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Default How do you keep going?

Hi everyone,
I started my life change Jan 5/09, so just over a year now. I have done well as of now I've lost 81 lbs. I feel different in many ways but some days have the same old feelings too. I guess I'm trying to find out if there are any people out there who are going through what I've been experiencing. I am not just re-learning how to eat, but how to feel and I had some childhood trauma of abuse that was never really ever dealt with. I'm currently getting some sporatic councilling, which has shown me so much about myself already. But I've honestly been struggling for sometime now, and it's time that I be honest with myself. I lost 60lbs in the first 6 months of last year. Then I struggled with the next 20lbs for the next 6 months. I just want to have a great year ahead to really reach my goals. I need to see under 200lbs to feel like I'm getting close to my goal. I went from 339lbs to now 259lbs. It is an amazing journey but my emotions play such a huge part, and where I was once so dedicated , now I feel like it's torture to work out 6 days a week. I do 3 intense bootcamp classes a week for 1 hr and try to do at least a half an hour on the other days. I know it's a long post, but I'm starting to feel a little hopeless like it will never really happen for me and this is where I'm doomed to stay if not gain it all back. I just don't know how to deal with all the emotional life things that pop up and still do what is right for my body and mind. I've learned so much in this last year but feel I still have so far to go...I know I will only fail if I give up...and don't intend to do that....but would not like to waste another 6 months losing the same pounds over and over, I'd like to see some real progress. Any comments are helpful. Thanks.
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I wish I could give you the right words to make you feel better. My gosh!! You have really made progress in your journey and that is what it is, a JOURNEY. I have come to realize that this will be a struggle for the rest of my life. I am learning to accept it with God's help and just let go of the baggage and the things that I cannot control. It is very hard, but I take it one day, one hour, sometimes, one minute at a time. Don't give have come much too far!!!

Praying for strength for you....

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First of all, let me say you've done an AMAZING JOB!

You can really see the difference!

I understand what it's like to have emotional issues surface related to trauma. My suggestion is to get more counseling, consistently!
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First I just want to say CONGRATS! You've done so well and you look absolutely amazing!! The only piece of advice I can give is from my own experience... I know that when I get bored of a routine I tend to feel like I have to do it instead of wanting to do it, and that's torture. I decided that running would be my chosen workout. I've been running the same days/same times each week since November of last year. Last week, I was bored. I noticed actually over the last couple of weeks my runs were getting slower, shorter, etc. I needed a change. I had been on the treadmill, so I took it outside instead. You wouldn't believe how much better I feel this week! Sometime our bodies just need something different. So maybe try a workout you haven't done yet or tweak your daily routine... It'll get better and you'll continue to lose, I just know it. Best of luck and remember... You've done great so far! What resolution you've had to have to lose this much and still be going. Be proud of yourself.
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I have no advice...but dang mamma! You look hot! Way to go!! Keep it up and I hope you find your strength to keep going.
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I found (and am clinging) to this website because I am feeling EXACTLY the same way as you are.

It's very hard to keep the same motivation going over a long period of time. I started in Sept of last year, and did so well for awhile and then seemed to recycle the same few pounds over and over which made me feel like it was getting hopeless.

Then I lost a feeling of joy with it all. Was I bored? Complacent? Was I even doing enough to lose weight? It wasn't about wanting to stop, or binge, or anything like that, it was more about something feeling like it was missing. It was a lack of enthusiam. It was only a matter of time, I thought. My thoughts were not positive. I was even beginning to feel very resentful.

For me, it helped to find some support here. It helped to re-tweak my diet and my goals. I played around with my meal plan until I could find a good balance. Since I will still have to diet for about another year, I decided to have the overall goal, but to break it down to small goals. I watch my daily average for the month, I like seeing that even if my daily total of calories fluctuate, I can get my monthly average to my goal. I have quarterly goals too.

Then I decided that I needed a fun "makeover" when I get to goal. Since I cannot afford to do this now, I collect photo's of clothing I would love to wear. I have a little notebook full of ideas. How will I wear my hair? What colours will I wear? What will be my signature style? I have spent most of my adult life wearing clothes because they fit or I could afford them on sale. What if I could really choose my clothes? It doesn't matter if I will ever actually wear clothing from my notebook, it matters that I am taking an interest in the future, in my appearance, in finding a part of me I have ignored for so long. This has been building a sense of self I feel is so neutral right now, since I am still obese.

I also have two things in the future I would really like to feel good in my skin about. I don't care what I weigh exactly, but care that I feel somewhat lighter, fresher, prettier. My daughter is giving birth in August and that means I am going to be with her in Hawaii. I have never been there, and I want to feel up to the task of taking care of the children and being a help to her. When our bank account is at goal, husband and I are returning to Denmark to live. We are taking a ship back and on that ship (Queen Mary II) I want to feel fabulous. I want to wear something pretty when we go to dinner. I want to dance with my husband and feel good in his arms.

These things I indulge in periodically, thinking, you know, if I stay true to my diet now, these desires could come true. The power is within my hands. Time is going to pass whether I like it or not. Why not do something towards the dreams now...

If you have no tangible outcome of the weight loss, make something up! DREAM BIG. Work on something to cheer on your own success!
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Originally Posted by three herring View Post
I have a little notebook full of ideas. How will I wear my hair? What colours will I wear? What will be my signature style? I have spent most of my adult life wearing clothes because they fit or I could afford them on sale. What if I could really choose my clothes? It doesn't matter if I will ever actually wear clothing from my notebook, it matters that I am taking an interest in the future, in my appearance, in finding a part of me I have ignored for so long.
I love this idea!
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