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Honestly - two things - first, I wouldn't take what she said personally. Maybe it was the way you asked her, maybe it was something she interpreted wrong, maybe someone else said something to her about her weight and she is feeling guilty - who knows?

Second - I would try again! Go talk to her again. Tell her that you feel like you may have offended her with your question and you didn't mean to imply that she needed to lose weight - you just thought that it might be something you would enjoy doing together.
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My mom was my workout "buddy" (we didn't really work out together but we kept each other on track). My mom ducked out about 2 months ago. I kept going. I only eat healthy foods around the house, that's my personal rule. On the rare occasions that I go out to eat, that's when I let myself relax and indulge a little bit. It works for me. A few weeks ago, there was a little blurb on the Today Show about this Canadian food that has french fries, cheese, and gravy and I said, "OOOOMG that looks so good!!!!" My mom practically snapped back, "Yeah well you wouldn't eat it so what's the use saying it?" She caught me so off guard, I started crying. I felt guilty for eating healthy all the time - what a STUPID thing to feel guilty for, right?? And my mom was surprised that I was so offended. She said she didn't mean it, but I think she's a little jealous that I kept up with working out and eating healthy. So, that's a slightly different perspective.

But I agree with everyone else here - your friend was wrong!
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Sorry she took it wrong. Don't worry to much about it. Perhaps just apologize like

"I'm sorry if I offended you accidentally. I really just thought it would be fun and help us see each other more but I understand if it isn't your scene right now."

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I'm really sorry for you, but she may be having a bad day.
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