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Default What did you do to break the cycle?

Hey everyone, I made an account on here a few weeks ago but have yet to have any success with controlling my food habits.
I do great up until dinner, but as soon as I get home from work, I eat 3+ meals worth of food within an hour or two. I know I'm bloated right now from the amount of salt I've been eating, but my self-esteem is plummeting.
I quit smoking a month and a half ago, and that was so much easier! I know that applying the same "delay the cravings" and "take a drink of water" tips apply for binging as well, but I never seem to maintain control.

What are your tips? How long did it take for you new eating habits to actually become habit?

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Congrats on giving up smoking!

I am in the same boat as you! I can plan my meals and do really well all day, but as soon as I get home I feel like I am STARVING and it is a free for all. It's like my brain shuts off and forgets how much I disciplined myself all day. I also would love some tips. I really struggle with binge eating!
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I feel the exact way.. Every single night I am starving, even though I ate a couple of hours ago. Lately I have tried to do ''intermitten fasting'' and my cravings have gotten better. I postpone my breakfest until lunch, and eat my dinner late. That way I don't snack after dinner, because I am already full. Haven't binged in about 2-3 weeks and I wake up feeling amazing and not bloated as before.
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I have recently been reading Never Binge Again and I've found it helpful to gain control. The writing and concepts aren't for everyone, it's a bit.....abrasive? But, it has been working for me.
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I am on Wellbutrin to help with the binge eating and that's been going really well. But there are some non-medicine related tools too. You might want to check out The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg, or watch some of the videos that summarize the book on youtube. Understanding how you can work with triggers to form better habits is really helpful.
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Originally Posted by Earthworm View Post
Hey everyone, I made an account on here a few weeks ago but have yet to have any success with controlling my food habits.
I do great up until dinner, but as soon as I get home from work, I eat 3+ meals worth of food within an hour or two. I know I'm bloated right now from the amount of salt I've been eating, but my self-esteem is plummeting.
I quit smoking a month and a half ago, and that was so much easier! I know that applying the same "delay the cravings" and "take a drink of water" tips apply for binging as well, but I never seem to maintain control.

What are your tips? How long did it take for you new eating habits to actually become habit?

Hey Earthworm! I'm completely understand what you're saying about your cravings.

I had that for a looong time where I'd be stressed ALL the time. I'd either be stressed about (A) having eaten too much or (B) from hunger.

One day, I just sat down and made a list with two columns: one for all the exercise regimes and combinations that I had tried; second for all the diet regimes that I had tried so far. Evidently none of these had worked for me. If they had, I wouldn't be sitting here frustrated with my health and body and the way I felt about myself.

I realized that although I was being quite active and exercising right, I wasn't eating right- the cravings. So then I made a list of all vegetables/fruits/grains that I could eat. I purged my fridge of all of the NO foods and stocked up on all the YES foods. That way I would never have access to foods that could ruin my progress. By then I had heard many people say this to believe it- you don't need to count calories if you're eating what is right for you. I'm doing exactly that. Given my PCOS, I'm on a relatively low carb diet. I don't beat myself about it. I have a healthy snack anytime I'm hungry- anytime. I allow myself a cheat meal once in about 10 days which makes it a luxury. But I don't live for that cheat meal because I'm eating tasty food despite my restrictions. I use spices to make my food more flavourful.
A good way to test if your cravings have gone is for you to walk into a bakery and not feel like you want to eat all the bread and sugar in the world
Once you're there, the reins are in your hands! Good luck to you. Trust me, if I can do it, you can definitely do it
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I read Brain Over Binge, and that really helped me. I still binge very occasionally, but it's not nearly as bad as it used to be.
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I am reading Rational Recovery by Jack Trimpey and it is helping a great deal.
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after losing 100lb 10 years ago, keeping it off for 7 the gaining it all back I sure can empathize with the binging.
In June I decided NO MORE weight and health issues. So have been doing the KETO diet, intermittent fasting and Dr. Judith Beck's program -Think like a thin person.
And exercising (mainly swimming). This multi-focus attack seems to be working.

If you only eat sitting at the table and eating food with a knife and fork you can stop some of the snacking whilst cooking dinner.
Good luck
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Well- for me it was to transition away from simple carbs and processed foods. I eat only food I've prepared myself now, and I avoid simple carbs- bread, pasta, sugar, etc.- like the plague. Carbs are a trigger food for me, plus I'm convinced that I'm sensitive to them and can't lose weight if I eat too many carbs. I eat more meat, vegetables, complex carbs like yams, now. I also find those foods more filling and thus I don't tend to have binges.

If you're bingeing as soon as you get home, my guess would be that you're starving yourself and not eating enough at breakfast/lunch. I'd do two things: One, I'd make sure my lunch and breakfast had protein/fat to satiate me, and enough calories to keep me from feeling starved. Two, I'd keep some simple broth based soup on hand to eat when I got home. A broth based soup with some vegetables, maybe some meat, some beans can be super filling without a lot of calories.
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Probably the first step of avoiding unhealthy food binges is to get rid of the bad foods in your house (or at least hide them..out of sight out of mind). I do calorie count since it keeps me accountable and makes me think twice before grabbing extra food at the end of the day. I currently eat healthy foods most of the time, but I eat too big of portions and alcohol is my biggest calorie vice.

I find that every time I take a vacation or have company for more than a few days I engage in bad eating and drinking habits. After that for me mentally it is easier to say "ah well screw it I'll diet later, you only live once". Well that procrastination has allowed me to gain back 10 lbs within the last 5 months. I went from calorie counting and exercising to vacation binging and drinking....and not letting up enough when I got home. Now I am over 30 and it seems that it's twice as easy to pack on weight and that's comparing my eating habits now to back when I had lost my initial 50lbs back in college. I didn't have to count then, and the weight fell off just by a few tweaks and some exercise. Now it's a battle..mental and physical.

My self control is my biggest enemy when it comes to consistency. I can do well for a short period of time, but once I break the cycle it seems that it all goes to **** and I end up gaining even more weight. Maintaining my goal weight has never happened. It has always been a battle between gain and loose. It's so frustrating and I am sure most of you have similar struggles too. I have just found my breaking point again (hopefully) since my uniform barely fits and is so uncomfortable it drives me nuts to wear it!

I'm looking at a 5 month journey at this rate to get to my original goal weight and that is at a rate of 5lbs per month. I have never been successful since college to go beyond 3 months on a rock solid diet/exercise plan. (vacation interruptions of course!) So here we go again. This is day one.
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Binge Eating Disorder is a mental health issue. I wasn't able to "cure" myself until I saw my mental illness for what it was. The worst thing you can do for BEO is diet. Dieting only makes the binging worse and worse and worse. It also causes the yo yo diet effect. You might stick to a diet for a while and then suddenly you're in a binging spiral again.

Been completely binge free now for a couple of years. With the help of my Nutritional Therapist who helped me implement Intuitive Eating, I was able to focus on important concepts that helped me let go of my obsession with food. These concepts include Health at Every Size, exercising for fitness rather than burning calories, using food for pleasure rather than obsession or restriction, finding ways to cope with triggering emotions, and meditation to cope with stress. I've never met a diet that was long term, they are temporary and at the end of the diet you usually end up binging. I can fully vouch that Intuitive Eating is the hard road to take, it has not been easy at ALL. But it WORKS and I am binge free! Am I skinny? No. Did I lose weight? Not much. But I'm healthy, I exercise every day and I love it, I don't feel a daily struggle with food and I'm not gaining weight and have not gained weight from doing this. As far as I'm concerned my binging days are completely gone. I am trying to find a way to drop some weight but participating in food-restriction brings on negative feelings that may lead to binging.

I've had to make some tough decisions and this was the toughest in my life. At the end of the day I don't want to be a prisoner to my binges. Binging is the most awful awful thing and I'm glad to be free of it, even if it means I can't be "thin."
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I'm an advocate of balance. I eat well enough (but healthy enough) to not feel like I deprived myself. When I exercise, I play music I love so I enjoy myself. I actually eat often, every 3 hours. But in small portions. So I don't really get hungry.

It would also be best to get your family and friends involved. They could remind you of your goals when you're faltering, and cheer you on when you're discouraged. When I shop for food with my family, I go when I'm full. I realized I don't buy as much food (esp junk food) when I'm full.
My daughter stops me from buying chips or drinking soda when we go out.

So my point is, sometimes, it's the small things that help you. Learn how to integrate these into your life and it will help you a lot.

While doing all that, remember not to be so hard on yourself. You can still live in the present, though your goal is to better yourself and your health. Be happy while improving yourself.

All the best to you!


Lose the Excuses, Lose the Weight
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Congrats on giving up smoking!
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No idea if you're still around, but I agree with looking at what you're eating for lunch. Perhaps you need a nice solid afternoon snack to stop you from being too hungry later? Try it for a few weeks, see how you get on. Make sure there's enough fat and protein, and while complex carbs are good, especially wholegrains, sugar is best avoided or at least limited. So my snacks are just over an ounce of mixed nuts (almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts, say), sometimes seeds (pumpkin and sunflower, toasted, and they go well with cashews), and a smaller amount of dried fruit such as raisins. I'm doing much better on it.
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