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Default Trigger food vs. Binge food

Anyone else find that the trigger food and the binge food are not actually the same foods?

For me, fruit can be a trigger food if not carefully controlled. The sugar rollercoaster can start and then I binge on whatever sweets I can find.

Like I can normally have icecream in the house without concern...but since summer berries have hit and peaches and cherries, I find myself in serious sugar mode. Ice cream can be a binge food for me, but it usually isnt a trigger food. Same with nuts. I eat them in a controlled fashion all the time, except when I hit binge mode then.....
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Wow, i have never separated the two. But i think you are on to something.

For me:

Chips and nuts are a trigger food. If i keep chips or nuts in the house i will "nibble" on them here and there until they are gone. Not in one sitting like a binge, but through the course of a day or two.

Fast food is a binge food. Once i have a cheese burger, i have to have fries, then i have to have soda, then i have to have a BAD desert, etc. It just goes on and on.

I have never thought about it that way. Very interesting.
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I hadn't thought about it either, but you're totally right. My binge foods are things like popcorn that I can normally eat (in small bags), whereas triggers are rich desserts.
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That's so funny you should make that observation. I had a crash and burn night last night. Trigger food: steak. Binge food: garlic bread and brownies.
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