Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Default D'oh

Just spotted this sub-forum, and had posted in the 'obstacles to weight gain' section. Ah well, it fits both areas I suppose. Nods, feel free to delete the one you deem to be in the wrong sub-forum!


Hello ladies (and possible gents),

Just wondering if anyone here has had weight-gain issues with taking anti-depressants? I've been on SRI medication for almost two years (first fluoxetine, then when that wasn't working as well, citalopram) and I've put on 15-20lbs without having done anything differently, and the weight is still slowly rising. I asked a doctor about this and he told me there are no known weight-related side effects of taking these meds, but the pattern is fairly obvious to me. I can't stop taking them because I'll just crash again, but the weight gain is so frustrating when I've been battling fat all my life!

A second thing I want to ask is what are the most common effects of hypothyroidism? My mum thinks I have it and keeps telling me to go and get tested, but I have a phobia of blood-tests I know I'm gonna have to bite the bullet and get it done at some point in my life, but it terrifies me.
But the sympoms I have are (obviously) excess weight and virtual impossibility of losing it, depression and feeling sleepy most of the time when I'm not actually out of the house doing stuff. I can just go in my room and the temptation to have a nap is terrible, lol. My energy levels are terrible.

So, any advice/help/similar stories are much welcome.
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Hi Marchmellow. Im sorry I cant be of more assistance, but I can relate. Ive never had any bloodwork done to check for that because I too have an issue with the whole process! Im currently taking fluoxetine. When I started it gave me too much energy. Dr. reduced dosage and now I can tell it will curb my appetite but I could still take a nap in the afternoon after eating a snack!!
I would chat with doc about it but Id rather sweep it under the rug and deal with that part myself! haha Best of luck. Hope to hear from you.
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