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Default Wednesday Dr. Appointment

Okay Ladies, I made the appointment to go see a doctor on Wednesday. Its a woman doctor so I feel better about discussing my problem with her. I feel but not in all cases, that men doctors just look at women as if they had 10 heads, and they brush us off easier......just my opinion. I just know I'm going to cry once I start talking to her.

Is there anything I should know before I go?
Are there any questions I should ask ?

I've been depressed and fighting it for 4 years now and I said to my husband, I just can't do it on my own anymore, I want the old Leenie back AND I want this extra 50 lbs gone too.

Any advice would be so much appreciated.

Thanks, LOVE YAH!!
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Hi Leens,

Glad you are doing this. I guess you know I'd be emailing you and nagging at you until you did.

First, don't feel badly about crying. I would be more concerned if you couldn't cry. This is a big scary step, opening yourself up to someone. I remember crying when I went the first time to talk about it. I also went to see a lady doctor, and she was very nice and calm.. gave me a hug and said I didn't have to feel this badly. Be very honest with her, no whitewashing or trivializing of what is going on. You are there to get the right sort of help you need, so you have to be honest.

I don't know the wait list to get to see a psychiatrist.. here it is 3-4 months!! So my internist prescribed my meds. She said she didn't want me to wait any longer to get better. If you can get into see a psyc. doc quicker, that is great. I would also ask her about getting some sort of therapy. It has been proven that therapy when combined with medication are more effective than medication or therapy alone. Of course, I don't know if your medical plan covers that. Mine at first did, then my therapist was dropped from their program so I use to pay out of pocket!! yikes Now I am not in therapy, since I am temping and don't have a stable source of income.. yet.

Be ready for it to take awhile to get the right drugs and the right dosage. If it takes less time for you, great.. but just be ready the first drug and or dose may not be right. That is another reason therapy is important.. can help you through the rough spots when you are changing meds.

Be sure to ask her about any drug side effects, how long b4 you should notice a change.. and when you should be back in touch with her if you don't notice enough of the "real" Leenie returning. This is a process, so don't expect overnite. But, I bet you by summer, you will have at least some of that bounce back in your step and sparkle in your eyes.

Good luck Leens. You know you can email me anytime.. I got big shoulders.
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Good Luck Leens, you are doing the right thing....took me long enough to realize I had a problem....I am working on it and with any luck I will get to a better place. Will be thinking about you and looking forward to hearing how things Meg
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I cried when I saw my doctor about anxiety and depression I was so embarresed but I guess they are used to it. Im waiting to see a councillor now.
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