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Thumbs down daily check-in 6/6/01

Hi all. I didn't get to check in yesterday. I had to go to a school board meeting and chastise some narrow minded people.

I did OK on my food yesterday. In fact I did well. I concentrated on eating more fruits and vegies.

I didn't get to bed until midnight so I am very tired this morning. I am going to try to get some swimming in today and maybe start stripping the wall paper in my bathroom.

I hope ya'll have a great day! I'll see ya later.

[email protected]
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Morning Yvette and all to come!

Yvette,School board and narrow minded people...i could write a book! Good for you Yvette, I hope things went well! Oh and I am not too much of a gardener...but I have grand plans in my head to make the very back of my yard into a woodland garden and still leave enough room for the boys to play ball. So far I have just done the border on one side...the whole yard is mostly shade so it is kind of tricky and I don't know a whole lot!

1moretime, yes, one meal at a time is just about all I can handle at the momement. hope today is a good one for you!

Butterflytwo, I think that observing your eating is important. I know that if I restrict what I am eating too drastically (sp) that I set myself up for a binge. I am sick of dieting too so I am trying to find some sanity and balance to my eating and it sure is hard!

Cadmuim hope you jump in here and alot of the others kind of gives us a chance to know each other better.

I had a good day yesterday, coming here in the evening helped to keep me in control! (of course I have a head cold so maybe my appetite is not what it usually is!)

have a good one!
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Hi guys!

I'm doing okay so far today except that I did finish my kids cereal this morning, soggy as it was. But here's the thing. I love cereal but I have my regular breakfast that I love more. So I had a few bites of this cereal -- all that was left, and that way I got the taste and the experience but not a of calories. So maybe it wasn't such a bad thing? I have a lot of strange habits that I sometimes think I should overcome and sometimes I think are adaptive to losing weight without feeling deprived. What do y'all think? Are those little bites and tastes cheating or are they okay?

Peach Pit, I see now how the daily check-in works.

See y'all later!
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So far today is good. I had Subway for lunch and I would really like some chocolate for dessert but maybe I'll just have gum. Tonight shouldn't be too bad because I have church and then I have to pack for a trip. The trip will be hard. One meal at a time.
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Hi everyone:
Sounds like everyone is doing fairly well todaY-- I am contini=uing just t stay busy with my "real" life, and not focusing on my food intake so much. I do seem to be eating MOSTLY when I am hungry, so I guess that's progress!
Cadmium: I wouldn't (personally) consider taking a small bite of cereal "cheating" . I think "normal eaters" nibble a bit sometimes. Of course, if you find yourself constantly tasting, I'd wonder if it was something I'd want to try to figure out( why I was constantly nibbling.)..
Yvette: good luck with the school board! I say
God bless the really GOOD teachers out there!
Peachpit: your backyard sounds nice! I love shady areas the best, especially in the hot summer weather.
Everybody, it's great to see this thread! Have a great evening!
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Good evening,

It sounds as if everyone is doing well today. Butterfly, good for you. That is definatly progress. Keep it up.

Cadmium, if you can keep it down to a few bites, great! If that's all it takes to stay OP go for it.

Peach, you'll do great w/ the garden. There are lots of good books in the library that can help you w/ your project. I live in the desert and shade is not something I come by easily.

1moretime, good plan.

As for me, my day was ok, I got a project started that I have been wanting to do for a long time. My food today was a bit to be desired. It wasn't horrible but it could have been better. Once again the evening urge to binge is over me. It doesnt' help that I'm stuck cleaning the kitchen, my 11 year old is acting like a snotty pre-teen and my husband has been tired and angry for 3 days now. Somehow I can't seem to avoid taking on other peoples feelings. I seem to absorb them like a sponge and can't squeeze them out again. I'm not good at talking like this but I sure am glad ya'll will let me write. It's something I need to do.

Sorry about the less than cheerful post. I'm sure tomorrow will be better. I think I'll leave the dishes and go swimming; alone.

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