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Default October Goals

So, once again, it's a new month- and we need a little accountability.

In my personal experience October leads into a rollercoaster of food, self-loathing, disappointments, and some hard-knuckled will power through such wonderous events as Halloween, Canadian Thanksgiving, American Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years, and the January times.

What are your goals?

How did you do last month?

For me, not so hot. I mean- I haven't gained back a million lbs and outgrown my new fabulous wardrobe, which is nice- but the numbers are a little high, the determination is a little low, and I have been a little too "wishy-washy" about it.

So, October. 1st of the month, lets consider it an "equinox" of sorts.

So, what are your goals?

Numerically: Same as August, and September. To be below 175.

Exercise: Kettlebells, and Yoga. Also, Running. I would like to get a minimum of 2 runs in a week. I have a gym membership until October 23rd. I would like to use it more. On single work-out days (non-kettlebell/run/yoga days) I would like to use my handy-dandy ipod a little more, and hit 10,000 steps a day. While exercise has never been an issue, food is, and while I try to figure it out, and I am not compensating with exercise persay, I would like to maintain the regime in order to not blow progress.

Food: Track calories. atleast 4x a week. FULLY. My portion control-eyeballing abilities are pretty good, so that's not the issue, and tracking every day is hard since there's homecooked stuff that I don't personally cook myself sometimes. This is fine.

Halloween Candy: pass it up. If that's hard to do- choose 1 peice that I like, eat it, move on. None of this "hey, let's just eat the whole bag" scenarios.

Binging: I would like to alleviate this little....issue. I am starting a journal. 1 little note a day, one little positive note a day about how the day went, or alternatively an account of what was eaten, and what I was feeling like before it happened.

I am also going to take some "complete" measurements tomorrow morning, first thing, and see what happened on October 31st.
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So many goals for you!! I want to get back to calorie counting... 7 days a week!!! And I just want to see 159... I am about 179 today, so that's 20lbs in a month.. haha we'll see about that! It's been done, and if I just do amazingly I think it's doable.
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Even though I was born in the US, I don't celebrate those "American" holidays anymore, so I'm not worried about that aspect.

Last month I planned to get down to under 148 or less by the end of September. I was 148.6 a few days ago but the scale said 150 today. Hopefully tomorrow's weigh in(October 1st) I will see the 140s. My goal is to get to 142 by the end of this month.

My goals this month :
Keep calorie counting
Workout for an hour, almost everyday this month(plan to only miss 2-3 days tops)

good luck all.

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I'm glad September is over. I started calorie counting on September 17th. I lost 4 lbs my first week which is great but I'm on track to gain 2 lbs this week (weigh in is tomorrow). I've been eating within my calorie range (1300-1800 calories - I vary it each day), measuring and weighing my food, drinking plenty of water and yet I am gaining. I've gained a little bit every day this week. It's not even my special time of the month and I rarely eat salty foods. I don't know what's going on. My goal for October is to lose something each week. I am going to start exercising 20-30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. I'm hoping that will kickstart my weight loss. I'm sick and tired of doing all of this work and not having it show on the scale.
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On October 20th it will be three years with no smoking for me and I want to be 163#s so I can be minus 100. But I should be lower than that. I was 166 this morning but I have seen 164 on the scale a few times and that was my goal for September. My goal for October is 162. And no store bought Halloween treats. If I make something or some of the family makes something homemade then I might have a bite but no wasted calories on crap from the store or bakery. Also plan on cutting back on the fake sugar this month and increasing the water consumption.

I hope everyone has a great day and a great October. This is my favorite month of the year.
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Hit 140lbs!!
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September was OK. I started on the 10th, lost 7.1 pounds which isn't that bad considering September is a crazy birthday month in my family. There's always cake somewhere

This month, my goal is to drop 10! I really believe I can do it.
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* starting a Tabata class today, twice a week for month of October. so, i want to stick with those all month!
* 1 day a week i will do 30minutes on the elliptical in reverse!
* become dilligent with my calorie/macro counting again n not eyeball n guesstimate!
* lose 5 lbs.
* spend more time outside in sunshine n fresh air!
Good Luck Everyone, We Can Do This!
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I actually gained weight in september, awesome. i was 182.6 this morning.

starting measurements: 38-30-36 (around the tummy)-38 (hips). Lets see what changes October brings!
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200.2 this morning. I lost 4 pounds last month and seem to be stalled at 200.

My October goal is to keep within my calorie range-1271 according to LoseIt-because I really don't want to go much lower than that.

Drink lots of water.

Hope I can move into the 190s enough to be done with the 200s.
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179.8 this morning, ate breakfast, weighed it and counted the calories.. one hour at a time ladies!!
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I met my goals for September - lost 6 lbs.

October: lose another 5 lbs

Continue walking 45 minutes 3 times a week.

Count, weigh, measure, and log calories in FitDay.

This month I will be adding "Growing Stronger - Strength Training for Older Adults". This is a set of exercises developed at Tufts University and shown on the CDC website.

The plan is to walk three days a week and do the strength training two days a week. When all this becomes easy for me, I will up the ante, but I don't foresee it's becoming easy in October.

Oh, yes, I am with TooBig on the "no wasted calories on crap" wagon. If it is "quality", have some. Otherwise, forget it.

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My October goal is to get under 175...seems that the last 3lbs was pretty slow, so I do not want to set a huge goal...I will be happy with 5lbs
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i made my fitness goals for september, which was to run 2 miles every workday (or 5 days a week) and i actually started the last week of i made 5 weeks of running 2 miles each time...when i missed two days due to an ear infection, i ran on the weekend to make up those days...when i gave myself a horrible blister i patched it up and ran the next day...etc...but i made my goal and i'm proud of that

my goal for october is to work on HIIT...i just started today and am feeling my way around that...finding out what really IS the top speed i can run on the treadmill....finding out what i can do without messing up the back of my knee again...etc...and my tentative goal is to work on HIIT for october and see where that leads me...perhaps i can't do it because of my weak knee, perhaps i wont see the fat loss that i'd like we'll see
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Hi all,

My goals for October are to give up diet pepsi, I've done it before so I know I can, it's just the making myself do it that's the problem. I want to get back on track with the weight loss too. PMS is here, so I've been starving the past couple days and have been over calories.
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