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Good morning!

Can I say again how much I love this way of eating?
I have been eating cwap for a couple of weeks. My hands are stiff, my hips are cranky, my belly is puffy and gassy but ... but ... at 139 lbs I'm still wearing my size 2's and 4's!!!
It's true what Mark says about optimal body composition. It is!
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Originally Posted by srmb60 View Post
It's true what Mark says about optimal body composition. It is!
Can you elaborate? I have not been cheating at all. Maybe a tad more fruit than normal. And I feel a flabbying up a bit. I have not been regularly to the gym and this might be it. But could you remind us all of Mark's premise.

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I can try ... on page 110 Mark talks about 80% body composition being determined by diet and obtaining enough protein and fat to fuel and rebuild.
By page 224 we have read that our, optimally fed and optimally used, body will be better equipped to handle whatever happens to it.
Since we've learned to use fat for energy we are no longer driven by blood sugar spikes. Our hormones are better regulated. A healthy body can use itself better.
Did that make sense?
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I have not posted in this thread for several months. I have not completley fallen off the band wagon until the Holidays had started. I still tried to be half way good but was more bad then good. I have been able to maintain threw it all so I am happy with that. This morning I woke up with the shakes so I know it is time to get back on track. I have had some good motivation to do this. When I 1st got serious about loosing weight again I wore anywhere from an 8-12 now I am a 6-8. I am very happy with that. I will be starting a new job on Jan. 10th & have had to go shopping for some new clothes. It is odd that before I bought large to extra large shirts & now I am finding more shirts Med to large shirts that seem to fit nicely. I am hoping that working outside the home will be easier then working at home. I try to behave & not munch threw out the day, it is usually at nite when DH is home when I have the hardest time. It has been close to a year since I changed my eating habits & I do not see a huge difference like some do but I am still very happy with the progress I have made. My ILs have even noticed that I lost which makes it even more worth while.
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Hi girls,
Let's all motivate each other in 2011!! I don't think we should be too hard on ourselves, as the holidays can just be brutal even for those steely willpowered folks - the JUNK is just all around! I'm not making an excuse, but some of us have been derailed, and it's time to get back on track...

I like the idea of all of us encouraging each other in the new year!

Susan - hey! Missed you!

Tyma- great to see you back- missed you too!

Brown - great job with the walking! what kind of surgery? Don't push it -wanna make sure you heal well from it.

Alright ladies, today, let's have a good primal day!!
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Hi everyone! I agree with Claire, let's do this thing! Today is New Year's Eve, hard to believe that it's the last day of 2010.

The holiday season has been pretty good for me, my weight has been stable. I only had 2 cookies the whole time I think. However, I have eaten a lot more grain than normal. Like, last night I had whole wheat spaghetti PLUS 2 slices of wheat bread with sticks in it (or at least that's the way it seemed to me!)

Anyhoo, even though I normally eschew New Year's resolutions, I am signing up for "Gluten Free January" because it will be an easy thing for me and will, at the same time, get me off this grain train.

Here is link on the info from Robb Wolf's blog. Gluten Free January also is on Facebook and they actually have their own little website at
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