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Sandra - Sorry to hear about whats going on with you, however, you do seem to be handling things well. It takes a lot of guts to realize that a break may be needed and to act on it. Hopefully it will be jsut what you guys needed and will manage to find your way back to each other. For now put all your focus on YOU. It sounds like you are doing really well! 1.5 inches is great! keep it up!

MSChris - You know, those ketosis sticks never worked for me and I have heard that from many other people. If you are following the plan the way you say, then just keep going with it. You're losing the weight and thats the key. I'm sure you ARE in ketosis.

BB - way to go sticking to the plan and exercising! Hope your feeling good!

Lillybelle - Wow. great job with the water! I am so happy thatI have become so dependant on it now. I can't go without it as when before, I had to force it down!

RobinW -big hi to ya! How are things going?

Happy Sunday all.
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Sandra - sorry to hear about your relationship. Congratulations on the inches lost. I think it is great that you are on a woe you can stick to even through adversity. It is a great motivator to me.

Lily - yes I am using the strips every morning. Seeing the dark red strip was a huge reward to me. It let me know when I am off track, and when I should be losing inches. This morning I was a little darker than trace, so I am getting there. Way to go on your water intake, btw.

Maggie - maybe I shouldn't be putting too much stock in the strips. When you say it didn't work for you, what do you mean? Great reading you btw. Are you sticking to program? Has the scale budged? I know 2 months is a long time. How are your measurements?
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Hi Ladies

Just got back from our Sunday Brunch,and I looking for food again.We're going to get a storm brewing close to us as it geting very dark up here.Glad I didn't decide go shopping after brunch or I be driving in the middle of the storm.

Maggie-Thanks,but I was feeling ok I just didn't want to eat last night.Had a lite supper of meat & veggies.Today I fell like I eat like a horse. Have to control myself,as W-I is tomorrow and the other day I was up 2 lb.

Lilybelle-Thank for the congrats, hopefully I will earn it.

Have a nice afternoon

Hugs BB
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Maggie...Im hangin' in there. My cold/flu/whatever it finally starting to lighten up.
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Hi everyone, I'm back from the day of yard work. I actually push mowed the front lawn for 1 hr. then used a riding mower on the rest of the 5 acres, then mowed my Aunt's yard next door. I like to mow, we used to own our own lawn care business. My DH cut down a large tree and chopped us down lots of fire wood and he did the weed-eating. I am really tired now, so see you all tomorrow.
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