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Default Tuesday, April 23rd

OY, I knew this was going to be a rough week. I forgot to post

I'm so busy at work yesterday I forgot my coat in the freezing rain and cold, today I forget my lunch, I hope tomorrow I don't forget to bring the baby to day care Sorry gotta run.

Have a blessed day everyone !

Love, Leens
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Default Trying again

Hi Leens and lurkers ( I can see we have lurkers by the number of views)

I did have a post ready, but got a 500 server error when I submitted it so, poof!!

I don't remember what I said, since it was a few hours ago and my mind is feeble, but hope everyone is having a nice day.

Leens, duct tape Gracie to you.. that way you won't leave without her.
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I am pleased to announce I am the Mom of TWIN BOYS!!!!!! (twin Siamese cats that is, I am not that crazy) I brought the two home this morning . Right now they are hiding but they will get the drift of the house soon enough.. I got them free out of the paper at first I was kinda worried about the siamese breed till I got to meet the two of them.. "Bingo" is the cuddly one he came right up to me and didnt leave me alone for 15 minutes rubbing up and purring ."Tyson" is the shy one he wasnt to sure he wanted to be near me until he came over and check to see if I was good enough to be touched by him..Then he wouldnt leave me alone.. They both love Timmy and they even like DH !!The owner had to find them good homes because she isnt home enough to tend to them..
So I went out and went shopping had to buy the litter box and food and dishes and water(well I didnt need to buy the cats water but I needed the liter bottles for their water feeder..Of course I had to get them a few toys as well and treats and cat brush (they are shedding..You should see my car!!! luckily it was DH car and little does he know one of them was a bit scared and marked the carseat..He will find out later when he goes to work LOL)
When I heard the name Tyson the first thing I thought is he is a fighter..( A manic depressive cat that bite off ears..) He was named after the food company cause he acts all charming when they cook Tyson chicken patties ( his favorite treat).. Anyway once they get the jest of the house and are comfortable I will take their pic so you can see them..
See I been busy since the 19th I will try to post more often
Take Care
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Default Congrads

Awww.. new furry babies. There isn't much better. How old are they? I remember when mine was little. The time went soooo fast. She was a big hulk of a kitty by the time she was 9 months old. Enjoy it while you can.

Please post some pictures when you can
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