Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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Default Depression Because of Weight

Hi everyone

I am Marie I have suffered from depression for the last 15 years for verious reasons I have been put on so meny differnt meds over the years and none has really made me feel any better currently I am only taking diazapane at night to make me sleep I have completely come off the AD's
The last time I was put on meds was because I cried when the doctor weighed me, the pills made me even worse and on my birthday I overdosed as I couldnt take being fat any longer.
I am now in a better place now and I am putting all my effort on to dieting rather then feeling bad about it, I have only lost 6lb so far and I am getting more and more fed up with the scales not moving the last couple of day but I am getting there.

I am experiancing very bad highs and lows this week it goes from one extreme to another and leaves me with very bad head aches after a high, but as I am not on AD's i cant control it. Work has been interesting

Anyway good luck everyone hope to chat you all soon
I hope the good days out weigh the bad days soon

Marie xx
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Hi Marie -
Six pounds is an excellent start, girlfriend! But wait, does it say in your signature you've lost 35 lbs??!! That is amazing, congratulations! It sounds like you're really committed to losing. I'm just curious, have you considered some type of counseling for your highs and lows? Sometimes our family docs aren't as adept at dianosing and prescribing medications for the mind.
The tough thing with weight loss and depression is that you have to appreciate and love yourself now, even when you lose weight, you'll still be you. Think about how you would treat your best friend in this situation, would you be kind and loving and encouraging? Do the same for you. It's easy to say, difficult to do, but you must love you!
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Congrats on your weightloss!

It helps me to think of this journey in terms of "getting healthy" and not just "losing weight". Having just loss a close family member who was young to death...I have learned that physical training is 'beneficial for little', but that it is spiritual training that is most important. Meds make work or not, but prayer is sure to help.

Wishing you all the best!
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Congratulations on taking control!!Keep it up!!
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Thanks for all your comments
I am working on loving me for me and trying to get though things its hard but I am pushing on and hopefully i will come to an aceptance with my body but 1st I have to lose some weight and get healthy.
As for me I having an identity problem, I am married, my kids are getting older and I hold quite a high flying job, I just dont know where Marie fits into it all its like i need to be told what to be and I just fit in to that roll. I dont know I my need some councillng I will see how things go

I cant see my signature or add one can anyone point me in the direction please, as much as i would have loved to have lost 35lbs sadly its only 6lbs
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I also have trouble with the whole loving myself thing. But taking steps to improve your health and lose weight is a great way to show yourself that you love yourself.

I think there's a waiting period to have a signature on this forum. 20 days? And you have to post a certain amount of times but not sure how many.
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hey 6lbs is great! Don't ever minimize any kind of success. I'm sure you put a lot of work into yourself and your health to lose the weight you've lost so far. Congratulations and good luck.
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Congratulations on your six pounds gone! Don't discount those pounds as "only" six pounds, by the way--if you'd gained six, you sure wouldn't be calling 'em "only."

Slow weight loss isn't failure, it's simply slow success. Even staying put on the scale isn't failure; lots of folks stall for a week or more.

We can't always control how quickly our bodies shed the excess fat, but we can control what we eat, how we move, and (to some extent) how we perceive our efforts to lose. Celebrate your success at adhering to your standards even in the face of adversity on the scale and in life.

I too hope that your good days outweigh the bad soon.
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Originally Posted by marie81 View Post
currently I am only taking diazapane at night to make me sleep I have completely come off the AD's
Completely come off the anti depressants? Wouldn't that cause a relapse and get you even more depressed? Maybe you haven't found the right ones yet. I know you have tried many but maybe you can try asking your doctor for something more weight neutral.

Anyways, congrats on the 6 pound weight loss! You go girl! Keep up the great work. I suffer from depression as well and I know how tough losing weight can be. By the way, I cried too when I got weighed by my doctor.
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I agree. Don't minimize your successes. 6 pair of shoes seem like a way better deal than no shoes, right? Plus 6 lbs is a great start. You're more than halfway to losing 10 lbs.
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Marie81, I also cycle from high to low rapidly. The thing that is helping me be "ok" is that I now go to talk therapy once a week. I used to go once a month or twice a month, but I realized that to not have a serious long-lasting relapse, I needed to have a session with my therapist every single week. I am by no means "great" or even "good" the majority of the time, but I see "ok" on a regular basis now. I get to talk about whatever is on my mind. My life-long struggle with emotional eating and not feeling motivated to exercise are often topics of discussion. The session also serves as a weekly reminder to try and forgive myself for all of my real or imagined failures of the prior week.

That many sessions is not financially feasible for everyone. Thankfully, I have amazing insurance through my job. And my solution isn't necessarily for everybody. I just wanted to share what has helped me and to let you know that "ok" is possible.

Good Luck to you!
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Congrats on 6 lbs. it is sooo hard to lose, i know exactly where you are coming from. As far as depression and being depressed due to your weight, i know all too well what you mean. I refused to take any meds that would allow to make me gain weight. So i did ALOT of research and came up with Wellbutrin which is used for obesity and curbs the appetite. I also recently knew i could be happier in my life so the md incorporated Cymbalta after ALOT of research with that. That is one that tends to have loss of appetite.

I've been through alot over the past 2 years and my dad passed on the 26th just after Christmas. This combination has allowed me to be less emotional and i do not turn to food as a result. I did however gain some weight as in the past year have been in a new relationship but this combo is worth looking into if you are thinking of taking something for depression. I also see a therapist that deals in weight depression, she's a big help!

Good luck and GREAT start

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Good luck to us all! Take care Marie!
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