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Mom, Tarabella, MrsSnark and 7lbs, thank you so much for your compliments. I appreciate your support and encouragement.

I hope everyone has a great Halloween tonight, and a wonderful weekend!
Lots of hugs to everyone on this thread!

Day 61

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Mom - I also have a very, very dry -- veering into sooooper sarcastic -- sense of humor (hence my name).

On these boards I try very, very hard to tame my inner whack-a-doo and sarcastic comments because I'm so afraid I'll offend someone in their moment of need. On my blog I let loose with the weirdness, lol. You can be assured I'll never take personally anything you may say, though I may ruminate on what you've written and then spit out my perspective, which I hope will never offend you! But I'm never offended if someone sees it a different way or just completely disagrees.

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Sticking my head back in here...hey girls! I've been very busy with work and life lately so I haven't been online for much of anything beyond my job. But it's the weekend and I have no plans at the moment. So...

I have been doing better at controlling the overeating in the evenings. My weight is starting to come down again. Yesterday was a bit of a fun day that involved food and overeating, but not too badly. I ate till I was totally stuffed at a Vietnamese restaurant. Had loads of vegetables. For some reason, everyone at the table who didn't want to eat their bok choy and broccoli gave it to me. And I ate it all! I was really too full. But it was a social gathering with people from work and I was mindlessly eating.

And of course, since it was Asian food, after I left the restaurant, I was hungry just two hours later! I didn't have any rice or carby sauces with my food, so I didn't think I'd be hungry again. But as I look back, it wasn't about physical hunger. I had fun at the restaurant with all my friends and it ended and I still wanted to have fun! I felt lonely. And when I feel lonely, I eat when I'm not hungry.

I went to my son's football game in the evening. Didn't really know anyone who was in the stands. I went there alone. My son hung out with friends after the game, so I came home alone. I still wasn't physically hungry from lunch, but I was emotionally hungry. So I went on a nibbling tour of the refrigerator. In the end I went over on TDEE calories for the day by 280 calories. My boys didn't come home till 11, so once they were home, I was done nibbling and finally went to bed.

I need to figure all this out before my sons move out. Otherwise I will have problems!
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Hey there, Georgia! Come join us on the November thread, I don't think anyone is looking at this one any more!

It sounds like you know the area to work on: How to redirect yourself when you are lonely or bored. It is definitely a hard thing to do, but you can come up with some strategies that will eventually become habits.

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