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Default Help me please??

Ever since going Primal/Paleo 6 weeks ago I've started to experience low blood sugar episodes randomly throughout the day and after meals.

I chose to go VLC (20g net carbs) at the start just to eliminate any cravings and I had a lot to lose. I gradually worked my way up to 40g now. When I was at around 20-25g I experienced the worst hypoglycemic episode ever. As the carbs went up, I was still experiencing the disorientation but it improved. I still experience it, it's like being a in a state of confusion and I get very disorientated/tired, sometimes it will happen after just drinking some water or eating a meal with protein and fat, sometimes with carbs or alone or just randomly at any point in the day. It's like a rollercoaster. The thing is, I am not a diabetic (it does run in the family) and never diagnosed with hypoglycemia. I have completely eliminated fruit and starches for the time being. The only caffeine I drink is a small dose of green tea some mornings and I eat a little cheese, but I doubt this contributes to the issue. I eat plenty of vegetables at every meal with enough fat and protein.

I remember going through energy crashes throughout the day when I use to eat a lot of fruit and high carb, but never anything like this. Even when I use to eat pasta, I would feel good after a meal, considering my blood sugar levels felt stable. Now I get moments where I can't function and literally phase out, my energy, mood and blood sugar levels feel very unstable and erratic.

I get enough calories. My ratios are usually 150g fat, 100g protein and 40g carbs. I'm not comfortable increasing carbs and stalling because my weight loss has already slowed down (despite decreasing calories to around 1700 as well). I'm a female, 5'8, 24 and 150 lbs.

For example, this morning I had an omelette with half a cucumber and felt terrible afterwards, like I wanted to crash on my bed despite a 12 hour sleep!

Any one else experience this?
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Could you be coming down with something (an illness)? Or, what about anemia? It might be worth while to get some blood work done.

I think I would try upping your carbs some more - and see if that helps. It wouldn't be worth it to me to keep so low carb, if I wasn't feeling well for several weeks.
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I think you are going through what people call induction flu. Honestly, this flu doesn't just happen during induction. Paleo eating is pretty much a low carb diet. If you are not getting enough sodium these things you are describing can happen to you. Try drinking a can of pure broth a day not low sodium either. A week ago I was very ill for a few days. I was weak, tired, didn't want to move, I even ached everywhere. I found out chicken broth helps. I now drink a can a day and I have zero issues anymore. No more feeling sick and no more feeling tired.
Anyways, at least you can try the broth and see if it helps.
I hope you feel better. :/
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