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Default "Banned" foods

Now, I know that you are never supposed to completely block foods that you love from your diet. However, those of us with binge-eating issues often have "trigger" foods that you consume a single bite, and BAM! Binge ensues. So, for those of you with the same issue, I'm curious as to what your triggers are. A lot of times it can help to recognize these kinds of things. Here are the foods that I never keep in my cabinets....

Peanut butter
Almond butter
(Seeing a pattern here?)
Snack cakes (Little Debbie, Hostess, whatever)
Trail mixes
Sweet cereals
Hummus and pita chips
Homemade baked goods
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Mine is seriously any type of candy and NO pizza, I can't just have one slice

ONE for every TEN:
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Oh just thinking of pizza or popcorn makes my mouth water. Cheeseburgers and FF do it too. If I have any these 3 I will be a goner for a lonnnnggggg time

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I have banned wheat from my diet!

Not just because it is a trigger, doing it as I just feel better, but what it has accomplished is to keep me away from a lot of trigger foods I used to eat and that started binges ... like wheat based bakery cake with icing, etc.
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roasted red pepper hummus with carrots

hint of line tortilla chips (I literally have not eaten these in 10 years because I realized that I eat the whole bag every time)

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No more bans for me, because every time I used to ban something I would obsess over it until I absolutely lost my mind and then totally binged on that food.

Now, when I crave a food, or think I do, I tell myself "go ahead and have it". And 99% of the time, giving myself the freedom to have it leads to me deciding that I really didn't want it. And the 1% of the time I do follow the craving, I have enjoyed it and not binged. I had a serving and felt satisfied, even happy, then stopped.
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I can (and do) binge on just about anything. All but the most bland foods are likely suspects. So if I banned all potential trigger foods, I wouldn't be eating anything except steamed vegetables & water. For me, the key seems to be eating whatever I want while staying within my daily calorie allotment. However, I have to avoid large packages of snack foods, or I'll eat the whole thing. Being the CEO of the Clean Your Plate Club, I need to feel like I've ate every crumb, so single serving stuff works great for me.
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Peanut butter is a killer for me. I would think to myself "I'll just open the jar and have a little bit on this spoon". About 1500 calories later, it's me looking at the spoon in my hand thinking, "What the he** just happened???"
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One time, I binged on Slim Fast bars & shakes. I didn't keep count, but it was an astronomical amount for sure. I was sick for days after that.
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Fruity snacks or gushers - the kid in me. I second the hint of lime tortilla chips... YUM. I could eat two bags I swear. Chips and salsa or cheese. Oatmeal creme pies or swiss rolls. Mini crackers or pretzels with cheese/peanut butter. Oreos. Pudding. Ice cream. Donuts. Cakes. Cupcakes. Savory flavored chips or pretzels. Spinach dip.

I have not a one of these in my house but the ice cream, and it took a long time for me to be able to handle it. I feel I could have a lot of these foods back in my house now though, a good majority of the time I'm in a mindset where I REALLY want to lose this weight and be dedicated. There is a small percentage of the time where I'm carb starved and could eat everything and anything in sight and am out of control. Occasionally, hubby brings home these foods.... I've been mini tested that way and have done well with everything but the oatmeal cream pies
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One of my favorite breakfasts is a couple of oatmeal cream pies with a banana. Really delicious.
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I can binge on any sugar-filled food, whether it's a sweet or a bread (oh, god, pizza and pastries). All I ever have in my house is healthy stuff-- truly healthy stuff, I mean. My freezer is full of pastured/grass-fed meat. My fridge is nothing but condiments, vegetables, and meat. My pantry is canned coconut milk, tuna, protein powders (processed, obvs), canned tomatoes, etc.
My problem is that I'll go out at any time of the day/night to get fast-food/pizza/whatever it is I'm craving. I've been doing that essentially daily lately. Yikes.
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Carrot cake on QVC! I'm eating a carrot while I watch.
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Foods aren't necessarily banned for me, but I try to keep them out of the cupboards. Otherwise, I will consume them in excess, but I do track the calories still.

Salt'n'Vinegar, Classic, or Dill Pickle flavored Potato Chips
Cheese (will always be around )
Gourmet Breads

Its a little harder since I'm living with my parents again and they buy some of this, but I try to keep out of the snack cupboard so I don't know whats in there.

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I absolutely CAN NOT have jars of peanut butter in my house.
Salty stuff like chips, any chips! And cracker snacks like cheezits or goldfish.
Cashews.. I can not say no to these. I will not stop eating them.
Edit: OH I Forgot tortillas.. Flour Tortillas Weirdest one I have I think.

Everything else is hit or miss. Sometimes it will, sometimes it won't There are actually few things that WILL 95% of the time trigger me. Chips I would say 99%.. I can think of maybe ONE instance it didn't.

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