good luck I hope you get some work soon
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Companies are looking for people with a degree so you are more wanted then you think. These days it seem experience comes second... so don't let that stop you. Also, big corporate isn't as "professional / business like" as you think, it may appear to be from the outside but once you are in... they are goobers just like the rest of us... I promise you this

My communication skills are at their worst when I am on an interview, I can not sell myself for beans. What I have learned (and yes I am in a big company) through the years is that when I get really nervous I do even worse, but when I go in with an attitude that "we are all the same" and the person interviewing me is no better then I am, I relax, and that is what they are looking for. I always go into an interview with the expectation that if I get the job good... if I don't ... oh well there will be others and use every interview as practice. The more you do the better you get at it.

Oh I used to get so scared... then one day I remember driving to a big pharma company talking to God in my car. I said God, I am leaving this in your hands, if this job is for me then I will get it, if not, its ok. I went to the interview and the lady interviewing me (the boss) hired me. She told me later on that she liked that I was not nervous and that made her feel relaxed around me. AHHHHHHHH so you see, they are just as nervous as us.

Don't let time slip by you because the longer you wait, the harder it gets. And remember, we were all where you are right now and we all felt the same way you do. Just keep one thought in mind "we are all the same" You are just as important as the president of the company or the goober interviewing you.

Good luck

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hi nice post....
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