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Banishing the Belly
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Hey All,

I'm an emotional eater too. I eat to celebrate, to grieve, to relieve boredom, and just because the food is there. I'm so addicted to food, it's ridiculous. As a result, I've been running up and down the scale like a hamster on a treadmill since I was a kid (and I'm 51 so I'm getting tired!). I've never been able to do the starving part. I tried to vomit once but couldn't, but I have taken a couple Correctol when I thought I ate too much on many an occasion. And I'm totally addicted to carbs. So I hear where you're all coming from. If you're interested in trying the CBT approach...

Over on the Diet Central section of this board there's a thread under General Diet Plans for a bunch of us who are following the Beck Diet Solution. Its a 42 day Cognitive Behavior Therapy approach to eating that works with any diet. Each day contains a different principle/lesson that we follow to help us control our eating. It's made a big difference for me in that I now feel a bit more aware and hence in control.

If you check out the book at your local book store before buying, you might find it helps you. If not, at least it will give you more stuff to think about and our only ally (and demon) is our minds, right?

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Thanks for the suggestions on behavioral theory...lately I've been thinking that some of the binge eating I do, and others do, is a form of violence, almost an attack. I've finally realized I'm an e.d. eater...wierd to realize, but I'm hoping it helps. I also have an addictive personality, which sucks...quite gluttonous. I'm hoping this community works wonders...Here's to everyone here

By the way, how do I get my damn ticker to display on my posts?!? I'm so vaclempt.
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One Pound at a Time
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I'm part of this club, too! I've been up and down in weight all my life...most of my problem was eating when I was bored, but lately it's been because of stress (lost my job, running out of money, etc). It's very hard to learn to do something else in place of eat when that's all you want to do.
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I grew up with my parents always handing me some sweet treat to get me to shut up or leave them alone while they drank. I continue to struggle with the temptation of alcohol as I live in a family that is basically made up of alcoholics but I found that I can easily deter that and it has given me some confidence to think that I can get over eating for no reason at all other than the food was at hand and I wasn't doing anything with my hands. That's another thing that I have found helps a lot. If I keep my hands busy, I tend to eat a lot less, but I'm not starving.
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I also grew up w/ parents like yours, chevyjnova. It created some problems with food, that's for sure. Supposedly the first step is recognizing why you are eating, then you're supposed to slow down, chew a lot (better digestion, too), and try to leave some food on the plate. I read and learn a lot, I just don't follow through...this community should help with that, and it seems like emotional eating is really common. Another thing we "should" do is to go hungry for a day (eating very little) so that we can recognize the physiological feeling of hunger and's supposed to slow us at the table...these are things I'm going to try harder to do. That and celebrate or sorrow w/different activities.
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No more excuses!
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Originally Posted by thinnythighs View Post
As long as there was no visible gain, i can live with it. Not going to beat myself up over this binge. It could have been alot worse than it was. So i continue with my diet plan today.

Dear thinnythighs,

I'm new here, but I wanted to THANK YOU for posting this! I also emotionally binge--and did so last night (after a whole day of clean eating) with a hamburger!!! I felt angry at some drama from work...and that burger was my emotional crutch. unfortunately, it sank like a tank in my stomach, i regretted eating it!!
I LOVE your method of pouring hot sauce on the food so you can throw it away. what a good idea!! I have so much leftover taco bell hot sauce in the fridge, which would be perfect! thank you!
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Hello! I too was a binge eater. I had bulemia for 18 years mixed with anorexia at times. I went through CBT for food years ago. When I went through the therapy I had to keep a journal and write down what I ate, the time I ate it, and what I was thinking at the time I ate it (You have to write it down right after you eat or you are likely to forget the details). Anyway, that is the cognitive part. I started seeing a pattern of different "triggers" that would set me off to want to eat. My mother and sister are big ones! After I hang up the phone with them... I always want a big box of chocolate chip cookies!!!! Only now I recognize it and I don't mindlessly grab them. It sounds strange, but it really starts to change you. You see on paper the horrible things you say to yourself and you see the way your self esteem can become low by someone's words and cause you to want to stuff it all down with food. You will start to see your own personal pattern emerge. It really helps. My counselor asked me what I would do if there was someone following me around saying all of the mean things I said to myself. I said I would get rid of them. I learned to stop myself in the middle of saying something negative to myself and change it to a positive thought. You will learn to think kinder thoughts to yourself about yourself and catch yourself when people and situations set off your "triggers". The behavioral part is pretty basic. Eat at the kitchen table with no distractions like the TV, taste your food, wait 20min before having another helping, etc. It is alot of work, but I just saved you alot of money on counseling sessions haha

I hope this helped!
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Sometimes it seems to be a power issue for me. I started overeating when I was a teenager. I collected coins and bought a Sara Lee cake. I took it up to my room and had a piece. Then I paniced. I couldn't put it the refrigerator. I'd be found out and punished. I had to eat it.

So full, so happy. I found my drug of choice. It was a sugar high and I triumphed over my Mom. I had my cake and she couldn't do anything about it - and I found a way to have this glorious experience without knowing and berating or beating me. Sheer bliss.

Food is still my security blanket. It is my best friend - alway there -- always available to fill the emptiness. But like any addictive substance, it is harming me. My frame cannot suport the side-effect of my addiction - waves of rolling , ugly, health robbing FAT.

Today it starts.
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