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Suz-Do NOT CHANGE YOUR TICKER!!! I only do when I know I have been eating unhealthy and not working out. Plus I think it makes you feel crappy if you make it go up. Its nice to see that taking care of yourself is catching! The people I work with tell me my dinner "smells so good" (it is usually chicken breast, broccoli, and brown rice with a little garlic) Then they make excuses when they eat their Burger and Fries. I think I make them feel guilty because they want to lose wait and I am losing weight.

Michelle glad to hear from you!!! Congrats on getting out of the 220's!!! You are doing such a good job!! Its no wonder that people are telling you how great you are doing You have lost 77 pounds!!! I noticed the other day that my DH's legs are looking good with all the walking, I made sure to tell him so. Now he is noticing things a little more (and he had a salad with his dinner 2 nights in a row!)
Fedup: how is your pinkeye?? What about your mouth?? I hope you are doing okay!
How is everyone else doing???

I woke up sore today. I kicked my own butt working out yesterday, so today is going to be a light workout day. I have been skipping my treadmill because If I do it when Tommy is sleeping, I cant see him (he naps in my bed) But I am going to walk on it today and skip the bike and weights. I am going to do pilates (I think I am going to try the advanced workout ) and walk for a total of 60 minutes, plus stretch. I forgot how good it feels to stretch! I am excited I get to work early shifts at work tomorrow and sunday!! So eating healthier will be a tad easier (Sat and Sun nights are the worst, I want hot fudge sundaes)
Last month I took a test for a job that I would like to get, they called last night and have a few more tests ( I have no idea what kind) so I go in Friday at 8 am Yikes.
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Good day everybody.

I agree with Jeni, Suz - absolutely do not change that ticker, I always wait like 3 days till I know that I've got the same number 3 days in a row. And you are so darn busy working out, it's just got to be a slight temporary kind of a thing. Did that make sense? Beating yourself up is a complete waste of your time and energy and you have nothing to beat yourself up about. And it definitely is contagious this weightloss and exercise stuff. Just not as contagious as pinkeye or so I'm told, but nevertheless pretty contagious - it's kind of cool to be influencing people in a positive way.

Michelle you are awesome. 219! 219! that's just great, I can't wait to get there, you really are an inspiration!

Isn't it incredible how quickly and easily and with so little effort men can lose weight? I have this all the time with my husband. It's like he sneezes a couple of times and boom 10 pounds gone.

And no we do not have dental insurance and did I mention that my husband had a root canal on Monday, so yeah I don't even want to think about it. We are just going to have to dip into whatever meager savings we have. It's just awful. And I'm not sure why they call it pinkeye, it should be called red, disgusting, oozing, itchy, glassy Damien looking eye.

Jeni you sure are getting into that exercise - good for you, just don't over do it. Good luck with those tests, I assume you mean next Friday at 8 am.

Yesterday was my oldest daughter's 19th birthday and she is away at college. She's coming home for Thanksgiving and hasn't seen me since I lost weight. I can't wait to see her reaction. And it's my birthday on Sunday, I warned the family - ABSOLUTELY NO CAKE. I really hope they listen to me.

Stay well everybody.
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yes I mean next friday! Happy b-day to your Daughter!!
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Good job everyone!!! Rowdy don't change your ticker!! It's only temporary, next wednesday if its the same then change it. You are doing great with exercising and working so hard, just wait a little bit longer.
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Hi everyone,
It's been a while since I've been over here to 3FC. My friend Jennifer set up the Chicks for a Challenge forum a few years ago and started the first challenge on it. Since then, I lost around 15 lbs and have gained it all back! Boo Hoo! I have started exercising again (that's the easy part for me) but am really struggling with my diet. I know what I have to do and it's always so hard! I really want to go cold turky with NO CARBS, but have only mildly been successful with that in the past. I am a carb junkie!!!

So, if anyone has any tips on what I need to do to get started, I would be forever grateful! I have a wonderful DH and 7 yo DD. DH needs to lose and is also addicted to carbs. I doubt he would join me, but who knows (I read the hubby conversation here, and I can quite relate). DD is quite a picky eater (probably my fault) but does like fruits, veggies & some meat, but mostly carbs. I work full time in a nursing home 5 days a week (Activities Director) where there is always snack food around! that's my saga...any help out there would be appreciated. I am going to sit down right now and make up a list of all the foods I like which are not "bad" carbs!

This looks like a great bunch of you...I'm excited to be back !

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hikein2005 - welcome! Glad to have you aboard for this challenge that Jeni was smart enough to start, and hope you stick around for the next one. There's rumor of a New Year's Challenge, and I'm ready and raring to go for it!

Re: jumpstarting your weight loss... we all have our own styles and our own ways that we do things, but I personally don't advocate the complete elimination of ANYTHING in one's diet because I think it sets us up for failure. Speaking purely from my own experience, if I try to entirely eliminate anything from my life that I genuinely like, I start to obsess over it and I get so depressed and bummed out and fixated on it that it's all I can think about. This leads to binges. (like I said, this is just me, everyone's different.) Since you love carby things so much, maybe you just want to cut back on them without entirely eliminating them. A little portion control goes a very, very long way, and you're still allowing yourself a tiny taste of the things you love every now and then. And I think that your enthusiasm for exercising is terrific!! If you've got exercise, you've already won half the Battle of the Bulge!


All of you here are so great; you are a lovely group of gals. I took everyone's advice and did not move my ticker or get beside myself with anger or anything on account of my wacky weigh-in on Friday. This morning, after making sure no part of me was puffy with water retention, I stepped on the scale... and I'm down another pound, after all! One-Pound Suzy does it again! The ticker changes, and for the better.

I had the FREAKIEST thing happen to me at the gym on Friday. I decided to push myself a little further than I normally do, and I did a whopping 40 minutes of interval training on the elliptical machine. As I approached the end of the workout, this feeling came over me... I can only describe it as euphoric. I wonder... did I have a "runner's high?" Has anyone ever heard of this before? I actually got to the point where I had tears in my eyes because I was so darn happy. I felt invincible. And I slept last night like I have never slept before, deeply and relaxed. There are those that say that the "runner's high" is a myth; after what I experienced on Friday night, I honestly think it's absolutely NOT a myth. And I want more of it.

FedUp, have a LOVELY birthday tomorrow, big hugs from us here!

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Welcome Julie! I agree with Suz, If you love carbs, don't try to cut them all out! I count calories and exercise.

Suz: Usually I get that feeling after working out for 30 minutes straight with a high intensity. (But only when my kids are good and give me the time ) It is so wonderful!!!

Its sunday night, (well for me Its monday morning for some of you) I haven't been online at all this weekend. I worked from 9-2 both yesterday and today and then went and helped my mom get packed and cleaned . My meals have been less than perfect and I have not Officially worked out since my light workout on friday. Saturday night I went to a birthday party (the power was out so it was by candle light) The kids had fun, we had fun but I was sooo tired!

Tommy was up from 1am-2am then the thunder and lightening started at 3:30 keeping us up until 6:30 <sigh> then Makenna woke me up at 7:30 <Yawn> and neither kid is tired yet. Okay I am done whining!

Tomorrow I have my nephew again, I hope all the kids are good. But I plan on being extra good and counting my calories religiously! I will do my best!!!
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