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I've changed my habits a long time ago and hubby just joined me this year. Together we are down almost 100 lbs. However, i admit, I'm not perfect and just binged this afternoon. First binge in a long time. Do I regret it? YES, definately!! I've stopped eating for the rest of the day. I tell myself that tomorrow is another day. This was just slip! So a commitment to myself --no binging and overeating the rest of this month.
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I'm going to try to join in regularly. I am a binger, overeater and occasional bulimic, though am in therapy for that and making progress. I had recently lost 2.5kg/ 5.5lbs and have put it back on with my overeating and am really down on myself about it. It will be good to have gentle accountability and support. I am good with regular exercise these days, but I am not managing to reduce my eating/calories much if at all. I know I eat for emotional reasons and I need to stop that habit and sit with the feelings.

I wrote myself out a bunch of palm cards last night, all with refutations for my excuses to overeat; they are there for me to refer to when I get urges. I think that, and this check in, can help me.

I hope we all can go for this day without binging/overeating.
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Tyla, thank you for starting us off this month with such positivity and enthusiasm!

Welcome to all the new names! So glad you are joining us. Sum38, nice job shutting it down last night -- that is so hard to do and such an important skill to learn! Like a muscle, the more you use that skill the stronger it gets.

Musiclover, I do the same thing... I'll just finish this binge and then I'll be perfect! So much better not to start at all! Tarabella, I like the idea of palm cards. I may steal that one.

Looking forward to sharing a great month with you all!
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So the day started out pretty well. I didn't eat sugar all day... until I went to cheap tuesday at the cinema and threw everything to the wind for a hot chocolate at tim hortons and a bag of m&ms at the movie. I was good for the first 19 hours of the day, but I didn't make it for the last 5.

I am kind of angry at myself to be honest. I don't know why I do this to myself. Sometimes I tell myself that maybe I don't want to lose weight that badly but I hate my body these days. I hate how uncomfortable and tight my clothes are. I hate how heavy (literally) I feel sometimes. It's hard to carry all this weight constantly on you. I know losing weight will resolve a lot of my problem, so why do I keep sabotaging myself? Why can't I find the motivation within me to say no when I see chocolate?

Sorry for all the self-hate. I wanted to start the month great like you guys.

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I am new to the site and came across this thread which seemed to be a perfect way for me to jump start my plan of taking some proactive steps to manage my overeating and recommit to weightloss and better health overall. So joining in is my first step towards achieving those goals! I am hoping to have a binge free month!
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Originally Posted by tarabella View Post
I hope we all can go for this day without binging/overeating.
Welcome Tarabella! The palm cards sound like a great idea, I really like that. And above last sentence of yours really resonated with me. "One day at a time" mentality for binge management really helps me, thanks for reminding me of that.

I did well yesterday recovering from the binge on Monday. The day after a binge is always such a nightmare for me, I really felt like having a concrete plan helped me. I feel better and better as the hours pass. Today, I will focus on TODAY. I have a meal and exercise plan, and I think I will also meditate again.

Hoping we all have a healthy day today and feel at peace.

And welcome to all the new folks on the thread!

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luz, maybe you're putting too much pressure on yourself. Stop. Breathe. You did great for 19 hours. That's a big deal. Think how hard you tried during that time. That is a success. Besides, hot chocotate and some m&m's are not that bad. OK, things happen. Start over today with a fresh new start. I'm rooting for you! Don't think of the whole month. Just for today. By the way, I'm proud of you for coming here and posting about it. Wipe the slate clean, move on and start anew. Come here and post often today if you have to.

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seaurchin, welcome! I have done the same thing. No slips in a whole year, even got down to my goal. Then one day I started eating just a little, and over the next few days it became into a binge. Next thing you know I can't fit into my pants! That's why I'm here. I want desperately to fit into my cute clothes again. We will! Glad you could join us.!

Tarabella, glad you are with us, too. We have all gained and lost weight. But now we're all going to try to lose it for good and keep it lost. Thanks for sharing your palm cards idea.

Welcome back, 7lbs and MrsSnark. I'm so glad my successful buddies are back.

Mak, welcome! I'm so glad you could join us. Like I said before, take it one day at a time. We want to hear how you are doing. And we want you to succeed!

I'm sorry I had to make this brief, but I'm late. I'll post more later. Love you guys!!

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I love every one of these posts. I agree that wine is a tough one. Yesterday was a positive day for me. It feels so much better to wake up in the morning without the shame of having overeaten the day before.
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NoNoNoJ, Congratulations!! I'm so happy for you. Just take it one day at a time, like we all are, and you will succeed to your goal!
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I think this one is definitely the one for me and I need to join... I always do so well during the day say till 5 in the evening.. I get back form work at around 5 and hit the gym and when I get back, I lose all the resolve I had through the day.. I feel so hungry that I start eating as if I was born just to eat. I dont control the portions nor the type of food that I eat.. Happens almost 3 to 4 times a week... This takes my calorie goal for a toss and since it is dinner that I over eat, my body does not have the time to spend it.. Gets accumulated

Probably joining here should help me stop and get rid of this habit this month.. Need the motivation!!!

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I'm doing ok. Tarabella - great idea of palm cards, I will use that one, also the thoughts on taking it one day at a time.

Luzitania, I read (don't know how to do links, maybe someone can tell me) on a weight loss doctors blog that his No. 1 skill for weight loss is 'picking yourself up, dusting yourself off and carrying on' I'm not sure if it is the No 1 skill, but I think it is a good one.

Mrs Snark, its so strange that we overeat, feel so horrible afterwards or the next day (bloated, foggy, lethargic etc) - yet somehow do it again. I'm still trying to figure that out. Many diet books, willpower books etc recommend meditation as a fantastic tool - I had forgotten about that, and have never done it, but now will try it.

Thanks, Tyla for your support and enthusiasm
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Hey all!!!

I am joining you here, and I will make october the best month of the year! I can just feel this is going to be great

I have 6 binge-free days under my belt and I will make october 100% binge-free, I am ready and I am making this commitment.

Positive vibes to you all
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Eek, I had pizza today, but unlike earlier times when I used to order a normal crust pizza with all the toppings, I ordered a plain cheese thin crust pizza. Not something to be too proud of. However what I am a little proud of is that they had a buy one get one free offer today. Normally I would have gotten two pizzas and saved the other for the next day. This time I just ordered the one and let my friends have a few slices as well. Saved quite a few calories today.

Once again, it's time to begin the night and make sure I don't eat anything.
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I was sick with a tummy bug all day yesterday. I am better today, but since I ate so little a day before, I need to watch my intake very carefully today. I am ravished. -- I made my meal plan and I am sticking to it

ILoveVegetables Nice job on the pizza.
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