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Default The "after work" monster

Hi everyone. I'm just wondering if anyone struggles with this same habit and if you've found any ways of getting around it.

I've been on Weight Watchers since late January, and my weight loss is very slow. To my credit, though, I've really stuck with it. I've struggled with bingeing and overeating for the majority of my life. I don't often feel that I "lose control" and binge anymore- but every day when I come home, I overeat. It's not what I would classify as a hardcore binge- although I do experience that feeling of loss of self control, motivation, etc, so I guess it kind of is somewhat of a binge.

I'm not usually particularly hungry. I'm usually getting there and pretty ready for dinner, but I try to eat something later in the afternoon to prevent eating when I get home- but somehow, I end up raiding the pantry. I've tried eating a piece of fruit but then something in my head feels justified about eating a serving of chips or pretzels and some other snack as well.

I really do think that this is the #1 reason that my weight loss has been so slow. And for some reason I still can't seem to stop myself.

Does anyone else experience this monster? How have you managed?

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Yes-I know that monster very well. One thing I started doing was after I eat lunch, I always have a snack at 3:30-4:00 PM. Then, when I get home I eat a piece of cheese while I cook dinner. That takes the edge off, and it's something I can easily budget into my daily calories. I know it helps me to eat something salty. Also, a half of a cup of cuccumbers has only 7 calories in them. So, you could try something like that for a really low-cal snack.
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Pickles. I eat a tiny bowl of dill pickles when i get home if I've got the munchies. They give you something to eat but it doesn't kill the diet plan.
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I found, for me, it was part being hungry and part wanting to unwind after the work day. Something to mark the transition from work to home. I eat a snack around 4 or so (I leave work at 5 - get home about 6). And then I DO NOT eat when I get home. I just wait for dinner. If I am DYING hungry, I might have A cheese stick or piece of fruit, but I mostly just tell myself to wait until dinner.

After work into the evening is still such a struggle for me. Maybe if you did a different activity to transition yourself at the end of the day? I short walk aroudn the block. A change of clothes. A moment to sit and read the mail or a magazine.
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I know if I leave too much time between eating, then I eat everything or I get super impatient and want to eat something now. Try to have little baggies of prepared snacks, like veggies or fruit, in the fridge that way you can just grab them and munch. It sounds so lazy but I hate preparing food; it's boring and if I'm hungry I will find something to eat in the mean time while cooking. Instant gratification type thing. But I have those small fruit cups in my fridge and I will grab one of those, since it's easy, its quick, it is already "prepared" (i.e. i dont have to peel the orange). I hope that makes sense!!
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I struggle with this as well, and sometimes don't even realize it until I'm jotting down what I ate to track it on ww ... when I'm conscious of it, I make a cup of hot tea and that signifies to just take a moment and adjust from work to home ... the pretty teacup, the few minutes to relax while something is boiling, etc. Now i need to remember that myself since last night it was 20 pieces of turkey pepperoni for 2 points. The hand to mouth junk.
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Thanks for the great suggestions! Runningfrom, I also find that it does help to have something salty, and it would probably help to be eating something while cooking (instead of just sticking my mits in the pan and eating a pre-dinner haha). Eyre, pickles are a great idea, and for some reason I always forget how great they are until I have some around! SCraver, you're absolutely right, changing the transition would be good. If I get into a routine, I'm pretty good at sticking with it- but making that change is tough. Just something about the transition triggers me! Ooooh, haha, that doesn't sound lazy! I also hate planning, but having a snack planned is a really good idea (and not that much extra work, I can just do it when making my lunch). It sounds like a good idea to have a nice healthy snack that involves minimal preparation- apparently the ones I do have are triggering for me. National, tea/warm beverages DO help. That hand to mouth thing is terrible!

Thanks again everyone!

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This is my biggest problem in the world, I don't know why I do it either, I can be so good all day long but it doesn't matter I binge almost every night, like tonight it was spaghetti that my husband made and i made my portion in a smaller bowl and tried to stop at one bowl but it turned into three. Then I am miserable and feel so guilty and sick and just want to eat more then go to bed. Everyone's suggestions were really great and I am going to try them as well. I had lost 30lbs last summer and the one thing I did to stop my binging at night was to have chopped veggies in a big bag ready to go, radishes were my absolute favorite. I need to get my bag of veggies back in hand.
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I second the pickle! For some reason they quell hunger for me and they taste good. I have a pickle or two with a huge glass of water. Def. Helps.
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Jen, ohhh boy do I hear you. Not only are my portion sizes at dinner ridiculous, I just cannot stop myself from eating like a hog when I get home!

Yesterday I tried some of your suggestions and they worked well. I chugged down a water with lemon and had a few crackers, then I got changed, read something mindless, and started making dinner. And it worked!

I think once it's more of a habit it'll be easier. And once I go grocery shopping and get some pickles
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I have a small snack right before 4, then go to the gym around 4:30, then I'm home around 5:30. If I chew gum while I prepare dinner or lunch/snacks for the following day, I never munch. I throw out the gum right before I eat dinner.
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I also eat something small like a fruit before I go home. I have a long commute home so if I don't eat, I'm starved by the time I get home and I will eat everything in site. Try always having something before you go home or right when you get home have something pre-packed for you.
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I am so bad at wanting to eat after I get off work. I'm so good all day, then I just ruin it as soon as I get home.. It's horrible!!!

I've been getting better though, having dinner ready when you get home is great..haha. Or I'll take a shower while dinner is being cooked...
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