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Default Low Carb Chat: 2/4 thru 2/10!

Good morning ladies!

I thought I would get us started this week. How did everyone fare with Super Bowl foods or just weekend eating in general? I think I did pretty good. I had a small slip-up by way of a couple Dunkin Donut munchkins, BUT my scale has still shown a drop every day this week!

Hope everyone is having a great day!
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Have a great week everyone

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Another pound down!
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I'm new and saying hi!

I'm on the "grapefruit diet" but it's very low carb so I think I fit here.
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Hello Friend
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Mornin' Crabby, Leenie and grapefruit, everyone.

Way to go to all you who survived the supperbowl partys. Luckily I Didn't have to wory about football party food. no football fans here.

I hope you all had a great weekend. My company didn't make it as her mother had to go into hospital for hernia surgery. So I spent the weekend hangin out with DH and he took two extra days off so we'll be working more on our house.

Lily, I hope you didn't crack your tail bone. I think you must be a very strong person (mentaly and physicaly).
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lc lifestyle
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* . . . crawls into Thread with ice pack on head . . . aspirin bottle in hand . . . *

All my carbs came from frosty cans of Bud Light . . . SOBBED thru the commercial when the dalmation trained Rambo Hank the Clydesdale . . . *sniff* . . . *hiccuup*

Must go - the clackety clack of typing is hurting my head . . . .
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Good Monday Morning to all!! Why is it that the weekend goes by so fast!!

Well, I did ok yesturday, not as good as I had planned to be. I ate BBQ meat, a little bit of chips and dip, and my Mother-in-law's delicious Velvet cake. I had no bread though, and only water!! Also, my portions were not what they should have been Last night I just felt so fat!!! But my husband told me "Hey you could have been worse and ate all the other bad stuff at the party." That made me feel much better.

I got up this morning bright and early and went to the gym and I am back on track Hopefully the scale will be good to me on Wednesday

Well, ladies I hope you guys did better than me!! Have a good day!!
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I didn't do well at the Superbowl party. I got home around 6 and I was tired and hungry and there was all this dip in my house! You kind of have to have a few chips to eat dip, you know? I mostly just sampled a few, but still too many. I had some frozen chicken wings, so I put those in the oven and mostly ate those, but I had a couple of drinks (vodka and flavored water). Today I feel crummy and I totally deserve it. It didn't help that I forgot to set my alarm last night. I went to bed late anyway and DD15 came wandering into our room, a half hour after my normal wake up time. Good thing she remembered her alarm!
I went to exercise class, but took it easy. Couldn't seem to summon up the energy! I really need a good night's sleep tonight!!
I'm back on induction today. I'm pretty sure I'm out of ketosis, so maybe I can get back there! I just wish I had more time before my WI day (Wed.). I get discouraged with a bad WI and then it's all even harder.
So onward and upward and all that. Hope we all have a good week with lots of good eating and good weight loss! Lynn
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LOL @ Aud!! I had a great weekend. Had shows all weekend and my Sunday one was huge... $1500 in sales! Yeah baby!

I am eating more often, as I think that is what had stalled me a bit. Went to a SB party last night after my show, and did pretty well. I did have 2 beers, and a small portion of a wheat sub, but those were the only things I ate that really had carbs. Hoping that Wednesday WI will show a drop!! Keeping fingers crossed!

Happy Monday everyone!!
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Good Morning Ladies

I sure the new week for the chat is be constructed on and will appear on the board shortly. In the mean while,I use this chat instead.

Leo was very happy last night when the Giants beat the Pats. I was watching the whole game with him and I couldn't believe that the Giants got the last touchdown,only 20 seconds left of the game. DD called and say to Leo"not talking to that WOMAN, hope shes is eating crow"

Is crow on the Atkins/low carb allowed protein list. Not worried as My kids are teasers,my DD is really a Denver Fan and my DS is really a Philadelphia Fan. The only true blue fan is my darling Leo,hes been a Giant Fan for over 50 years.

Didn't eat any munchies are snack while watching the game so I hoping that i will have a good W-I this Wednesday.

LYNN-You had a very productive day,and congrats for taking control of what your were eating. Didn't know that your 2 DD's were dancers. I must check out the 3fc and see all the amazing stuff we have here about low carbing other than this thread.Super Bowl Parties are hard to come by,but according to what you ate there I don't think you did too bad. Excess cheese and a rum & coke I don't think will effect your weight. If you did that over and over again maybe,but not for one day. I was lucky as I didn't buy and extras for munching while wanting the game. The only food that I have is for my worked in food journal.

BAMBI-I'm a Patriots Fan and I get hit by my family for being one.Read about commands. Don't take any notice as it just a game. I'm not really a football fan but I most say that yesterdays game was the most exciting SB game I've seen in ages. The way the giants played was excellent,picking on Brady and won't let him throw the ball that far. You did great serving Low Carb foods. I didn't have a party going on so ,I just ate what I had planned from my food journal.

BaM-Big Congrats on your 4 lb weight loss. I wouldn't get on the scale again just one W-I and thats it ,is what I do. Getting on the scale several times a day is only going to lead to disaster in your mind and physic.I'm hoping for a good loss this Wed.

SC-Oh thats one thing I have to keep active,that the only way to survive. Not the type of person to sits around and watches TV. So sorry to hear about you aunt. I'm praying that my DH doesn't have that cancer return to him.He going to call our doctor for further -x-rays to make sure its scar tissue that the cat scan showed.

LILY-I know how you feel,I went thought that with my son,as I posted to you. Keep busy and try to get your mind off of it will help.Sending prayers your way,to keep your son in the Lords safe hands.You didn't need that gym with all the work you did yesterday.You must be black & blue from that fall. Try to take it easy,give your body time to heal, as you don't want to over due the pain.

Have a great morning

Hugs BB
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I moved my post from this morning to the new week chat.

CC-Thanks for starting us up this week. I did good over the weekend in general and I didn't snack while watching the Super Bowl. I think transferring my W-I day to Wed. are helping me stay in control over the weekend. Well we'll see this Wed.Congrats on losing a little every day.

LEENIE-thanks for putting the Exercising Thread in the Sticky.

GRAPEFRUIT-The low carb woe is more than just fruit.Its a diet of protein,fat carb fiber. But you welcome if you want to be with us.

PUNCE--Sorry about your mom, sending prayer her way.

AUD-Oh Gee!! Your poor head.I'll be very quite,not to give you any more pain.Yikes!! How could you drink that much. Hope you're feeling better soon.

WEIGHTSMASHER-Sending you crossed fingers for your Wed W-I.I sure one day is not going to hurt you just get back OP today and you be on your way.

AMY-You'll do good at your W-I also. Your 2 beers won't hurt. I had a German Hot Punch right after the game was over called Gluevine Made from burgundy wine,water,lemon, cinnamon stick,cloves.Bring all ingredient to a boil in a pot except for the wine,take pot off stove and add wine. Delicious.

Have a nice afternoon,Going to take my Rev Rolls off the cooling sheet

Hugs BB
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Afternoon all! I was a crave factory all weekend but didn't give in. I very, very rarely ever have cravings. Go figure there is a first time for everything. I think it had something to do with this Diane Mott Davidson mystery I was reading about this caterer who solves crime. Of course it includes many food descriptions and recipes. Thank God I finished that book at midnight last night. I must have cruised Jimmy's Youtube posts a dozen times hoping for something new. I still watched a few of my favs to keep me going.

Today has been pretty much like most. A string cheese and decaf coffee with soy milk/dash of cream/dash of da vinci syrup for breakfast. Chicken leg and cup of salad with ranch for lunch. 80 ounces of water so far. Don't know what I want for dinner yet. Maybe some of those leftover pork ribs or some of last night's pot roast.

Aud: Ouch. Normally I would recommend something like a bean burrito for hangovers but...I feel your pain. Well, actually, I don't feel your pain but I have been there!

Crabby: You got to eat a couple of munchkins and still lose weight? No fair! I'm happy for you though.

BB: I have my loss mojo coming your way for Wed.

Amy: Doesn't seem like much of a slip up. Keeping fingers crossed for you. Hey, it might keep your body off balance a little and actually benefit you. Kind of like calorie/carb cycling.

Punce: I'm with you. No football fans here so no SB challenges to the plan.
I was mundo hungry yesterday though. Of course, not until the evening. Normally I never eat after dinner and I swear I just could not get enough chow. All after 8:00 p.m. of course! First it was string cheese. Then it was a slice of tomato with a slice of mozzerella and a spritz of balsamic dressing. Then it was a chicken leg. Then it was decaf tea. Finally, at 10:00 I gave in and had a 1/2 cup of soy milk mixed with some water, da vinci syrup, some cinn and a sprinkling of powdered low carb hot chocolate mix. That helped me fall asleep though.

Lynn: How did the dancing daughters do?

GFG: Welcome. I hope you enjoy the other ladies here as much as I do. They crack me up. Especially Lily. Get it Lily? "Crack"? That was gross but we all need a chuckle sometimes.

New Product Alert: O.K. I ordered some of the liquid splenda that seems to be harder to obtain than an unflawed 8 carat pink diamond. It should be here late this week (unless I've fallen prey to some bizarre pick on desperate fat people internet scam). I'm concerned about the amount of granulated splenda DH is dumping into his coffee, his pudding, his flavored water etc. The liquid stuff is stronger and obviously does not have an binders that carry carbs in it. Just H20. I will let y'all know how it works out.

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Good morning from Thailand!

Glad to hear that you all fared pretty well at the Superbowl parties - sounds like it was temptationarama, and nobody went bonkers. Cool beans!

I, however, screwed up somewhat last night. I'd eaten a light lunch and a light dinner, and when I was heading home at 9.30 I found, for the first time since starting Atkins, that I was really hungry. I figured that in that case I should eat - evidently I hadn't had enough, I thought. Plus, it had struck me that the next day (today) I'd be on the class trip and obliged to eat nothing/high carb school picnic, so I'd better stock up on high protein picnic food. So I looked up some menus on Food By Phone (it's a phone delivery service with a shedload of Bangkok's restaurants) and ordered chicken satay, pork sausages wrapped in bacon, and a chicken'n'bacon caesar salad - the latter to eat then and there, the other 2 things to take for packed lunch/snack to school.

Well, the salad arrived with a whopping great crouton on the top. I scraped off the anchovies, chucked the crouton in the bin, and settled down to eat the salad. It was yummy. BUT it turned out to contain maybe half or a quarter of a cup of mini croutons. And I toyed fleetingly with the idea of sorting through the salad and picking out the croutons, and then thought 'sod it' and ate the whole thing.

And THEN checked the carb count on Fitday.

Sweet weeping mother of God. Yesterday's carb count has now shot up to 27.


I'm breakfasting on some of the sausages with my scrambled egg, and they're very nice - but I'm suspicious of their contents. Sausages often have bread or whatever along with the meat. Still, they make a tasty change from my normal breakfast, and insh'allah they're not too bad...but the croutons, that I regret.

Still, I'm trying to look on it as a learning curve - next time, type in a note to say 'no croutons, please!'. Also - don't touch croutons with a barge pole!

Well, off to school to take my little buggers off on their class trip. Have yourselves a lovely day, ladies!
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Hey Fay! 27 is not bad. It's only a bit over the recommended 20. I just used my fit day but I'm having a devil of a time trying to enter things when I'm only using a teaspoon of something or half a cup. Aaaaggghhhh.

Have fun with the wee beasties today.

ox SC
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Ahh...I am glad we are on to a new week - I did go bonkers Fay! It started Thursday with a party at work - lunch was fine but I finished it with a little ice cream. Half a donut on Friday and then the typical chips and dip with beer on Sunday! On the upside, I didn't eat dinner after the Thursday work party or anything before the game on Sunday. The scale has not caught up to me yet.

I have a lot of high-carb foods left over from Sunday, so I plan to bring them into work today and unload them on my coworkers.

I forgot to set my alarm too lynnar - well, thought I set it but apparently didn't. I slept an hour later then I normally do. Fortunately, I made it in work in time for my morning meeting (really, the morning after SB....should have been rescheduled!)

Despite the abundance of carbs this weekend, it was nice to host a party. I've been here almost a year and this is the first time I have had people over. I was starting to feel like a recluse!

Happy Tuesday!
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Lovin' Life
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Good Morning

Well, Ive been sick the last couple days. Some sort of 24hr intestinal thing "yuck" On the plus side, my pants are much much looser around my lower belly

Food wise....Ive been eating toast and yesterday I had a bit of plain pasta. This is the stuff I always eat first after a stomach that revolts for 24hrs. So, it all stayed down without any today should be a good clean eating day.

So much for my weekend off.....I spent 1/2 of it in the bathroom Next weekend will be much better tho!!

Have a great day ladies.
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