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Unhappy Confess your binge

I haven't binged in a long time... a few months/since I started watching what I eat. However I had a major one today. The worst part about it? I planned to eat a lot. I knew that if I went to McDonald's for lunch today that I would eat too much. One would think that I would avoid McDonald's like the plague if I knew that before I went. However, I fell into my own trap and I feel disgusting. To make it a lesson to me and try to teach myself to not do it again, I looked up some nutrition facts on everything I ate. I felt even worse. The sad part is... even though I ate that much and it was gross, I feel good right now. So, use this thread as a place to confess your most recent binge and how you felt afterwards. Also, words of encouragement would be appreciated... as well as whatever you do now that keeps you from binging.

Ok here's what I had:
2 McDoubles: 380cals each, 19g fat each, 920g sodium each, 22g protein each
Large order of french fries: 500cals, 25g fat, 350g sodium, 6g protein
10 piece chicken nuggets: 460cals, 29g fat, 1000g sodium, 24g protein
bbq grilled snack wrap: 260cals, 9g fat, 830g sodium, 18g protein
TOTAL: 1,980cals, 101g fat, 4,020g sodium, 92g protein

To think that was all in one sitting.... goodness me.
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Not sure if this is really considered a binge as it was not all in one sitting, it was how I spent last Sunday, which was my b'day. Didn't keep track of calories, fat, etc....
  • 2 burgers, no bun, with condiments and cheese, lettuce tomato
  • 2 hot dogs plain
  • chips
  • brie cheese and crackers
  • half liter of soda (haven't had soda in 6 months)
  • another burger with all the fixin's and bun
  • dark chocolate bar
  • peanuts
  • more chips

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Trying so hard....
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This past weekend:

one day:

numerous bowls of cereal(I lost count)
5 star crunch little debbie cakes, yes 5
3 apples
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Losing 20! :)
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My binge?! Stupid chuckie cheese pizza! 5 slices! smh (shaking my head)...I knew if I went to that birthday party that I would eat like that...And a piece of cake..Next time..DONT go hungry to chuckie cheese and eat all salad...little to no dressing....
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I binged yesterday, but I've learned it doesn't do anygood to bring it back up and berate myself for it.

why do we do this? I'm not saying don't do it. maybe it is helpful to some people, i don't know.

but, other than becoming aware of my behavior, and how it is affecting me, i don't thing it does good to confess. I almost feel like these topics make it seem ok. like were laughing about it.

I think alot of times i binge because i am depressed or anxious or other wise stuck in a rut and my life has become unbalanced. Depression causes you to live in the past and drege up old hurts.

the best way to move on is to go into a new day with a positive regard.
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NOT Aging Gracefully!
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A different perspective - I don't feel that we are laughing about it or saying its OK. We've all seen people who binge and then give up, even if we haven't done it ourselves. I fall into the trap easily. Seeing that other people, people who have been very successful in their weight loss, are "falling off the wagon" and brushing right off and getting back on plan is actually very helpful to me.

Most of us "mess up" sometimes. Sometimes it's planned - just NEED the "real food" that will never be on any weight loss plan. Or most sensible maintenance plans either. Sometimes life happens - not eating enough before going to Chuck E Cheese (You should know better. And there's much better pizza to ruin plan for!) But anything that keeps me from having a second, and then a third day off plan is a huge help.

Last binge - well . . not really a binge. But a very busy weekend that contributed to too much eating out, and way off plan. Taco Bell, Chinese food, Jack in the Box cookies and cream milkshake.

Back at it yesterday and today, so no real damage done. Just gotta get back on the exercise. .. This is hard work, darn it!

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I allow myself 2 cookies with a coffee after dinner, every evening. Well tonight I had 3 cookies, instead of 2.
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I had around 10-15 peanut butter and M&M cookies yesterday!! Can you believe that?? You might be thinking how can one eat that much!!
I didn't had lunch or any other snacks then and was feeling bit sick too. I tried to compensate my over eating by burning 1000 calories in the gym. But still I ate far more than that. Its really hard for me to stop when there are cookies around
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kaebea - I totally understand where you are coming from.

I, personally, have a closet eating problem. When I eat too much it's usually when I am alone and I feel embarrassed and won't tell anyone. Usually I will then go on to eat a normal meal shortly afterward with hubby. I think that when you can be open with it, it's less of a problem and easier to get back on track. When I am secretive about it, that is when it becomes an issue and I will continue to do it because I think I'm not getting caught. I am still debating whether or not to tell hubby exactly what I ate for lunch today.

Thanks everyone for reminding me that I am not alone with things like this and that I need to just hop back on to eating healthy and exercise tonight.

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Umm, I binged this weekend for the first time in about 6 months. feel horrible horible about it!!

I wasn't hungry at all, and I ate 3 pieces of pizza (greasy, cheesy pizza), 2 full-size soft pretezels and cheese dip, a rum and coke, and a coldstone "birthday cake" ice cream cone.. And a "small" at coldstone is still HUGE. I felt so so soooo sick after all of this.... that was friday night, and it's tuesday and I still think my body is in "recovery" mode... ughhh
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yikes, i had one today
my little sister was bored, so i suggested we make cupcakes, in hopes of controlling my self.
well, we made too much batter, and i ended up eating 5 :O frosted cupcakes. now i feel kinda sick cos my stomach was getting used to only eating fruits. ooooooh, my tummy
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I had fruit all day trying to heal my sore intestines and then come home from work tonight had pizza ugghh!!!Not a really good plan since weigh in is on thurs.

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one day at a time
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last weekend I went out of town....
I had
* a breakfast burrito (sausage, eggs & hash browns) with ketchup...
* a southwest taco salad from Wendys and a few bites of the new spicy asian chicken, which was o so good.
* country fried steak with mashed potatoes n gravy, with a salad with balsamic vinagrette and a chicken rice soup.
* I was thirsty so like 4 full cups of sprite.

so yea. I went to the gym and worked out extra hard the next day.

I felt like shyt too because I had been SO good on my diet until that day.
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2.5 bags of popcorn and 3/4 jar (about 12 oz) of peanuts. I did so well yesterday and I just screwed it up again.
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I binged yesterday night. I had a friend for dinner, did quite good at the dinner actually, but when my friend left I binged. So here you have it:

Official dinner
one big pepper
little bit of bread
nuts and slices of dried apple
salad with tomatoes
lemon sorbet
then my friend left and I ate:
crackers and bread
MORE salad
MORE lemon sorbet
4 jelly rolls
LOT of chocolate cookies
3 cups of soy milk

today I'm TRYING, really really hard, to get back on track.
So far so good. I didn't have breakfast (didn't feel like that, actually ), and went to swim a lot. Now for lunch I took two small soy yogurts and two apples.
but NOW... it's the hardest part. I almost have the urge to binge. Or, let's say, I feel I could easily do that. Especially because I usually binge for three meals in a row. But maybe I should stop saying that and "allowing" myself to have three binge meals. One binge is enough, I guess.
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