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Hi All,

Hope everyone's having a great weekend so far,

CMo4 - I hope you have a barf free trip, I hate cleaning that off car seats, ugh, I just hate cleaning car seats in general too, so what time do you plan on doing your strength training, huh? should we be reminding you??

LTTG - I'm totally with Delphi on the daily weighing, I actually had a harder time with weekly, I mean when I get on there once a week I expect the world, I mean it's been seven days! But daily if it moves 0.1 or not it doesn't move at all it doesn't bother me because it's one day so I don't expect it. The daily weights have helped me track not only my normal fluctuations but help me to find hidden salt in my food that I was unaware of. The weekly weight changes I do use to see if I'm on the right track though, the averaging helps with overall weight loss trends, etc.

Delphi - Glad to hear the family is doing better and Canaan must be so glad to be home with his bro's and nice to see you sleeping in a wee bit And I do believe that was from a movie very long ago, that may have ended in a "party on dudes!" Awesome throw back chickie!

Glutio - Glad you took some time off to enjoy some you time w/friends, much needed for sure.

Feeling much better when I woke up today, more like usual when I can't wait to start the day so that feels great. I took a nice relaxing evening since I had the house all to myself after dd went to bed and dh went to work, cleaned up some, did some menu planning and had a delightful bath in the whirlpool tub with a great book. I think maybe that's just what I needed.

Today is another bright shiny day, which also helps, and got some HIIT to do and I changed up my strength training to be a bit more of a circuit workout with cardio intervals and compound strength moves to make it a bit more interesting, b/c unlike some of us around here (Delphi I'm looking at you) I prefer to run than do strength training and that's what I truly miss if I'm away from things.

And I guess the universe is truly conspiring to make me happy today, down another lb to 193, that's the big 3-0 pounds gone! I am flying to Winnipeg on Thursday for a much needed girls four day weekend with my bestest girlfriends who I haven't seen since February and I oh so wanted to hit 30lbs gone before then. They already know what I've lost and such but it will be great to see them with a little less of me to go around. They are such sweetie's they even planned stuff for us to do that didn't involve alcohol or food, god love 'em.

Have a great day all!
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So this last week I really felt like I ate like c**p and wasn't really motivate to exercise. I was so mentally in vacation mode. Well we are back now and I decided to step on the scale this morning. I DIDN'T GAIN AN OUNCE!!!! I can't believe I weigh exactly the same as when we left!

So, I have finished my weekly meal plan and getting ready the head to the grocery store. I already got in my 4.5 mile walk this am. I am so motivated to get going on my new lifestyle again. I hope everyone has a great weekend, stays OP and drinks LOTS OF WATER.
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Nellonello - the weight loss gods have smiled upon you, now get busy LOL, they're only kind for so long.

LTTG - Thanks so much, last time I was a big 3-0 was in May and I think I like this one better!

Just finished strength training, must shower, I think I've fallen in love all over again, this time with circuit training, it was incredible! I fear I'm a fitness junky now ladies . Then off to make super and some family fun! TTFN.
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Mom~ thanks, I was getting car sick with all the typing and turning around backwards to tend to the girls so I just wrapped up my post really quickly--I won't let it happen again though!

Tummy~ Woo hoo on the panties girlie!!! 30 lbs!!! That's fanfreakin'tabulous!!! I am so proud of you!!! So, you fitness junky you, tell us what your circuit training involves! If it's made you fall head over heels in love, I wanna know what you're doin'!

Nello~ Congrats on not gaining! Always such a great surprise (one I hope to wake up to tomorrow) to find you're sitting where you were before your vacation! WTG getting your workout in and for having a renewed motivation! Keep it up girlie!

Well, we're home and it's been a busy night. Got home, went straight to the kitchen and made dinner while hubby and the kids unloaded the car. Called my dad & step mom to let them know we got home safe, then called my mom to let her know we got home safe. Put away the clean dishes, cooked, cleaned the kitchen and put away all the trip snacks. Ate dinner, did the dishes, unpacked the suitcases and started washing dirty clothes (thankfully we did laundry the day we before we left so it wasn't too bad), then my ils came over and the kids went bananas! They left, we got the kids calmed down, put the girls to bed and that's when I finally got my workout in! So for all you lovingly persistent nags out there (I say that will all the love I can muster ya know! ), I DID do my workout today!! I updated over on the exercise thread as well.

I also decided to weigh myself...

Before dinner I weighed in at 157.8 I am hoping and praying that it sticks and that it's not just some weird travel induced loss or something wonky like that. I'm also hoping that doing my ST'ing tonight doesn't leave me retaining water and facing a gain tomorrow!

TOM decided that he's not done bugging me after all, so he's still a factor as well. Sigh...we'll see. Tomorrow is my WI and measurement day so we'll see if portion control and getting in all of my workouts paid off despite eating a bit off plan.

Well ladies, I am wiped out! It's been a looooooooong week and if I know my daughters, they're going to be up and down all night, soooo, I'm heading to bed. Oooh, dangit! I just remembered that the Harper's Island finale is on tonight! Ack! Decisions, decisions...what am I gunna do? Hmm...

I guess we'll see! Anyway, have a wonderful night ladies and be sure to...

Drink Your Water!!!

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Hey everyone.

Sorry I've been MIA. I've been feeling crappy lately. I realized that I wasn't going to be able to afford the ticket to go back home this month. So I'm going to miss Sunshine's wedding and god knows when I will have another chance to see my family and friends again. I just feel so horrible about it and have been eating like there is no tomorrow. So, my WI tomorrow is probably going to be very bad.
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It's been so long since I've checked in NOT because I've fallen off the wagon, though, thank God! I've just been really busy and dealing with a lot of stuff that has kept me off the computer.

Day 21 today!

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!
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Red face

So, like I was saying a few days ago - things are wacky here and I have been really off the wagon except for the last day or so.

No massive binges
(I'm a total binger when I get going) ... just way too much food.

Well, I get on the scale this morning............
and I'm up 6 pounds !!! I weighed 237....

What would it have been if I'd really been bingeing???

Well needless to say it's mostly water weight - I think & sure hope.

Seems impossible to gain that much weight in less than a week.

Hopefully in a couple of days without salt & starchy carbs I'll release the weight.
I'm just amazed and pretty sure there's no way I'll make 225 by the end of the month

I guess live & learn. The moral to the story for me a least -

When life gets crazy - make EXTRA PLANS to stay on program and keep out of the kitchen.

Hope everyone else has a great day
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Good Morning Ladies

Well I had an interesting evening but must get moving this morning so I'll come back and do personals a bit later. Glad your safe and back home Sandye and I'll talk to you ladies in a few. Oh susie, that has to be water weight sweetie, no worries. Have a great day!
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Scale has me back up to starting weight. Booo!!! I haven't been getting as much done these last few days. DH has a way of dampering my progress.

Naturally, even though he was supposed to be done on Friday, promised to be done last night, he's not done. He thinks I'm nagging and being a ***** when I ask about it or when I point out that he's wasting time on the computer. He just doesn't seem to grasp how much it bothers me that he's spent two weeks on ONE ROOM while I've been dealing with everything else.

I wanted to be done today. There's no way that'll happen. I'm not even sure if I'll be done tomorrow, and that really sucks because we just can't have piles of **** all over the house with the carpet cleaners coming.

I'm about to resolve that the house just won't get listing this week. I just don't see how it can happen. There's still yard stuff to be done, things in the kitchen to pack, the entire bedroom and master bath to deal with, the entire dining room (which involves having to move the china cabinet to finally sand and paint a patch from over a year ago), the living room (since I haven't been able to do jack in here) and I don't even know what else.

My grandmother got me to go shopping with her yesterday so she could buy me some things, and I just started balling in the store. I'm just so way past my threshold of stress that I really just want to quit and not deal with any of it. That's not an option, though, and that just makes me feel more helpless.
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Good morning chickies!!!

Shari~ aww hun, I'm so sorry you can't make the trip home. I can only imagine how bummed you must be. Try not to beat yourself up over eating, believe me, we've all been there. However, (tough love time) eating is not going to help. You know that. Eating will just eventually make you feel worse because you'll start to gain and then get bummed about that and the cycle will just continue. Big Giant to you hun, I hope you'll find a way to visit your friends and family soon! In the meantime, take care of yourself k?

~ hey you! Glad to see you! Sounds like you're doing a great job!! Glad you could check in--try to do it more often if you can!

Susie~ I bet you're right, there's no way you gained 6 lbs of fat in less than a week. It sounds like you've been better the last couple of days--good--but you know you've got to be better than good right? Right! Life throws curves at you that you can't control--but you can control what you put into your mouth! Believe me, I've been there! I've spent many a day/night stuffing my face with junk because I was stressed/sad/frustrated/tired--you name it. You deserve better hun, you know it too! So pick yourself up, dust yourself off and get back on track!

Okay, now that my tough love sessions are over...

How is everyone this morning? I hope you're all fantastic!! The sun is shining, it's a cool 70 degrees outside and I'm HOME!! It was wonderful to sleep in my own bed again and Emmy had a pretty good night. She was up a few times, but no barfing, not bathroom trips

Today's WI & measurement day girls...I'm down another 2" and I weighed in at 157.2 today!! That's 2 lbs since last Sunday! I can't believe it! I actually lost weight while on a vacation!

I also have a NSV (Non Scale Victory--sorry Mom, I keep forgetting to tell you what NSV means!) to announce!! I am sitting here typing this while wearing size 10 shorts!!! Mom, I'm wearing the ones I wore to my bachelorette party!! Can you believe it? I can't!

So with the weight and inches loss I've learned a couple of things.

1. I can trust myself to make good food choices and exercise portion control!

2. Good fats are just that--GOOD! I have avoided most extra fats like they were poison, using fat free cooking spray to cook things or nothing at all. My step mom uses a lot of olive oil in her cooking and honestly I was terrified of eating it. Clearly olive oil did not hinder my weight loss this week and I KNOW that I need those kinds of fat in my diet--now I just need to get over my fear of fats.

3. Perhaps I need more calories in my diet. While I stuck pretty close to my usual 1200 cals, I know there were days I went over. So, I might just need a bit more daily or I might need to add a high calorie day or two in the mix.

Well girls, that's it for me. I need to go open all the windows--hubby is cooking breakfast and preheating the oven...well, there's a mess of rib juice from the 4th in the oven I guess because the whole house is filling up with smoke! *cough*-*cough*

Have a wonderful, fantastic, amazing day girls!!!! And of course, be sure to...

Drink Your Water!!!!

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You girls were posting while I was...

Delphi~ can't wait to hear about your interesting evening!

Glutio~ hun, geez have I been there! I'm always the one in charge of packing all the crap and I hate it! However, hubby is a 'toss it in a box and tape it up' kind of packer so if I want things to arrive in one piece, I need to do it. I think you just need to tell him, 'look, if you want this house listed asap then you need to get MOVING! I can't do everything by myself and have the house ready in time, so rather than click on the computer, I need you to actually make some progress on this stuff with me.'. My mom can attest that I'm mouthy like that. I've learned that if you need help, you have to ASK for it. You can't just assume that he knows you need help. My husband can literally walk past a pile or a kid who needs help and not see it. He says it's 'not on his radar'. Whatever the case, I put it on his radar! I make sure to ask him (or flat out tell him) to help because if I didn't, and I decide to do it myself--resentment eventually starts to build. If that happens, well, then we end up getting in a huge fight over his not helping, etc., etc., Anyway, hang in there hun, I'm sorry you're feeling so stressed! Be sure to get a workout in today to help get rid of that extra tention and well, just because!

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Default July Weight Loss Challenge List of Participants (so far!)

Weight Loss goals are in this list. Exercise goals are in the sister thread--July Exercise Challenge If anyone sees something that they'd like to have changed or edited in their info, please just let me know! I'll continue to add new people as they join in. Good luck to all! You can do it!

FullSteamAhead: Get back on track OP consistently; lose between 6-7 lbs
Sunflowergirl68: Lose 8-10 lbs; drink more water
NewShinyMe: Keep track of water intake; reach the 160's; stay accountable during the weekends
Jelder227: Lose 8-10 lbs
LaurenA: Lose 5 lbs
Lene1974: Drink 64 oz of water daily; lose 5 lbs
Velveteen: Reach 85 kg or less
Delphi: Reach ONEderland--MET GOAL!!; lose 10 lbs
Jacqui_D: Lose 7-10 lbs
JoyinSF: Lose 6-8 lbs
Crazymamaof4: Lose at least 5 lbs; eat even MORE fruits and veggies; try out a new recipe every week; stay POP at least 85% of the time
Jellybellyjess: Lose 7-10 lbs
Susiemartin: Lose 10 lbs to be under 225 lbs
Nellonello: Lose 8 lbs; maintain a 1000-calorie deficit 5 days a week
Linzluv: Lose 10 lbs
Mystical: Lose 8-10 lbs
Robbynmarie_k: Fit into a size 18; reach 48 in waist measurement; maintain a 1000 calorie deficit; reach 220 lbs
Sugarbaby269: Lose 8-10 lbs
Stephanielllll: Lose 8 lbs; drink recommended amount of water
Gekster: Lose 9 lbs; be more accountable on the weekends
Peachykeen62: Lose 8-10 lbs
Merose: Reach "overweight" on BMI chart; lose 9 lbs to reach 185 lbs
Joyra: Lose 10 lbs to reach 145 lbs; lose 10 inches
CakeBatter: Lose 6 lbs to reach 165 lbs; try to eat "clean"
JazzyPeggy: Lose 10 lbs to reach 273 lbs
Ms_Perception: Lose 5 lbs; take a multi-vitamin at least 85% of the time; lose inches, especially around the waist
Canadianangel: Go gluten-free
VickieLou: Lose 15 lbs
SuzyQ: Lose 5 lbs
Wifey: Lose 10 lbs; drink a LOT of water
Ashley4012: Eat no fast food; lose 10 lbs
Annie96: Lose 8 lbs; drink water every day; do not do mindless munching; measure and prepare food to stay consistent with Fitday journaling
TexSue: Lose 5 lbs; drink 48 oz of water per day
Glutio: Lose 10 lbs
Late_to_the_Game: Lose 7-10 lbs; drink more water
Iamren: Lose 12 lbs
Janis427: Lose 10 lbs
Lookingtobehealthy: Lose 6-8 lbs
JasonsLea: No "pigging out" in Alabama for BFF's wedding
Ruby5839: Lose 5-8 lbs; stay OP at least 5 days a week
Blondie32: Lose 10 lbs
CamiToo: Reach 220 lbs
LewisEmpire: Drink 64 oz of water every day; lose 8 lbs
Tracy: Lose as much weight as possible under 277.6 lbs
SteelersGirlie: Lower number of bad carbs eaten; eat more vegetables; lose 10 lbs
SkinnyJeansInWaiting: Lose 10 lbs
Moralia: Reach the 130s
Candtlove: Lose 10 lbs; drink more fluids
Just_a_dreamy1: No bingeing; drink at least 6 bottles of water a day; fit into size 7's with NO muffin top; eat as healthily as possible
Mommaof2lilmen: Lose 5 lbs; drink more water
Couch: Lose 3.3 kg (7.3 lbs) to reach 96.5 kg (212.3 lbs)
2beautiful2Bfat; Lose 10 lbs to reach 202 lbs
Paisleyprincess: Lose 12 lbs to reach 235.1 lbs
Mothermavis: Lose 11 lbs to reach 145 lbs
SoulMeetsBody: Drink 10 cups of water a day; try not to "pig out"; lose 4-5 lbs
Tummy_Girl: Lose 10 lbs to reach 189 lbs
Jacque9999: Stay in the 120s
Petunia418: Lose 10 lbs
PaperSkin: Reach the 160s
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S/C/G: 188/185/164

Height: 5'8"


Good morning ladies! I'm sorry I haven't been on much this weekend! I have been so busy! I really want to write personals but just don't have much time right now! But CMof4, so glad you're back! And your Mom is absolutely right about olive oil! It's very beneficial! Congrats on the weight loss and inches loss! T_Girl, congrats on those 30 lbs gone! Delphi, I'm glad TOM is out of the way and you're back to your routine! Susie, just get back OP, girlie, and you'll be down again soon! LTTG, I normally weigh everyday for the reasons others gave--I can stay on top of it. Little fluctuations don't bug me. It's normal.

As for me, I ate out Chinese with my DH over the weekend, so I decided not to step on the scale this morning, only because there was no reason to, since I knew I would be holding water weight. I didn't overeat, but with Chinese, it doesn't matter because of the amount of sodium! Gotta run ladies! Have a great day!
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Height: 5'6"


Morning! Great sunshiny day again,

CMo4 - Glad you did your ST after you got home, we didn't want to have to pull out the . But really that's awesome commitment super proud of you. Being in the car for sooo long, getting all barfed on and still coming home to workout, WOW! OMG is that pre-baby shorts! Now that is truly inspiring my dear. And on that fat idea, I use flax seed oil on my salads along with dressing. They are higher calorie (80 cal for 2tsp) but it's full of omega 3's and for those of us that don't eat a lot of fish it's a great way to get your poly-unsaturated fats. Gives you a shiny coat too From what I've read, walnut, flax and almond are the super ones but shouldn't be heated or they break down. Ok, that was my 2cents.

JasonsLea - You can start with a better choice at you next meal, you're worth it and you can do it. I'm sorry about the trip home, I know exactly how you feel I moved away 6 months ago and its killer, but you'll look so fantastic when you do get to go! Hang in there.

Penelope - Being on wagons is awesome and so is being busy, glad you checked in, there's a few folks I'm getting a bit concerned for and I'll strike you off that list!

Susie - Without a serious binge it would be hard to ingest 21,000 extra calories, flush that stuff out and who knows, goals have a funny way of getting closer. You could always revise the goal to eat OP for the rest of the month?

Glutio - that just plain sucks and it will get better soon, it has to be resolved fairly soon. But stress hormones are really handly at helping us hold onto weight so don't get too discouraged even if you're eating OP. I hope you find your happy place soon.

Delphi -I'm looking forward to interesting night stories and if I remember correctly you had yourself a man over there!

Amazingly enough today, I can walk alright, sore but not ridiculous, I thought I might be one step before crippled. Sometimes my body amazes me as to what it can do when I make it My abs are really sore too, like the lower pouchy ones, I don't know if I've ever had that before, fantastic, I was beginning to think those ones might have packed up and left town after I had dd.

So last night I dug out my old binder from weight loss attempt #1, five years ago. I like to record things! The failed attempt actually came in handy though, I have all my measurements from each month of the loss so I was able to compare 199lbs then (i.e. pre-baby) with 199lbs post-baby. And oddly enough, it's the same. I was shocked, so much for that oh it's the baby crap, not at all. The only difference is a two inch scar but there is no difference to my proportions. But now I'm happy instead of shocked, it was pretty great news.

And on more semi-related baby news, CMo4 reminded me about her bachlorette shorts being pre-baby weight and then I realized, I weighted 192 when I got pregnant! Only one pound to prebaby weight. Granted that's a pretty high pre-baby weight but the lightest I've been in 3 years and 9 months.

Weight is plugging along in the right direction although nothing major, just working my way through the 193s a few 0.2's at a time. Should be seeing those 192's before I leave on Thursday. And July 14 is beginning of month 3 so it's almost measurements and picture time!

Have an empowered, fabulous day my darlings and don't forget to sweat on purpose!

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