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Default Wednesday, June 5th

Good Morning,

Well its 8:05 am (or close) and I'm ready to go back home

Gonna have me a toasted bagel (small one) w/my coffee cause I is hungry !!

Whats happening? anything good. Its Hump Day !! 2 1/2 more days yahooooooooooooo.

Have a great one.
Love, Leens
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Talking Good day!

Hey...... took all of yesterday off (you will be glad to know Linnie). Was a nice relaxing day...scrapbooked all day with my girlfriend while dd4 played with her daughter.....and the evening was nice and relaxed...visited with SIL and spent most of the eve relaxing with hubby after I put the girls to if I could just get on program my life would be grand! Have a great day all! Liz

P.S. Back to work tomorrow...working a 12 hour day in the ER but kinda looking forward to it too!
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Default Mornin'

Hi Leens and Lizzy and those to come.. I KNOW there have to be more lurking about,

One thing I dont like about summer is the increase in traffic. It seems everyone who normally left at 8AM to get to work, is now leaving at 7AM with me!! Argghhh. They all need to go back to bed for awhile. Leenie already did the weekend countdown, so I won't be redundant.

I had a yummy lean pocket and Low sodium V8 for breakfast... mmmmm good stuff. Lunch is one of my favorite smart ones, pretzels and a piece of fruit. Dinner is sweet and sour pork with bulgar wheat. I got thinking of food when I saw Meg's post about a chocolate cheesecake on another thread. She is a bad tease . Lizzy, glad you relaxed yesterday. Too much housework is grounds for commitment , in my book.

It's going to be a scorcher here today.. 100 or so.. sigh. I really don't much like the heat. Yes I work and live in air conditioned buildings, but the heat and reduced air quality make it harder to want to exercise in the morning... I got through it, but with almost no energy today.. oh well.

Hope everyone checks in.. off to slave away!!
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You know you're having a busy day when by 4:00 in the afternoon you can't remember what time you came in that morning.

Work feels like a struggle these days. I'm trying to learn lots of new stuff on projects I've been assigned to that have been going on for years, and the project involves butting heads with a lot of people I don't even know very well. By the end of the day I feel completely overwhelmed. And they just don't pay me enough to work 10 or 11 hour days; I'm a poor civil servant and I have a life to live, too.

The good thing is that the stress is pushing me to go for bike rides after work. There's a paved road up a canyon near town that's closed to cars every other day, so whenever it's possible I go home, change, drive ten minutes to the parking lot, and ride uphill for at least 40 minutes; if I have time, I just ride until my legs give out. Then I get to ride screaming down the hill for a few minutes of absolute bliss. I've got a meeting tonight at 7:30, and I'm going to squeeze a ride in and get some fast food for dinner. That's the only thing getting me through the next half hour.

I'm within my planned points so far, but my pattern lately has been to pig out late at night--something I haven't had a problem with in the past. I'm going to have to solve that, but not today. Today I'm just trying to make it to tomorrow without flying to bits.

Oh boy, what fun it would be to take a nice long vacation!

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