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Green Tomatoes
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Smile May Weight Loss Challenge

What are your weight loss goals for the Merry Month of May? The monthly weight loss challenge is a great place to track your progress in May and, then, follow through with each monthly thread for the rest of the year.

State your goal for May and join a supportive and encouraging group to help you meet it. We will compile our goals into a list. As each goal is met during the month, it gets turned RED in celebration.

Join us at our sister thread, the May Exercise Challenge, to track your fitness goals.
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Posts: 342

S/C/G: 246/201.2/150

Height: 5' 3"


I'm going to aim low. Slow and steady wins the race right. My may goal will be to reach 227, which is 7 lbs. from right now.
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I Will Do This!!
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Location: New Hampshire
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S/C/G: 214/192/140

Height: 5'5"


Since I haven't met my 8lb goal for March or April, I am going
to shoot for 5lbs in May.
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Fat to Fab and Fit
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S/C/G: 185/167.2/122

Height: 5'3"


I'm in. My goal is to drop 8 pounds; Looks like a lot, but since I went on a week long binge and I am carrying a lot of bloat. I am hoping the first 4 pounds will drop off quickly.

4/30: 144.0
5/01: 144.0
5/02: 142.8
5/03: 142.2
5/04: 142.4
5/10: 145.0
5/11: 146.4
5/12: 143.8
5/13: 145.8
5/14: 140.2
5/15: 137.8
5/16: 141.0
5/17: 143.0
5/18: 140.6
5/19: 139.6
5/20: 137.4
5/21: 141.4
5/22: 140
5/23: 135.8
5/24: 137.0
5/25: 141.4
5/26: 142.2
5/27: 141.0
5/28: 142.6
5/29: 142.4
5/30: 141.4
5/31: 138.6/136.0 Did not meet goal

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S/C/G: 220/205/190

Height: 5'


Count me in for 8 pounds! Other than an end of year banquet for my students, I have nothing on my calendar that I need to adjust or work around.

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Location: Ireland
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S/C/G: 178/154/133

Height: 5 0


im in my goal for may is 8 lbs!
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Black Barbie
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Location: Virginia Beach, VA
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S/C/G: 252/ticker/130

Height: 5'5"


May is wedding month. I'd like to hit my next mini goal by the end of May so going for 7 pounds
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Nuttin to it but to do it
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Location: Washington, DC area
Posts: 125

S/C/G: 270/ticker/155

Height: 5' 6''


My goal is to be down 8 lbs from whatever I weigh May 1.
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Posts: 139

S/C/G: 281.4/.../150

Height: 5'8"


I want to see 199lbs by the end of may! Haven't seen that number in a very long time!!
Need to lose 8lbs!
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Location: pennsylvania
Posts: 2

S/C/G: 200/200/125

Height: 5'3


My goal is to lose ten pounds. 200 to 190!
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Location: Ontario
Posts: 106

S/C/G: 160/155/120

Height: 5'2"


I would like to lose 10 pounds. I lost 3 in April, but i want to keep trying to do more.
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It's more UP than Down!
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Location: Down under
Posts: 132

S/C/G: 138 / 102 / 65 kg

Height: 169cm


In May, I'd like to take off 4kg.
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Future Skinny Pastry Chef
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Posts: 260

S/C/G: 285/ticker/150

Height: 5'8"


Well, I would like to make it to 270, but that might not be realistic, save for a whoosh. So I'm going with 275, a 10-pound loss.
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Location: Augusta, GA
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S/C/G: 175 / ticker / 125

Height: 5'2"


I'm shooting for 155.x. That should be around 3-4 pounds, depending on what I weigh tomorrow.
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S/C/G: 151/151/130... was 190's in 06

Height: 5'4"


May weight loss goal -- I am shooting for 10 pounds -- hopefully get me in the low 140's or possibly in the 130's depending what I end April with!

Ready to do this!!
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