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Default 2nd mini-goal reached! Down 40 lbs! (+ way too many pictures! ;D)

Hello everyone!! I am very pleased to announce that I reached my second mini-goal today. I started out at 263 lbs on July 18th 2008, and reached my first mini-goal (243 lbs) on August 11th, and took pictures but didn't post them because I didn't see ANY difference in my physique at that point, ha. Today I finally weighed in at 223 lbs (can't believe it!!) and I took more pictures in almost the same outfit, to see if the difference would be more noticeable. Honestly I still don't see a BIG drastic change, but maybe y'all will see something I don't!

First off... One of my LEAST FAVORITE pictures of me EVER. This was taken in the Spring of my senior year of high school. I have no idea how much I weighed at this point, because I didn't have a scale and never weighed myself... My best guess would be that I fluctuated around the 270s, though. To be honest, I think this is just an extremely unflattering picture, but when I was a freshman/sophomore I actually was about as big as I look in this picture:

YUCK! Looking at this picture almost makes me want to cry. *edit* Whoops! Just realized that should say May 2007, not 2008!

Anyways, over my first year of college I lost a few pounds (despite the fact that I ate crap and never exercised) and ended up at 263 lbs on July 18th. I don't have any official "before" pictures, unfortunately, but these pictures can give you a decent idea of what I looked like when I started. (I know the first one is weird; I did it for a school project LOL).

Now for the mini-goal pictures! First from the front (there is just a 20 lb difference in these pics):

LOL, I just realized that I'm wearing almost the same nail polish color in these pictures, too! Anyways, ot a huge difference, but my stomach looks a little leaner and my left arm looks just a liiittle thinner. The first pic was taken lower than it should have been, so it makes me look like I have a really bad double-chin, when actually it wasn't at all that bad at that point (I swear--I'm not in denial, ha), so that doesn't count... The difference between the 223 lbs pic and the "before" ones is CRAZY, though!

And the side. I didn't take a side view pic after my first mini-goal (d'oh!) but I put this one next to a picture taken this past Spring, so in the first picture I'm probably pretty close to my starting weight... Maybe a few lbs more?

I HATE that my arm is so freaking massive. And that shirt flattens my boobs into my stomach, so you can't see how much nicer it looks LOL. But I'm loving that my back flab is gradually turning into a nice little curve... And my legs look a little thinner.

Then, just for kicks, I had a bit of a love affair with my camera to get some really flattering pictures. I love taking self-portraits! LOL.

I'm such a model wannabe. Hehe. So what do you think?? Even if you don't see a big difference, someone on here told me that it starts to get much more noticeable after the first 40 lbs... And quite a few people have mentioned to me that I look great now, so I'm hoping there's at least been SOME kind of change in me, hehe.

Mini-goal #2!! Wooo!! Up next is ONEDERLAND!

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Looking good!
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That's a big accomplishment! Congrats
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Congratulations! There is a big difference - you look great! I love the idea of taking the pix along the way in the same shirt, too. Keep up the good work!
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Way to go Meredith! You look fantastic!
I can totally see a difference!
Kepp it up Sista!
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Congrats! You look great, I can definitely see the difference! Keep it up~
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on losing 40lb that is some achievement and one to be proud of.

with achieving your next goal of onederland it will be there quicker than you realise. Keep up the good work.
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Congrats!!! And you look so happy!
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You done great! I see a big difference in your face and hips/legs especially, but all over too.
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Wow girl! You look GREAT! Congrats and good luck with your next 40 and beyond!
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Oh yes a difference! Your hips are smaller, your face is smaller and you're getting a nice curvy shape! Congrats
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I can see the difference!! You are looking great! Thanks for posting I love to see that it can be done
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Aww you look great Meredith!
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You look great!!!
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I can definitely see a change! Way to go!
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