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S/C/G: 247/see ticker/140

Height: 5'4


Getting back in my aim is to lose 7 lbs taking me to 198, let's get it started!
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S/C/G: 104/ticker/81

Height: 180


I hit 82.5kg this morn, so very glad. 1.5kg til I am 'normal' weight wise. I am hoping I can do that in the next 10 days or so. Maybe 79kg by month's end.
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Black Barbie
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S/C/G: 252/ticker/130

Height: 5'5"


May Weight Loss Goal: 7.00 lbs

01: 192.00

Total Loss: 0.00 lbs

Off to a good start in May so far

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172pds now
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S/C/G: 170 PDS. 180/170/130

Height: 5 foot and 3 inches


I lost 5 pds on first week of april the month I hope 5 more until May--
I have gone down from 44G for a bra to a 42 D ,,,so I am happy.
Also I joined Tops weight loss group which helps a lot.
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I Will Do This!!
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S/C/G: 214/192/140

Height: 5'5"


May Challenge... 5 lbs! (or at least the 180's)

4/30 192
5/1 193.2

May Goal: 187

Not a good start but did Jillian Micheals at the gym last night AND some strength training.....we will see!
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Nuttin to it but to do it
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S/C/G: 270/ticker/155

Height: 5' 6''


I am at 245.4. My goal is 237.x.
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Chuggin' Along
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S/C/G: 239/See Ticker/169

Height: 5' 5"


Let's get started...

May-1 194.9

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S/C/G: 246/201.2/150

Height: 5' 3"


May 1: 233 (-1 lb)
May 2: 233 Stayed on plan.
May 3: 230 (-3 lbs) woo hoo 3 lbs from my goal!
May 4: 230 Glad to see the three pounds not come back. Stayed on plan.
May 5: 230 Stayed on plan.
May 6: 230 Stayed on plan
May 7: 231 (Adjust to new scale. New goal for May is 228) Stayed on plan.
May 8: 231.4 (Water) Stayed on plan.
May 9: 230.8 (BF % down, water the same ) Stayed on plan.
May 10: 230 (BF % down, water same) Stayed on plan.
May 11: 230 Stayed on plan, but ate too much at mother's day dinner.
May 12: 230.6 Stupid water!
May 13: 230.6 Beginning of mini vacay
May 13-15 Vacation
May 16: 232.2. Could be worse
May 17: 230.2 2 lb loss, .4 lb loss from prior to vacay Stayed on plan
May 18: 229.4 .8 lbs loss, Stayed on plan
May 19: 230.6 My body doesn't like work! lol
May 20: 230.0 -.6 lbs lost, Yay! Stayed on plan.
May 21: 229.0 1 lbs lost, Stayed on plan.
May 22: 230.0 Ugh! Stayed on plan.
May 23: 228.6 1.4 lost. Stayed on plan.
May 24: 228. 0.6 lost Stayed on plan. Goal reached!
May 25: 226.4 1.6 lost. Stayed on plan.
May 26: 226.6 .2 gained, Stayed on plan.
May 27: 226.6 Stayed on plan.
May 28: 226.2 .4 lost. Stayed on plan.
May 29: 227 What the... Oh well, Stayed on plan.
May 30: 226.6 Stayed on plan.

Good Luck everyone!

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Location: Augusta, GA
Posts: 714

S/C/G: 175 / ticker / 125

Height: 5'2"


SW: 159.8
GW: 155.8

05/01: 159.8

Congrats, Turtle! Sounds like a good plan for a healthy pregnancy. I'm sure the morning sickness will be along soon to help you keep your weight acceptable, haha.

jblanken, in this thread we just track our weight. Some of us do calorie counting, some do keto, some Weight Watchers, etc. There are other subforums on this site with support each of those if you look around!
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Height: 5'6.5"


OK, goals... Hmmmm... lost just under 9 pounds last month on the first month back on track. I'm aiming for 7 this month. Aiming for doable, but not unreachable or easy.

CW: 233.0
GW: 226.0

05/01: 233.0 (-0.0)
05/02: 234.0 (+1.0) Ovulation weight gain
05/03: 234.4 (+1.4) Ovulation weight gain
05/04: 235.1 (+2.1) Ovulation weight gain
05/05: 233.9 (+0.9) Starting to come down from Ovulation weight gain
05/06: 233.1 (+0.1) Can't wait to stop putting a PLUS in front of my totals!
05/07: 232.1 (-0.9) YAY!!!! First loss of this month!
05/08: 230.0 (-3.0) FINALLY dropping!
05/09: 228.9 (-4.1) Not sure how much "whoosh" is left for this post-ovulation thing.
05/10: 228.4 (-4.6) Let's see if I can lose 2.4 more pounds in 3 weeks. My body will stall out soon.
05/11: 227.5 (-5.5) totally shocked by this
05/12: 228.9 (-4.1). This is how I know I'm carb sensitive 1.4 pound gain from a slice of pie and a scoop of ice cream for Mother's Day.
05/13: 228.0 (-5.0) Lost .9 of that 1.4 pound carb weight gain.
05/14: 227.1 (-5.9) lost the rest of the water weight and added .4 of new loss
05/15: 226.4 (-6.6) woohoo only .4 to go for the month to reach goal!
05/16: 226.0 (-7.0) I made my goal!!!!!! Yay!!!! Phew... as I know the monthly stall-out should be here in the next day or two! (starting with my period).
05/17: 225.6 (-7.4) bonus ounces!
05/18: 225.9 (-7.1) monthly visitor should be here any minute (I think... darn perimenopause!)
05/19: 225.4 (-7.6) Period started. Yay for regularity.
05/20: 225.5 (-7.5) SOOOOO happy that I'm not getting a lot of water weight gain with AF.
05/21: 224.1 (-8.9) Eek! Wow gardening is a great way to drop weight!
05/22: 224.5 (-8.5) I knew that huge drop had to be a fluke, but glad it didn't go up much!
05/23: 223.7 (-9.3) Unbelievable really. I've never lost this much in a month EVER before.
05/24: 223.6 (-9.4) So expected it to bounce up this morning, as this can't be real?
05/25: 223.7 (-9.3) Yep... Monthly stall out is beginning.
05/26: 223.3 (-9.7) close to 10 lbs, but it will start to climb as I near ovulation.
05/27: 224.0 (-9.0) and as predicted, climbing as I near ovulation - day 9
05/28: 222.4 (-10.6) OMGosh! I did it! NEVER have I lost 10 pounds in a month!
05/29: 222.1 (-10.9) guess ovulation is delayed this month with these losses!
05/30: 221.3 (-11.7). #%*€???? What???
05/31: 220.9 (-12.1) HOLY WOW!!!!

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Green Tomatoes
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Height: 5'9"


Congratulations, Turtle11! All your progress in the last year has given you the perfect tools for a healthy pregnancy.

jblanken: we're all over the map on food plans in this thread. Most people set a goal for a number of pounds to lose in a month, although even that is flexible.

I struggled in April. I tried a new plan to see if that would help and it kind of did. But it was higher protein than I was used to, which meant I kept going for more calories to meet the protein requirement. I felt like I was getting no results on the scale while putting an awful lot of effort in. So I gave up. Sigh. But I’m not going to let that plan defeat me. I can do this. But I’m not going to weigh for a while so I don’t get discouraged.

My goal for May: log my food every day.
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Height: 5'6"


Belated congratulations to Turtle!!!

My goal for May will be to lose 7 pounds. I didn't lose last month, but I'm reining in my eating habits. My birth month is my weight loss month!

SW: 175.5
CW: 175.5
GW: 168.5
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motivational guru wannabe
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Location: Illinois - Very close to St. Louis, MO
Posts: 837

S/C/G: 201.1/187/180 by Oct. 31, 2018

Height: 5'4"


Okay, I didn't lose and actually gained almost 2 pounds in April...but I am resolved to continue on. I would like to lose 5 pounds in May. We leave for Disney World on May 30. I know it is going to be very difficult to eat healthy there (The food is sooo yummy at the restaurants we have planned), and I want to give myself a little buffer before I go. I have never been there and not gained weight.

5/1 - 152

Turtle - Congratulations!!!! That is sooo wonderful and exciting!!!

Hope everyone on here...and lurking in the ready for a fantastic month of healthy eating and being good to your body!

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I Will Do This!!
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Location: New Hampshire
Posts: 102

S/C/G: 214/192/140

Height: 5'5"


TURTLE Congratulations on your wonderful news!!!! I guess I missed that post
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Posts: 1,771

S/C/G: 172/ticker/145

Height: 5'8


May 1 - 162.4 (-.6)

Goal for May is a 5 pound loss, and already in the game with a .6 loss from yesterday
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