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It is very hard for me because I can't keep a lot of my trigger foods out of my house. My boyfriend's grandmother lives with us, and she is very very large with extremely extremely bad eating habits. I try to keep my boyfriend and I's cabinets full of healthy foods, our part of the fridge is full of vegetables and meats, while hers is full of peanut butter, chips, butter, mayonnaise, ice cream, and other things that I have a difficult time staying out of. If they weren't here, I wouldn't eat them and they wouldn't get bought without his grandmother, but her eating habits are so disgustingly bad (She asked me one day to make potato salad, which included like 2 potatoes, some eggs, 2 lbs of bacon, half a jar of mayonnaise and all of the bacon grease, something even I couldn't stomach).

But if I had a list of banned foods, they would be butters/margarines, mayos/miracle whips, fruit juices, snack cakes, chips, anything salty really, and frozen fruits ..and beer.. I love cheap beer so much. It's not even about getting drunk or feeling a buzz really, I could literally just slowly drink it all day because it is so delicious but so high in empty calories

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krispy kreme doughnuts.
anything peanut butter related
macadamia cookies
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Oooh, love this thread! Thank you for posting this!!!!

-Peanut butter
-Any kind of nut butter
-Candy of any kind
-Regular butter sticks (I will eat them)
-Pre-packaged snacks...it's too easy for me to grab them and eat the container.
-Yummy, salty chips (boyfriend can have torilla chips- I wont eat them)

In a perfect world there would be nothing but vegetables and meat in the house.
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Sugar is totally banned.

Wheat is kept to a minimum. Can't keep stuff like bread or pasta around the house.
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-Anything with sugar in the first 5 ingredients list
-Potatoes in just about any form, but especially chips
-Ice cream
-Peanut Butter
-Pecans and cashews
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One day at a time, I abstain from the following:

potatoes (I do eat sweet potatoes)

Miraculously, it's been 31 days...
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Right now, it's not food that's banned, it's drink. I'm no longer drinking anything with calories in it and I'm most particularly avoiding beer.

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French Bread. Chocolate. Certain types of ice cream. French onion dip and plain Lay's potato chips.
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I have started trying to just keep small amounts of things I usually binge on in the house, so if (when!) I eat the lot it is a smaller amount. There are a few things that I absolutely can't have because even a small amount will inspire me to go out and buy more just to eat it:

crisps (chips)
bars of chocolate - for some reason I can do better with anything that isn't solid chocolate!
salty popcorn
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Potato chips, cereal (lucky charms, cap'n crunch, sugary stuff), Gouda cheese, m&ms, any candy, sweets in general. Popsicles. Ice cream.
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I dont have banned food. Simply because if I ban anything somehow I started to want this banned stuff. I hated myself for it but I cannot change it. Another problem is that I have 5 other people (my 3 kids, my husband and my dad) who may buy anything (well I cannot control it) including my banned food.
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I try not to ban foods but I do not dare to eat...
Hint of lime chips with Pace Salsa is all it would take for me to puff up like the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man..

I stay away because of the high sodium and I am trying to aim low...

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chrys- Holy cow! Someone else who cant leave alone flour tortilla! I love them with cheese on top and microwave till it gets a little crispy or just plain and heated until its warm. I'm so glad I dont have any in the cupboard right now.

I have found this so enlightening. It's crazy how many people have relatively healthy foods for a binge starter. I.E. peanut butter or hummus. And I can think of times I have ate a whole tub of hummus in one sitting or 8 tbsp worth of peanut butter at one time.

Dont you wish your body would want to binge on celery? Even if you eat a whole head of celery its gotta be less than 400 calories. Probably way less.
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Staying the Same
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Hint of Lime chips are engineered to be crack I swear.

I am OK with keeping pretty much any food in the house these days - used to be peanut butter would disappear by the jar.
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Like others have said, I can binge on anything. But, some things I haven't been able to keep in the house are:

Ritz crackers
Tomato and Basil Wheat Thins

Basically, I'm a salty snack fiend. Other indulgences like chocolates, dips, cheese snacks, potatoes etc, I eat on an individual serving size basis...if at all.
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