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Default October goals

Since we're starting a new month on Wednesday I think we should start thinking about our October goals.

Mine are-

lose 10 lbs
excercise EVERY day - will get the shred - hope I don't croak
visit 3FC daily - to stay on track
stay upbeat and start accepting invitations to go out and socialize
Get involved in the challanges

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Great goals, Krista! I think the exercise will definitely help you with slimming down. And I should probably take your lead. :P

Mine area....
- Drop 11 pounds, dropping 2 BMI points and getting out of the 220s
- Exercise at least 3 mornings a week
- Wake up in time to exercise on those mornings
- Stay under 30 carbs per day
- Fit into my size 16 pants by Halloween
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October goals...

Exercise Everyday
keep eating healthy
keep drinking lots water
Lose 12lbs
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October goals....

Stick with this message board!
Be down to 154 by end of October. (10 pounds)
Make daily food/exercise goals with friends from this page.
Be able to get a tracker on my posts!
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Mine are,

work out more!!
eat more veggies!
stay off the scale! lol
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happy in her own world
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work on my bad attitude! seriously- this has to change. even i am sick of me.

work out at least 4 times a week, get myself up to level 4 on the bike.

fit into my cold weather pants already! i'm scared that fall is gonna come before i can fit into them!
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I agree, starting a new month needs to have some direction!!

Keep exercising
Eat more veggies
STAY MOTIVATED!!!! (hardest thing for me to do)

Have a great week!!!
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My goals this month:
  • Lose 10 pounds
    Stay motivated
    Eat healthier
    Work out at least 3 x a week
    Stay positive
    Make better food choices

I hope everyone has a wonderful month!

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Keto on!
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My goal is to stay on plan and exercise most days. I joined the points challenge this month and it really helped me keep on track.
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I will be re-starting my beginning running program. By the end of October, I will be able to run for 2 minute intervals for an hour.
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back on track, again!
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Mine are:

Lose 10 lbs.. or more
Keep walking 5 days a week, even if my walking partner gets a job and leaves me.
Stop letting soda call my name.. water is good.
Try to keep a good attitude... I will be fit when hubby gets back!

Good luck everyone... here's hoping we can all resist the halloween candy!
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to lose weight. Doesn't matter how much just as long as the scale goes down.

Get my workouts in and get a plan that will work.

Continue to look into things that may help me stay on plan.

Be kind to myself.
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My main goal for October would be to make it under the 300's! The day I hit 299 I will be a happy camper...
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My goals this month are:

To lose four pounds this month
Start exercising the first week in October
Stay motivated
Visit 3 fat chicks at least once a day
weigh myself once a week
Drink more water
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I like the idea of monthly goals. I need some more accountability here.

Here are mine. For the month of October I will:

Stay on plan during the week 100% (that means 1500-1600 cals a day, no excuses).
Limit myself to one non-counting meal on the weekends (instead of multiple times as I have been doing).
Get to the gym 5x per week and continue working on Phase 1 of NROLW
Take my vitamins every day.


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