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Default What's Wrong With Me??

Hi everyone!

I've been reading your posts and it sounds like this is the right place for me. Maybe some of you can relate to my story. I have been a yo yo dieter since high school. I'm almost 40, so it's been a long road. It seems that when I was yonger, I could barely eat anything and drop 5 lbs in a couple of days. Now, on the other hand, if I try that, sometimes my weight goes UP! Guess what I do when that happends.......binge, binge, binge. I figure starving isn't helping so I might as well pig out!

The other problem is that I can't seem to eat like a normal person - ie eat until I'm full then stop. When I eat something - anything, it seems to stimulate my hunger and I am hungrier than before I started!! So I continue eating. Before you know it, I've eaten so much that I figure I've blown it today anyway so might as well keep going and starve tomorrow. Needless to say, my weight has been creeping up and I feel like I've lost all self control.

I can resist the sweets no problem. The problem for me is the salty stuff - chips, doritos, pasta, anything mexican etc etc. I seem to crave the crunchy foods - and I do NOT mean carrot sticks and veggies. I'm not big on fruit or vegetables. Is there a dorito diet that anyone knows of??

I'm afraid that I've caused my body a lot of damage over the years, and I'm ready to throw my hands in the air and buy bigger clothes.

Please if anyone has any advice, I'm open to suggestions.


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Start introducing some veggies in with the pasta and ease into veggies and fruits. Too many carbs will leave you wanting more food - sound familiary? Don't eat carbs without a little fat or protein with them to make you feel satisfied. I was a huge carb eater. Due to thyroid problems, the dietician suggested I cut way back on them and increase my protein...about 2 servings of protein to 1 serving of starch - guess what, the weight started coming off and I feel satisfied with less. If you are craving salty and crunchy foods, try a dill pickle - for some reason it also works for sweets. Remember, if you are truly hungry, you aren't really selective about what you eat.
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