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Default In my dreams.

I had a dream this morning about binge eating. I was in a store and bought chips with dip, ice cream, and cake. The cake was a huge sheet cake with icing in the shape of a Popple (my favorite childhood toy). In the dream all I could think about was getting back home so I could eat all of it! Now awake I'm still thinking about that Popple cake. haha It's a good thing it's something that doesn't exist.

All I can do now is laugh. I can't believe I'm that obsessed with food that I'm dreaming about it. geez. haha I guess I'd much rather dream about binging than actually do it. After all, it is calorie free.
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Popple Power!!! I loved the Popples!!! Now all I can do is think about your Popple Cake! Ha!
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When I'm completely on plan, I dream about buffets. And just not normal, run of the mill buffets -- extravagent, decadent buffets. And I eat and eat, and then I start feeling guilty, and then the dream ends. But it always happens. I also have dreams of binge food grocery shopping. It is better to dream about it then to actually do it.
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I have a recurring binging in the grocerys tore dream, where I just eat and eat and eat. I'm always so relieved when I wake up and find out it was just a dream.
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I ordered pizza in my dream last night.
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I kissed someone other than my boyfriend in my dream last night!
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Originally Posted by BellyUp View Post
I kissed someone other than my boyfriend in my dream last night!
ooh, do tell!
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haha I'm so glad I'm not the only one! I always have dreams where I wake up that day, and I eat something like cake or chocolate and I feel SOO guilty.. but then I wake up and I feel soo relieved that it was a dream haha...
It actually kinda helps me get through the day, it feels almost like a second chance to NOT give into junk food.
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Glad I'm not the only one with food dreams. I definitely have the reoccuring dreams about eating off plan. Calorie counting has helped control it somewhat because nothing is "off limits" you just have to decide if it's worth the calories. But the dreams still pop up occasionally.
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Sometimes I will wake up and realize I am actually chewing! In my sleep! I must dream of food often
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I actually dreamt myself and my three year old neice were in the grocery store looking at different kinds of biscuits because we weren't allowed to eat them.. as you do?
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I have dreams occasionally where I am in a bakery (I am a buttercream/cake fanatic------ don't have all that often but love love love) staring at the various treats; cakes, cupcakes, cookies, all yummy bakery goodness....... but I never eat anything!!! I always, always, even if my freaking dreams restrain myself!! And the one time I can totally indulge I don't!!
I guess, in real life, if they wouldn't kick me out or think I was totally loopy I would go into my fav bakery and just sniff the air and stare at every inch of every thing in those glass encasements............. I could probably spend a good 1/2 to 1 whole hour doing that...........
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I rarely have dreams with eating but once I had this dream that my aunt had invited the family into a huge buffet restaurant and I was eating and eating until my dad told me I was eating too much (lol my dad had never uttered words like that in my life). So I stood up, feeling very sneaky, got a boiled egg and ate it secretly in the restaurant's toilets. I actually laughed when I woke up. It seemed ridiculous.

Weird thing is that when I was a teenager my parents would go really angry when I would eat eggs as I had an acne problem and eating eggs flared it up. We never had eggs in the house.

Apart from that it was a weird dream as it would be more logical if I ate chocolates or sweets secretly.
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I love all these posts. I have really extravagant dreams but never about food! My real vice is sweet things - chocolate and biscuits. I can never get past midday without indulging in one or the other. Perhaps i will try really hard tonight to dream of sweet treats so i will awake tomorrow and no longer have these cravings!

If it works then i think you all may have created a new "dream" therapy to combat over-indulging!
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I have waking moments. Like yesterday when I was watching a little league game. The font on the teams uniform reminded me of the font that is used for Bryers ice cream. Sheesh !
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