Depression and Weight Issues Have you been diagnosed with depression, are possibly on depression medication, and find it affects your weight loss efforts? Post here for support!

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AWWWWW MeA...i just love you....and I so miss when your not here!!! I wish your coworkers would realize what a wonderful person they have working with them!! When I was in college i did mirro people like you said..I think cause its sooooo many people around that you think so much of that you try to be like them so many other people will look at you the same way you looked at that person!! are you old enough to go thru a midlife crisis yet?? LOL....

well things are going ok here I have so much stuff to do but my head hurts and its almost nap time so I really really think I am going to lay down with the kids....I know bad bad bad...but I am really proud of myself for not taking a nap at all this week and working thru and getting stuff done!! OK well chat with you all lata
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hey all!

today's been a really down day for me. I put my workout clothes on when I got out of bed and finally managed to drag my bum to the gym at 3pm. I thought it would make me feel better... no such luck.

honestly all day i've just been wishing my roommate would leave so i could go have a binge fest in the kitchen. i'm no where near TOM or anything, i don't know what's up with me today!!

I hope you are all having a good weekend. I'm hoping i will feel more positive tomorrow. I know even w/ taking meds I still have some down days, but this is just really off for me.
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Hi. I don't usually hang out in here -- well, I don't usually hang out in any forums any more.

I am having serious issues with depression, energy levels, weight gain, you name it. My problem is that I just can't seem to care about myself enough to have any desire to lose weight and get healthier. I can dimly remember how when I was eating better I felt healthier, too, but now I think it's carb withdrawal or something, when I stop eating so much empty calories in junk food. The immediate feeling is a headache and irritability, and then I decide to give up on healthy intentions.

I've hovered around 250 pounds for years, and then over the past 2 year period shot up to 316. It's had its ups and downs (mostly ups) in between. I'm on Effexor XR now, 150 mg, and I just recently weaned myself off generic Welbutrin that I was taking at a very, very low level. I'm not sure if that's what made my weight shoot up like 20 pounds in the past 2 months alone or what.

Anyway. Peeking in here. I would love to get off of Effexor XR, but it's not so much the depression as the extreme general anxiety I was suffering from before that makes me scared. My friend says I should try meditation, but I'm not even sure where to start.

Oh, and anything resembling a schedule is made screwy by my job. It's a good thing it's just me and the cats, because I'm on business trips 2-3 times a month, sometimes with short notice. So establishing a pattern of any sort is rough.

Anyway, that's me. Maybe I'll try to join in the chats and get to know people here.
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live the process
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Default made a discovery

I've been struggling with depression for about a year and taking Cymbalta. It worked really well for anxiety. I just discovered I was taking it at the wrong time of day. I wasn't anxious just leaden tired about two hours after I would get up in the morning. It was a med side effect. I take it at night now and sleep really well-imagine that!
My daytime energy is better too. I wanted to share with everyone and maybe give someone else the chance for a good outcome!
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what a great idea for a forum. ill be looking forward to getting involved on a deeper level. hope to see many of you around...
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hope4me, i love that little icon! looks so relaxing!
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Today the first thing I wanted to do when I got up was cry, and it's took all my strength today to just keep it together. I'm having a day when my brain just constantly brings up all the things about myself that I hate & instead of having the will to fight it I just want to agree and curl up in a ball. But I have things to do. Here's hoping the day looks brighter..
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everybody and walrock!

I finally have time for a brief update, and thanks, K for your concern. Fortunately my busytime has been primarily social, not academic. We had my birthday party yesterday afternoon and after that was the block party in my mom's neighborhood.

Mom says my halo is blinding. I was SO good yesterday. First, I asked for a healthy meal and a not-too-unhealthy dessert at my party, and secondly I was really self-controlled at the block party: no dessert, one small marguerita and good dinner choices that didn't stuff me.

Today, I weighed in: 2 pound loss!

Amarie: Don't be too hard on yourself. Some people take longer to sort themselves out than others. Some people never seem to sort themselves out. Heck, I'm almost 40 and still working on it.

Also, learning to adapt to a variety of social contacts is an asset. My mother is one who quickly picks up the social cues of whoever she's with. She was told during a course on diversity (specifically fostering good international business relationships) that she'd make a great spy, because of how quickly she learned to think like someone from another culture.

Do "know thyself" and don't compromise your own values, but don't let go of such a rare and valuable social skill.

Lauren: I hope your day is better than you anticipate.
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Hey Buddly! Nice to see you!!
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Hey Chickies!!

I know, I know, don't throw anything at me 'kay? I have just had a few too many things on my plate lately. I have been peeking in here occasionally though so you have never been out of my thoughts! I can't remember if I told you guys that I was going to take a job at a doggie spa or not? Well, I was there for 3 weeks... It was fabulous and horrible. WTH, do you ask? Well, it was fabulous because I felt great about working after being at home for so long, great because I got to love on so many different dogs that it was just heaven. Then we come to the bad part. It was very fast paced...and you are on your feet and moving for as long as you are there. I started to have trouble with my hands, my plantar fascitis acted back up, and I was exhausted. Still, I think I would have dug in and kept up if it wasn't for the fact that instead of feeling like I was getting better and more competent at what I was doing they were making be feel like I was getting slower and more inept at it. I was just never going to be able to keep the pace that they wanted because of my empathy for how the dogs were feeling and the fact that to me they are not a piece of meat to be manhandled and ignored. They say they want to be a doggie spa...but they run it like McDonalds in the back room. Also, I had extreme philosophical differences with the owner. Someone, either the groomer (likely) or the other dog bather with a comb (highly unlikely!) cut the head of a tiny little poodle...they discovered it and took it to the vet to be stitched. It came back with staples in the little guys head. Well, before I go on let me tell you that about a 1 1/2 years ago my DH had brain surgery and had staples that looked exactly like that in his head. He was told not to wash his head for like 2 weeks or so. Well, the owner was proceeding to wash this dog...she gets called away and tells me to finish up. I start washing the body of the dog...leaving the head alone. When I finish she sees the dog and asked if I washed it, I said yes, she says the head isn't clean. Then she proceeds to jump all over my **** because she can't charge the owner for a bath...and that she can't send the dog home dirty and injured. Ummm...why would she charge the customer anything for this poor dog? And why doesn't she care that the staples could get infected and that it would hurt the dog even more washing it? Yeah, that was almost the end right there...but I kept at it for a little while longer...then one day after work I was going to pick DH up and I had a blinding pain down my left arm, that I had never experienced before. I was scared I was having a heartattack so he took me to the ER. Well, it turned out it wasn't, they aren't really sure what it was, they suspect stress, I went to work and asked to reduce my hours. They agreed, there are two owners, the one told me I didn't have to work on Sat (busiest day) and I think the other one (the one who washed the poodle) was pissed that I wasn't and wanted me to quit. She rode me non stop about not being fast enough, I finally gave in and just told her I couldn't handle being made to feel I wasn't even worth minimum wage...of course she backpedaled and everything and then I find out they had all been mocking me for going to the ER! I had just had it, I was heartsick about losing the animals but I just couldn't do it anymore. So, I have an application in with a dogwalking company and I should have an interview after she gets moved to her new location. One good thing, I made enough money to buy the gift for my DH for our anniversary on the 20th (it is our 18th) and that makes me feel proud.
Since I quit I have been exercising at the YMCA a lot, and I think my weight gain is finally starting to reverse...I am also 3 weeks off depression meds and doing well with that. I am still working Radiant Recovery for sugar addiction and doing well most of the time with that. I did have a crash a couple days ago after having my first full sugar Starbucks pumpkin spice wasn't pretty... I don't know why I did it other than, I miss fall here in the tropics, I miss my parents, and I am worried about DHs latest MRI and Petscan results...sigh...

Buddly...thanks for remembering meant a lot to see that I hadn't been forgotten...

Mom...I am so sorry that you are having such a hard time..that is all I have to offer... ya Babe! make this place wonderful to come back to again and again...

To all the new faces, and all the old ones I haven't are in my heart...

Luv luv Everybody!

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raven - that's AWFUL about the poodle whose head they cut!! I would have lost it on the owner. I used to work in a vet clinic and sometimes I thought their policies regarding charges were a little skewed, but at least they genuinely seemed to care about the animals!
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Hello to everyone, and to all the new faces!

Thanks everyone for your feedback - I guess I'm not the only one who hasn't figured out who I'm going to be yet...

Tera - thanks so much for the excellent reminder that I can choose to see things as a gift instead of an inconvenience.

Leenie - thanks, I think that is good advice - I've just concluded a series of counseling, but it may be that I need to start anew given that this move seems to have dredged up a lot of new troubles for me.

Hope - I'm sorry the tax course sucks so much.

Buddly-bud - good to see you!!

to everyone else! Its great to see so many new faces (or avatars at least ) Have a great Sunday everyone!
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Wink Howdy Ya'all

Howdy Ya'all.

Well first lemme start out to say that I am not as upset as I was, but that could very well change in the am if I get another email. lol.

Anyways. I logged into my work email from home, to check something like on Friday or Sat and saw an email from my boss and subject line said: Shift Change. So I am like WT?? and opened it and so he wanted one of us, either my coworker or myself to start working 8 pm - 8:30 am instead of 9 pm to 9:30 am. He gave me the first choice since I am the sr. agent, so I jumped on it because I hate being here that late in the mornings and plus with my husband getting his new job, once he is finally on his shift, he will get off at 7:30 AM, which I know is a whole hour before me, but he has longer to drive and a lot more traffic to go through. My coworker said I should ask our boss if I can change to 7 - 7:30, that all he can say is no, so I may ask. Just cuz it'd be nice to get home earlier, but at least I got one hr earlier........every little bit helps.

Everybody is sick. My DH, my coworkers, and me. Nothing too serious, just basically feel like crap so I did come into work anyways, but I seriously thought about calling off! lol.

Also DH was in a bad mood when I woke up because our kitchen sink stopped up, again. Our apt. building owner did call us and tell us we can now pay $50 less monthly until of all the repairs needed to our apt are fixed. I wish it was more, but I will take whatever I can get!

We're just tired of living in a crap hole. I know we plan on moving eventually, once DH is settled in to his new job and all, but frankly I dunno if we can wait that long! We may have to bump up the moving, even my inlaws said we should move before it starts getting bad out, which makes sense. Who wants to move in the middle of winter, even though we have before........

Anyways...............enough of my whining. lol.

Have a Good one!

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ok well just checking in doing ok missed some meds and ate AWFUL so i really got to get that under control or the work I have done the last 2 months is going to be for nothing...ok chat lata
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