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I personally think that it is the "type" of food you eat, not the amount that will make you lose weight-- anyway that is what works for me. I went low carb, so I can eat as much protien, fat, non-starchy vegetables and some fruit that I want. As much as I want still is rather tame. Since I don't get really hungry, I don't eat a huge amount either, so one takes care of the other. If your reason for thinking like this is that you don't want to give up the piece of pie, then you are not actually changing your diet to a healthier life-style diet. I tend to think-- and this is not critisizing-- that changing your diet to one that is healthy and eliminates the man-made posions that are in much of pre-made food like salt and sugar and other refined ingredients-- will help you with weight and also health. My thought is "pay now or pay later." Either eat whole foods (blueberries, broccoli) now or pay in medical bills at some future date. Diet is not just losing a few pounds, it is also about having a better quality of life when you hit 70 years old. No one likes to think of that, but to me, it is only about 20 years away, and my father and mother had heart problems and also diabetes from about my age on. I don't want to go through that pain and expense, myself. I want to be a hot 80 year old granny running a triathelon.

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i agree, i just started working out last week and i lost 3lbs and when i look back the only hard part about it was the extreme soreness after the first and second day of walking.

all i did was watch my eating and actually attempt to eat less and a lil more healthy. when i look back at the week as a whole it was now where near hard at all.

i jus hope the weightloss keeps going cuz i'm not giving up this time!
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