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Neesy-yea its hard but I have eaten and worked out better the last 2 days and really buckled down with both. Thanks.

Maddiesmom-how is you eating now. You gotta get back on that horse and keep going. You are doing so well. No more binge weekends, you gotta get to your goal. We are both trying to get to onederland, lets make it together.

Lindy-how did the eating go the rest of the day with the binge this morning? You got right back to eating great, right??

Dance-running in the rain, you are committed. I didnt run the other day cos it was raining. Having fun in Boston. Glad dinner was better than yesterday.

Sandy-you will catch up again, but I am aiming for 2 lbs this week. Gotta get over the 1 lb streak. Hope work gets easier and easier and I am sure it will. Hope you can check in more often. We miss your smiling face around here.

Staccie-yay for not eating the bad stuff at the game. Dont you love how your willpower gets better and better. A few weeks ago I had some baked lays and some dip. I ate 6 chips with dip, closed the dip and put the chips away. Big accomplishment for me, before losing weight I would have eaten half the bag and dip.

So I am back at 213 today. My sis got her copy of 30ds and we started today. I went back to level one with her since I havent done it in about a month. I didnt wait til the evening to do it like I used to. I got up, had breakfast and then Jillian kicked my ***. I was sweating so much. Had a nice relaxing day at home. It didnt rain so spent a lot of time outside letting the dogs play in the puddles.

I cant wait to get these next 2 lbs off so I can add another sun. I know I could have lost more by now, but slow and steady wins the race, right? I just want to get to 199 by the time I see my family next. Thats only 14 lbs.

Gonna try to sleep, have a great night everyone.
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Good evening everyone - most of you are probably sleeping. I was - I got home from work and totally passed out and now I am going to be up all night working on my project - ahhhh! Lesson learned, going out and drinking was not worth losing a day at the gym and being so tired today! At least I didn't engage in bad eating behavior today being hungover - I had a big protein shake in the morning, a salad with turkey at lunch, chicken, egg and brown rice for dinner and then a sf jello, raspberries and some special K for a snack. But my cravings were rearing their ugly head today - coke zero, chocolate, etc. Getting up in the morning to work out is going to be tough tomorrow....but I can't fall out of my routine.

Mygrits - I bet you are losing some inches doing all that work and learning about nutrition is going to pay off. I admire that you went to something new as well - sometimes it's so easy to go back to what we know and what is familiar.

Dance - glad to hear you had a good dinner tonight and that you're making good choices while being away!!

Burgandy - glad to hear you got the 30ds - I bet on Sunday you're going to see a bigger change on that scale! I am curious about this CD but I do so bad at working out at home. 199 is coming around the corner!!!

Lindy - hope you made it through the rest of the day with no binging...I am sure you did though!! Your willpower and/or bounce back is always admirable.

I just realized I did this on the old thread...whoops! See you all on the new thread tomorrow!!!
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Didn't catch up but I will tomorrow evening. We are in Flagstaff AZ for the night. Tomorrow we drive 3 more hours and move into our new temp home. Crazy long day. Miss you all!
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Hey AJ! We started a new thread. Weight Loss Buddies IV... It's under Chicks ups for a challenge. See you at the new one!
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